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DPM Teo Chee Hean: I am disappointed with WP supporters for dragging in their grandmothers to make voters angry and emotional

Posted by temasektimes on May 23, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has expressed his disappointment at the vicious smear campaign launched by WP supporters online to discredit and demolish the PAP candidate for Hougang Mr Desmond Choo.

Speaking to the media during a tour of Hougang on Monday, DPM Teo said he was disappointed with what has been written online by WP supporters:

“There is another aspect of the campaign this time round, by and large it has been good, and it has been clean. But there is one aspect which has saddened me and disappointed me a little particularly online.”

One WP supporter by the name of Seah Ee Onn has earlier accused Mr Desmond Choo of asking his grandmother to vote for him in exchange of an unknown ‘gift’. He had since deleted his comment left on Facebook.

“Those who claim to be supporters of the Workers’ Party dragged in their grandmothers, made all sorts of wild accusations, even unfortunately tried to capitalise on a tragic incident to make voters angry and emotional.”

Besides Seah, other WP supporters have also been hurling all kinds of wild, baseless and malicious allegations at Mr Choo including one extremist socio-political blog with a pathetic low readership claiming that he attributed his ‘low’ rally turnout to his friends playing ‘Diablo 3’, a PC game.

“I am very saddened by that, they claim to be supporters of the Workers’ Party, I think they should stop doing that. I am ashamed people are doing these kinds of things on the net,” DPM Teo added.

WP supporters are so confident of WP’s chances this Saturday that they have already popped the champagne to celebrate with some predicting a even ‘bigger’ margin of victory than last year.


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30 Responses to “DPM Teo Chee Hean: I am disappointed with WP supporters for dragging in their grandmothers to make voters angry and emotional”

  1. loveSG said

    Ultimately, if Desmond claims this is a “local” election and he “has no time for national issues” then why is the DPM getting involved??

    is he the DPM of Hougang or Dingapore?

  2. Hsien Liao La said

    Without wind, there will be no waves; without fire, there will be no smoke. So Teo, before you make a fool of yourself talking about how people make ‘wild accusations’ or drag in whatever grandmother, ask yourself, WHERE does the ground for discontent come from?

    It comes from you master’s fucked up foreigner-first policies, understand?

  3. PAP Loves FT only.. said

    TCH: I’m disappoint with PAP messing up my country..

  4. sweetbean said

    You know when I bake a butter cake I add butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and flour. So long as I add those ingredients I will always have a butter cake. If I want a chocolate cake I have to do something differently. It amazes me how some bakers keep using the same ingredients but expecting a different cake. I keep telling them to add or change ingredients but I don’t know why they never listen. Still using butter cake recipe and waiting for chocolate cake to come out from the oven. Haiz!

  5. Gaba said

    Total fucking idiot. Everyone I know who has met him or interviewed him knows he comes across like a little prince and totally arrogant. They really hate dealing with him and think of Singaporeans as peasants who are here to fill his coffers.

  6. Who cares said

    Who cares whether you are disappointed or not.
    Shut up your mouth. You should count yourself lucky that you are still receiving millions in pay whereas the average Singaporean has to slog so hard to earn just a few thousands.
    I am also disappointed that merely making some stupid comments can earn you a few millions.

  7. Abergail said

    Enough of all these nonsense!

    Voters just want to focus on the issues instead of all these distractions which inevitably pop up whenever there is an election.

    Trying to distract voters so that they cannot concentrate on the issue is terribly wrong and will just anger more and more Singaporeans.

    I have no doubt that Mr Png Eng Huat will win the Hougang by-election because he is an honourable man.

    But if these dirty bullying tactics continue, there will be a mighty backlash in 2016.

    Enough dirty tactics.

    This is 2012 and not 1970.

    Singaporeans can see through all these BS.

  8. Johnathan Tan said

    “I am very saddened by that, they claim to be supporters of the Workers’ Party, I think they should stop doing that. I am ashamed people are doing these kinds of things on the net,” DPM Teo added.

    Yes, anyone can claim to be a Workers’ Party supporter and make a nuisance of himself. But the undeniable fact is that the Workers’ Party have conducted themselves with civility, dignity and respect in their political campaign. I salute the Workers’ Party for that. Singaporeans can see for themselves who are the ones throwing mud at their rivals.

  9. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Oh DPM Teo so PAP NEVER make wild accusations about other parties.. Doesn’t mean you wear white clothes means you clean.

  10. Dirty Politics said

    Mr Teo has to examine why this issue was raised. In the first place, who started the dirty politics on the onset of the by-election campaign? Its none other than PAP. PAP has been using the media n what not, to suppress the opposition party. Where is the ruling party integrity when Desmond Choo says this by-election is a ‘clean’ one. It has never been clean as far as all Singaporeans see todate. Stop using your tools to suppress the WP. If you want to fight, do it clean. If the ruling party is dirty, Singaporeans are reasonable to perceive the right from wrong.

  11. 60+ said

    PAP have never been clean, how do you explained when PAP select Teh Chiang Wan, Phey Yew Kok, Choo Wee Kiang, Wee Tong Boon, Devan Nair and not forgetting Mah Bo Tan and Wong Kam Seng. Explained

    • Dirty Politics said

      Well said!!! Did PAP respond or TT digs the history n publish on TT? Nothing at all! This is dirty politics.

    • Patriot said

      DPM Teo howls like a pariah barking dog with no teeth to proclaim about NCMP
      This NCMP,similarly to a toothless pariah barking dog in parliament who enters by the backdoor has no voting rights and a waste of time and energy

      DPM Teo is trying and will try to peddle his antics at the HG BY-Election clowning to fool HG electorates and WP.Just ignore this PAP man who was found to howls and jowls to jostle his way around like a kid crying in need of attention who has lost his marbles

      I salute Png Eng Huat who stands tall to not recognise and accept the NCMP which is all along a “Clay Pigeon” (sitting ducks) tool of the PAP as punching bags for their new rookies in parliament to browbeat the opposition in parliament

      Stand Tall WP,HG Electorates Division the Bastion of true and real democracy is History and Boohmarked and Archived in Singapore Politics,and a bane to the PAP

      HG vote WP for your right and just MP in Parliament

  12. Nationalist said

    I am shame of our goverment trashing our country.

  13. Niama said

    what is so ashamed and so disapointed? if you are lose means lose. pls accept it.

  14. Henry said

    I am concerned that our ministers especially DPM is spending his time on Hougang when he claims it is local constituency by-elections. Can someone remind him of his priorities? Hey, who is running the country now that DPM is not doing his job? Can Mrs Teo please advise DPM?

  15. Kevin said

    Smear campaign? Sue them? No? Screw you!

  16. nelvin said

    I’m disappointed with a DPM like you!

  17. Denial said

    It shows how much people hates PAP now. What you say can be true or can be fake. Resorting to any means neccessary to oust you lot cause you all wouldnt listen to our plights on FT mass influx. Singapore is for singaporeans. It is not for Lee Kuan Yew and FRIENDS only. Those who come are GUESTS. But this is still our home. Now our guests are overrunning us and trying to throw us out. (referring to a pinoy blogger)

  18. WHAT A LIE said

    Looks like this ROTI HEAD is trying to score points…

  19. WHAT A LIE said

    A DPM is supposed to be talented but look at him now, he is talking nonsense and more like a small talks to me.

  20. ad said

    for all we know, these may be PAP supporters masquerading as WP supporters and stirring up shit! politics is dirty ….. its quite funny to see how DC is his ‘own man’ being chaperoned by all these people …

  21. Crook said

    PAPigs are crooks who trump up charges against anyone who threatens them. These bullies are so arrogant that they do not even bother to reason. This TCH is one big bully. Only crooks like him can climb up to such ranks in the PAP government.

    • Compatriot said

      I say,DPM Teo you wouldnt be a DPM or even a MP without the voters of your constituency who hires you for the parliamentary seat to represent them in parliament yet you has betrayed their trust by ursuper the State Treasury/Coffers to pay yourself millions of S$ for your salary acquiesce through parliament

      To pay millions of dollars for your salary,acquiesce through parliament and knowing that there will be without any objections from your cronies MP’s,Its all well plan. Sadistic wasn’t it

      The millions you were paid comes from the workmen meagre wages and their taxes.Just you think and compare the salaries between you and the workmen’
      Here where “LIFE and Death” takes a turn to earn a living and survive

      Why would you care just as long you think that you would be provided to be fed fat enough from the blood and sweat of the workman and their taxes

      Vicious isn’t it.
      This is not a smear but the salient truth,and you couldn’t deny that you suck the blood and sweat of your constituency voters who hires you for the parliamentary seat in parliament with the taken chance to get you the millions of dollars for you salary

      You got the millions.They got the scrap

      The smear campaign as you have said against your surbodinate in fact were actuated by youself and your cronies take the case of your Party chairman Khaw tried to smear the WP about being apalled for Singapore yet,he didn’t realize he had been living in a glasshouse the day he joined the PAP to throwing stones around

      You DPM Teo being the 2head of your party,and others of your top in command are the bigots (some say its one of the seven deadly sins) added with hypocrisy.
      When the head is found crooked and unsound evidently the tail of that head will blindly follow

      Don’t you agree

  22. Jeojeo said

    I was already disgusted by this tch since the day he smeared tang liang hong more than a decade ago. not surprise when he use the ‘small man’ tactic, despite being a preso scholar.
    pls don’t disgrace our nation

  23. Once a 1st class citizen of Singapore said

    When a party start to do personal attack and digging story, that means they are hopeless already. As a DPM, this is a disgrace. Win also must win beautiful, lose also must lose like a gentleman. That is the reason why poeple turn the back and move towards another party. Shameful…

  24. Bai Hu said

    While i hope that WP will not, that does not mean that they should be over-confident. Many historical events point to the downfall of many rulers & one of the biggest cause is being over-confident.

  25. Bai Hu said

    Sorry, what i mean is that while i hope that WP will win, that does not mean that they should be over-confident. It is one of the biggest culprit for the downfall of many historical rulers 😦

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