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Why Desmond Choo actually stands a good chance of winning

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

Political pundits, laymen, netizens, almost everyone, all spell doom for the PAP candidate. I support no particular Party. What bothers me is the lack of diversity of views. This does not augur well for a free-thinking society. I decide not to follow the crowd but free my thoughts and look at things from different perspectives. To my own surprise, I find good reasons to believe the the PAP candidate Desmond Choo (pic left) actually stands a good chance of winning.

The political landscape has changed for the better. There are now five MPs from the WP. You can scream “Five is not enough!”. True. But must that one more come from Hougang? It had provided one for the last 20+ years. The most recent one, YSL, was elected with much fanfare but it turned out to be a much ado about nothing.

For the saga of YSL, disappointment is an understatement. The voters of Hougang bore a deep sense of betrayal by the WP. Over the 20+ years, they believed in the WP and had sacrificed so much for the sake of democracy in Singapore. As result, their constituency is one of the least developed. In the last election, they were made to believe that YSL would be a capable candidate who would be their voice, and one more voice of the WP, in Parliament. It turned out that before he could utter a word on their behalf, he was booted out by none other than his own Party. I doubt many people in Hougang believed that the WP did not know about his flings before the election. The people of Hougang are not daft.

Desmond Choo has been walking the grounds of Hougang and warming to the residents there for the past 5+ years. Png Eng Huat just walk in from the cold. Desmond Choo has connected well with the people of Hougang, attending to their problems and needs. They can see that he soldiers on even after the defeat in the last election. What has Mr. Png done for Hougang? Will he still be around if he loses the by-election? The contrast in past records between the two candidates is big. This can make a big difference to the vote count. Potong Pasir is a good example. Seetoh continued to walk the ground and connect with the people despite two defeats in past elections. When the SPP chose a housewife who could hardly hold a conversation on public TV to compete with him, the contrast was just too great. The choice became clearer to the voters and Seetoh won.

Besides the contrast in past records, its the difference in personality between the two candidates. I do not want to repeat what others have said. Personally, I find that Desmond Choo exudes warmth and is a good communicator. Mr. Png, to me, seems like someone more destined for the backroom, doing the thinking work, dealing with planning and strategy.

Based on the above analysis, a swing of 15% or more votes to the PAP is not a miracle. Desmond Choo stands a good chance of winning. I predict a victory for him within a margin of not more than 5%.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


13 Responses to “Why Desmond Choo actually stands a good chance of winning”

  1. LKY luvs FTs said

    I agree. Yaw was WP’s mistake. And the Indian chap who resigned made it worse (sometimes you wonder if they are “plants”).

    Though WP dealt with the issue well, the 154th and the ministers keep claiming that the matter was badly handled, as if the govt had never made any mistakes.

    WP is not as sharp as we would like it to be (in parliament). But that could be due to slanted coverage.

    The clincher is – Choo has the money, and money talks. Choo could very well win or get a better result than in the GE.

    • beenthereseenit said

      Agree, sadly. Hope Hougang won’t end up regretting and beg for another chance at the ballot box like the residents of Potong Pasir when SPP lost by just 100+ votes.

  2. P Koh said

    In the past election, we have seen the huge turnouts at the oppositions’ rally and the dismay support at the ruling party’s rally. There were so much unhappiness and adverse comments against the PAP which were widely circulated in the internets. But come Judgement Day, the Verdict was surprising a Victory for the ruling party albeit with subdued support compared to the past elections. The heart and the mind do not represent what comes out from the mouth. After all, it is security for a sustained future more than anything else that dictates the decision of the day.

  3. Jaded said

    wow, nice carry balls article! Good job Temasek Times!

  4. dan2429E said

    ….the writer forgot it is not between Png and Choo…..
    ….but WP vs PAP…….
    ….the people feel PAP majority needs to be challenged….
    ….therefore WP will win regardless whoever the candidate is………….

  5. Ron said

    Hougang voters were betrayed by WP. Yaw belonged to the WP before he was sacked and was a long-time member and protege of Low TK. So, it is not possible for the WP to evade responsibility by sacking him. In fact there was no necessity to sack Yaw but to rehabilitate him to be a responsible spouse. His extra-marital affairs may not have interfered with his official duties as MP and there was no evidence it did. Of course Yaw was not given the chance to demonstrate that.

    So, is the WP really caring for Hougang after their two decades of sacrifice? Will not be better to let the PAP come in to vastly improve Hougang and then let a future election decide whether the PAP is still worthy of representing Hougang? There is a need to separate national issues from Hougang issues.

    This is one chance for Hougang to decide who can deliver on promises… WP or PAP.

    • kangaroo logic said

      You conveniently left out the infamous ex PAP buggers like Wee Toon Boon, Phey Yew Kok, Wee Choo Kiang, Teh Cheang Wan, YeoCT, even Nathan, who embarassed the whole of Spore….LOL

      Wah piang, using this type of no brainer argument, who can deliver on promises..WP or PAP. Conveniently left out who is controlling tax-payers’ money ? WP or PAP ?
      Do Hougang residents pay tax ? Do NS ?
      What happens when one day the PAP bastards become the opposition ?
      Is it ok to play the same game using tax-payers’ money and use the same logic ?

  6. Hsien Liao La said

    Png destinied for the back room? Doing thinking and strategizing? That’s what Singapore NEEDS!

    Not a Dismal Choo who relies on pro-FAP sponsors to sweeten things on the ground withOUT changing any policies or strategies that will see Singapore flooded with ALIENS!

    Hougang residents! Thou shalt not be fooled!

  7. No Can Do said

    This article is a joke.
    Wld the writer be prepared to wager a bet 63:37 that Desmond wld lose to Png or is he/she just fa#ting thru his/her a#se that Desmond has a chance of winning in Hougang?
    Sinkies are disillusioned with PAPies’ wayang-wayang and are crying out loud for change. Hougang will be the defining byelection to bring home to the PAP ruling clique that sinkies demand transparency, accountability, equitability and the narrowing of the unconscionable growing divide between the rich and the rest of us, as Prof Tommy Koh had put it succinctly. A landslide victory for Png will be the crowning moment in sinkie history, for multiple company directorships held by a PAPie mp or crony to cease, for humongous ministerial pay to be levelled down in line with leading statemen in US and other developed countries, for greater elder and health care for all, for citizens to be prioritised over FTs, etc., etc..
    TT’s boot-licking of PAPies will make no differene to the outcome of the Hougang byelection as the ppl hv awakened to PAPies’ wayang-wayang and empty promises.

  8. George said

    Hey you wise guys out there , if our parliament proceedings are live than you would know how effective the WP arein the parliament. If PAP are sincere than get one tv channel to cover all parliament proceedings . In the past I remember seeing PAP MP’s sleeping ( I saw their eyes closed) during parliament proceedings. Most countries have live telecast of parliament . Why can’t Singapore , number one in everything does care to have live parliament proceedings.
    If live tv coverage of parliament proceeding is on , the media can’t cover a slanted stories of parliament coverage.
    Coming to desmond choo to win this by-election at hougang is your guess. My good sense tells me that WP would win this saturdays by-election.

  9. JJB67 said

    I beg to defer….. First of all Yaw’s case……yes it was disappointing that such thing happend not long after the GE election. It took everyone by surprise and i am sure the residents of Hougang felt betrayed….No one see it coming, Not LTK not anyone from WP. But that issue is over, he is sacked and it’s water under the bridge.. Everyone makes mistakes. What’s the point of bring old issues out? As for Png, I believe he’s been seen in Hougang for quite some time and not like what you say, “out of the cold”…. They people of Hougang strongly supported WP because of it’s proven track record (and they saw how LTK managed Hougang for the past 20 years) When Yaw was tasked to run for election for Hougang, the residents of Hougang supported him mainly because he was from the WP. Admit the turn of event which to a certain extend damage the image of WP but did such things not too happen to other parties including the ruling party?
    Hougang has been the stronghold for WP for the past 20 years and i believe it will continue to be. I do not see it as a sacrifice from the residents, i see it as a strong sign of support for a alternate voice, alternate party…. for democracy… for our rights….
    Already we are seeing some results… we now have Hougang and Aljunied GRC….in the next election we might see more growth…
    This is Democracy…This is a democratic society….
    With this support i see a 55% to 58% vote for the WP… and they will stay for good another 5 years in Hougang.. As for Choo??? i hope he still stays around and provide unofficial support and services to the residents of Hougang… Prove to them that he’s a man of his word….

  10. Henry said

    Auntie likes Younger Choo …

  11. david said

    if hougang smc is taken back by PAP Desmond Choo,
    for the next election 2016, it will be likely that hougang smc will be merged
    to either Ang Moi Kio GRC or split between Ang Moi Kio GRC and Puggol GRC.
    And Desmond will likely join one of the GRC.

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