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Png Eng Huat: NCMP ballot ‘flip-flop’ will not affect my chances in the by-election

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

Despite his numerous flip-flops in less than a day on the NCMP ballot issue, WP candidate for Hougang Png Eng Huat remains confident that the episode will not affect his chances in the by-election.

Mr Png had earlier claimed that he took his name out of the ballot for the NCMP scheme, but after it was revealed that his name was in the ballot, he changed his story and said it is ‘part of the procedure’ for EVERY candidate in the team to be considered in the ballot.

According to the WP CEC minutes sent to the press – only three names were on the ballot: Eric Tan, Gerald Giam and Png Eng Huat. Two other members of the team Glenda Han and Mohd Fazli were not considered for the position.

The episode not only caused some confusion among Singaporeans, but dented public confidence in the Workers Party and its choice of candidate as well after the Yaw Shin Leong sex scandal which led to the need to call for a by-election on 26 May.

However, Mr Png does not think too much of the episode. Speaking to queries from the media, he declared:

“This episode would not have an impact on voters’ confidence in the party or affect my chances in the by-election.”

When asked to comment further on the issue, he told the press that WP Chief Low Thia Kiang will be addressing it in tonight’s rally.

Meanwhile, WP supporters  have rallied behind Mr Png in cyberspace by attacking those who dare to criticize him even as they continue their vicious smear campaign against his PAP opponent Desmond Choo.

Many political pundits such as Derek Da Cunha and Eugene Tan have dismissed the chances of Mr Choo with the pro-WP Yahoo News predicting an ‘easy victory’ for WP even before a single vote is cast as if Hougang is its ‘property’.


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12 Responses to “Png Eng Huat: NCMP ballot ‘flip-flop’ will not affect my chances in the by-election”

  1. Singaporean Against PAP said

    Be careful posting comments on Temasek Times website. I suspect it is a site setup by PAP to lure disgruntled, vocal Singaporeans to post anti-PAP comments so they can be tracked donw and “fixed”. Do not access Temasek Time website directly use an Internet anonymizer so your real DNS cannot be recorded. Also do not use your real email address. Create a new one and never access it.

  2. lol said

    Lol, your last sentence sounds so angry! Hahaha.”As if hougang is their property”! Lol. Tell that to pap. Hahaha. As if whole singapore is their property!

  3. Better Than Nothing said

    The mudslinging started by Teo Chee Hean and continued by his proxies may have the opposite effect or no effect at all.

    The political analysts have made a good point.

    While WP may not be as active as some of us would like, destroying them serves no purpose at all. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Nobody supports SDP, RP, NSP, SPP – they cannot get into parliament. So now we are left with all we can get. What should we do? Help them as much as possible or try to destroy them, even equating them to PAP?

    Surely the latter is ridiculous?

  4. sweetbean said

    WP We need you everywhere. You know why? Because when you speak…you speak TO US. When others speak…NO LINK to us. Keep speaking to the heart of the people – we hear you because you hear us.

  5. reader said

    This by election is a referendum on PAP’s performance in the last 1 year. Read more here.

  6. newbie said

    I went to PAP’s rally on Sunday and WP’s rally on Sat.

    I must say the PAP’s rally was like attending a wake and its a joke watching all the older folks being ferried by buses to the stadium. They are clearly not there for the speech as they dig into the free meals and given freebies. I bet most are not even from Hougang. The speakers are dead boring. Its pathetic!

    At the WP’s rally, it was crowded but I don’t see buses bring people there. Most walked in – probably came by public transport or parked their cars nearby. I suspect many are not from Hougang too. But the atmosphere was electric and I sense the speakers really believed in what they said and had a lot of passion.

    I say its 1-0 in WP’s favor.

    • Patriot said

      Thats precisely how the PAP got their goats supporters by roping up and usher loads of people into chartered buses and coaches,provided each of them with light refreshments (leaves and grass) and shoved them in like goats to their rally round and its a damned shame

      These people who were roped to be their supporters,I believe have been underestimated and ill-acknowledged of the real situation that surrounds them

      The paid staff and workmen of the RC’s,Community Centres/Clubs all around the island are the PAP behest in providing this kind of supporters,Similarly I were there to witnessed to the sending off for LKY to KL for the merger talks to join into Malaysia,The CC’s in each constituency roped up the people,men and women,young and old and provided free transport with light refreshments for that trip to Paya Lebar Airport at that time

      The people of Singapore understood that the PAP knows very well that they cannot garner enough number of supporters that they need for their political campaigns or rally,due to their audacious and arrogantly failed draconic policies,filled with spite very much felt by most Singapore Singaporeans.They cannot muster valid supporters to any of their campaign rallies without first bringing and showing out the carrots

      So money politics is in the fray. Who’s Money?

  7. SingaPOORean said

    how to unsubscribe from Temasek Times website???

  8. John said

    WP supporters will always be WP supporters! No matter what kind of crap WP feed us, we believe it all!

    GO GO WP!

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