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Chan Chun Sing clarifies: I did not advocate accepting children out of wedlock

Posted by temasektimes on May 23, 2012

‘Acting’ Minister for Community, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing has clarified that he did not ‘advocate’ accepting children out of wedlock during a forum organized by the Institute of Policy Studies.

It was reported in Channel News Asia yesterday that Mr Chan said Singapore will have to make some difficult ‘social choices’ if it wants to solve problems such as a low fertility rate and low wages.

“Singapore could turn its dismal total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.2 around, as Nordic countries managed to do – if it accepts women having children out of wedlock, but are we prepared to do that? These are social choices that we have to make for ourselves,” he was quoted as saying.

The comment caused a stir in cyberspace with some Singaporeans objecting to his suggestion vehemently on moral grounds.

In a note posted on his Facebook last night, Mr Chan explained that he did not advocate raising Singapore’s fertility rate by promoting children out of wedlock:

“This is to state on record that at no time during the IPS Forum yesterday did I ever advocate raising our TFR by promoting children out of wedlock.”

He added that the comment was made by a participant in the forum:

“A participant asked why Nordic countries have such high TFR. Someone from IPS then pointed out that if we deconstruct the numbers, we would realise that their TFR for married couples is rather similar to ours, but they accepted children out of wedlock. I then asked the audience if we as a society would ever accept that? It was obvious that I did not advocate accepting children out of wedlock as the way to improve our TFR.”


10 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing clarifies: I did not advocate accepting children out of wedlock”

  1. No Can Do said

    If ‘Actg’ Minister Chan wasn’t for the motion of illegit children, why didn’t he simply say, “No, no, not for us” instead of asking whether our society wld accept children out of wedlock. In essence, he has adopted a neutral stance and, of course, if he is seen as not against it, the presumption must be that he is for it. Much like silence presumes consent even if it doesn’t. So CNA is quite right to report ‘Actg’ Min Chan, aka ‘kee-chiu’ to netizens, as advocating children outside marriage.
    It’s sad that as ‘Actg’ Min, he was unable to stand on firm moral grounds to give an affirmative ‘No!’ to the participant’s query whether we can follow the Nordic countries’ prevailing trend of women having children out of wedlock.

  2. putitthisway said

    huh? so if the newspaper is lying or misquoting… sue the bugger lar

  3. benight said

    Nordic countries have high birth rates, not just because they are liberal to accepting illegitimate children but also because they are social democracies whose governments not only encourage high levels of participation and involvement with the people in the government and community. In the 2006 world values survey, Nordic countries have the highest level of voluntary activity, beating Western countries such as the US and Canada.

    Secondly their countries also provide good support systems for their people, such as financial incentives, adequate healthcare and social support for working parents such as free child care and fair amounts of child-care leave.

    Overall they are much happier, thus it’s no surprise to see that countries such as Denmark and Sweden rank highly in the world happiness indexes while Singapore is in the doldrums. So please get your facts right Minister Sir.

  4. bb said

    Singapore also need TFR shock therapy to improve on fertility rate.

  5. Crap... said

    He tried to act clever with his smart alec reply… shooting himself in the foot in the end. So typical of this joker. Kee Chiew, XO carrot cake, Pizza, now this.. What’s up with the PAP? This kinda “talent” not even worthy to manage a kopi tiam..

  6. Single2 said

    I am single and I approve the nordic approach of accepting children out of wedlock.
    Many of the couples are already in steady relationships for a long time, but they don’t just believe a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. If they have a children, most would accept it (the state too) and resume their responsibility.
    Eventually some people will also get married. The point is, when a child is born, whether it is out of wedlock or not, it is still a gift/child.
    Why does the society need to discriminate this person just because their parents didn’t have a piece of paper to prove they are in love or in marriage? LOL, that’s where the asian society is so far behind, is almost retard.
    Holland govt even give social and monetarily support to single mothers because they recognize the value of raising a child.
    IF Singapore can do, many more single person like me, will not hesitate to have one or adopt one.
    It is PAP’s feudalistic ideals that is killing itself and the country. Serve you right.

  7. Henry said

    Alamak, how did he give instructions as a BG … troops go waywards like that!

  8. ad said

    The PAP questioned Png’s honesty and integrity over the NCMP matter – it all boiled down to how one interprets the words used. Now this joker has a problem with communcations as well? So how? Not honest? Integrity issue? Or is it the usual … misquoted, misunderstood, out-of-contex — let’s moved on … its now under the carpet … shameful!

  9. Patriot said

    Now he says he didn’t advocated such a statement.”Accepting Children Out Of Wedlock.” If you Chan Chun Sing deny to say you didn’t advocate what that participant (decoy premeditated as preconceived) has suggested,you can always not added fuel to prolong that statement by saying,”No I don’t” to the audience.Why did you asked back,if we as a society would ever accept that? In fact you certainly led to lend to leading that statement
    The Malay proverb,”Tulang Tidak Ada Bertulang”
    THe English proverb,”Tongue Has No Bones”

  10. seah yang howe said

    2 headed snake. Must have been given a lashing by dear old man, b4 doing 180 turn

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