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PAP supporters in Hougang ‘intimidated’ by fanatical WP supporters

Posted by temasektimes on May 23, 2012

Though they are confident of a victory in the Hougang by-election, fanatical WP supporters are still going all the way out to secure support for the Workers Party, including resorting to hooliganism to intimidate Hougang voters who dared to criticize WP in cyberspace!

One day after WP leaders rained baseless, vicious and malicious attacks on the PAP candidate in Hougang Desmond Choo, WP supporters followed up with a smear campaign to discredit and demolish his character with one Seah Ee Onn claiming that Mr Choo had tried to ‘buy’ the vote of his grandmother.

The antics of WP supporters prompted Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean to express his disappointment and dismay:

“Those who claim to be supporters of the Workers’ Party dragged in their grandmothers, made all sorts of wild accusations, even unfortunately tried to capitalise on a tragic incident to make voters angry and emotional.”

Besides Seah, other WP supporters have also been hurling all kinds of wild, baseless and defamatory allegations at Mr Choo and even those who tried to defend him are not spared.

Two days ago, we published an article on young Hougang voters being disillusioned with WP which showed a conversation between three of them on Facebook.

They have since been ‘intimidated’ by WP supporters and have written to us to remove their particulars:

One Hougang resident wrote:

“My family and I have been harassed incessantly by WP supporters in both the online and real world after we expressed our desire to switch our support. My mother doesn’t even dare to go out now as her neighbors will keep exerting pressure on her. Is WP some kind of secret society? Their supporters are really frightening.”

WP leaders have been urging Hougang residents to vote for the party to preserve ‘democracy’ in Singapore, but democracy involves freedom of choice and it appears that WP supporters have been forcing their choice on others who do not share the same political views as them.

We advise Hougang residents who have been threatened or harassed by any WP leader, member or supporter to lodge a police report immediately.


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33 Responses to “PAP supporters in Hougang ‘intimidated’ by fanatical WP supporters”

  1. Hwee said

    Remind me of cultural revolution in China…

  2. AK said

    If is true ,please report to Police on your claim?????????????????

  3. Sgt33 said

    If someone intrude into your house. What would you do? Btw are pro-pap

  4. James Tan said

    This is a nonsense article. The temasek times is getting worse, worse than any newspapers. If this is really the case, please ask he/her to make a police report.

    • Tsk Tsk said

      It is not getting worse. It exposes one thing. That is is not owned by anyone in WP but one of the other Opposition parties, happy to throw dirt at WP now. When it was the GE – the Opposition parties appeared to have solidarity fighting PAP. Now, it isn’t the case. Isn’t it obvious?

  5. Sun Wu Gui said

    Ermmm… You mean PAP didn’t do that too??? Since the news of YSL surfaced, Desmond Choo suddenly appeared at my door step unannounced with photographers!! That’s acceptable huh? At the very least, WP will send out advance notice to resident to inform us of when they are coming! Hooligans?!! Whatever!!

  6. PAP Times said

    Now playing as victims i see…

  7. Not another brick in the wall said

    SERIOUSLY. TR articles are getting worse. What kinda of threats are you guys getting from reporting true articles rather than these “scripted” attacks against WP during the BE period? Lawyer letters?

  8. Denial said

    Hougang residents should spare a thought for the rest of dying singaporeans whose plight falls on deaf’s ears of the PAP. Yes we’re asking a big deal for them to be the lightning rod for us but eventually they will be regarded as heroes.
    The people wants PAP policies to change. The only way to do so is we need more opposition seats in parliament. People who voices our concerns in government. This by-election is a signal to them to really scope their flawed policies which are making us suffer. The rich won’t feel the pinch but commoners like me and others are having hard time making ends meet.
    So please put residential upgrading matters aside and really think

  9. studentinsg said

    If they need to make a police report, it should be made against temasek times for igniting the flames and sensationalizing some childish comments made by PAP supporters.

  10. tccs said

    Temasek Times is a site pretending to be Temasek Review. Readers be warned!

  11. jaded said

    go make a report la? if not, this is no better than a cheap shot smear attempt

  12. The True Democracy said

    Seah suay lah WP. LTK, SL, CSM and PS still have face to say “first world parliament”? “Democracy”?

    Really no shame. First, they chase out other parties from contesting. Now, they threaten people with different views from theirs.

    These WP leaders are all just demagogues who say democracy and first world parliament but encourage persecution.

  13. Alex Har said

    The power of the online media seems over-exaggerated here…peopl can so easily find out where she stay and go to harrass her meh? unbelievable!

    Mod’s note:

    Obviously there are people who know her identity as her particulars and workplace are listed on her FB. Hougang is a very small place. Everybody knows each other.

    • K said

      Mod, are you sure? I stayed in Hougang for more than 20 years and I dont even know the name of my neighbour! Is Hougang really that small or you are referring to the size of SMC Hougang that has shrunk in size?

    • Singaporean said

      hey TR, why did u only replied to this post but not to the others? is it becos u don’t know what to reply or ur admitting to what they’re saying is true?

    • Pin Lim said

      Upon reading the email carefully, I found that this TR is adding pepper & salt leh.
      The email only said “Caused Inconvenience” not like TR said being Harassed. Also Never mentioned anything about her mother.
      Does Inconvenience = harassed ?? Please pardon on my poor english because I goggle translate is totally different in chinese.
      Furthermore in that email already stated clearly *had caused many inconvenience due to his/her ignorant* why TR still want to post this email?? IS TR trying to make him/her situation worst??
      TR please spare a thought for people. You won’t gain anything by posting this.

  14. Dirty Politics said

    He plays his game well. Singaporeans have to make a reasonable judgement if what Desmond is doing really out of his heart or he is putting up a farce to tell Hougang residents that he really cares. Hougang should ask for a change that your voices can be heard and not one that uses taxpayers $$$$$ for the ruling party own cause. This would not be a fair game to the WP.

  15. alexa said

    Temasek times we can see that since your readership is high you turn back and be a pro PAP. Every news especially on the by elections its seems that you telling bad things about the WP but you are showing a nice side of Desmond Choo from PAP as if he is better than WP. Just look at most of the headlines and the photo of Desmond Choo they post…. guess we can see the real color of temasek times. I dont know where they get this source maybe PAP pay them to post the story. No wonder my frenz and some people say temasek times is pro PAP…now i know why. People beware… I will get more of my frenz to boycott your side. R.I.P.

    • Dirty Politics said

      Let reasonable Singaporeans judge if TT is fair as well as PaP. It is dirty politics indeed. The Retribution day will come one day to those who lies. Singaporeans are not stupid!!!

    • joeaudar said

      I quitting by this hour.

  16. Hantu Singa said

    Difference between over zealous supporters (if the incident indeed happened) and cold calculating politicians in the majority. One can be unrestrained zealousness, the other methodical removal of dissent. Which is better?

  17. WHAT A LIE said

    Oh boy come on please. PAPies aren’t holy at all. They have their shares too. Tortise dun laugh at turtle.

  18. Jerald said

    Temasek Times is simply a watch DOG for the PAP. Simply one of the worst kinds of Journalism, even Shit Times and The Nonsense Paper are better than these kind of Propaganda dogs for the PAP. I have insulted the dogs for comparing the editorial team to them. I ask that everyone to boycott Temasek Times from now on and stop this kind of black dark websites profiting from such lies!!!


    We know a lot of makeup stories in Temasek Times website nowadays.

  20. dogmeat said

    Racist hooligans will win evil dictator every time.

  21. 蔡炜星 said

    政府简直是侮辱低薪工友们,部长的天文高薪与贫穷工人的差距太大了。拖延到现在才施舍这些在贫穷生活线上挣扎多年的老百姓。不是有补选也许我们伟大的政府也不会施舍给一群急需要这五十元的人。。。政府还大言不惭的说鸟话,什么经过研究调查后的决定。这么多年的调查,花在部长等等人的工资开销已经超过那施舍的五十元。而且那五十元也不是政府负担的,是雇主付出的。世界最高薪金的总理只能给自己国家最低薪工人加薪五十元。 你认为总理总统部长们有生产力吗。。。
    他们一直要工人提高生产力才能加薪。那高官们也一样没有提高生产力呀。 地铁频频出事,各个政府部门申请批文花长时间。一箩筐的问题和我们新加坡人的不满从没有被重视过。我已经受够政府的气了。现在真要发飙干他们这群废材。

  22. Iris said

    How in the world do u verify that they are supporters of WP? Jus bcos they said so? Ppl who support wp does not have words tattooed on their face. Those who claimed to b harassed by them, pls use ur brains. Can’t they be PAP’s supporters but claimed to be wp ‘s supporters jus to smeared them?As for publishing this article, does the writer have concrete evidence? If not, u could be sue for false allegation.

  23. Observer said

    Actually to me PAP is the gangster here. They are the triads, secret society. Look at the evidence. They have their dirty fingers into every aspect of economy and society and all done in a deceptive way as if these fingers are neutral. Look at PA. Up to today PM Lee has yet to explain why PA is partisan while claiming to not be. Does he think Singaporeans are stupid?

    What made me laugh is DPM Teo’s effort to try and smear Png’s character. Who will know the truth if Png actually said that he wants to pull his name out or not? Only Low and Png knows. I think even if its not true, the lies that PAP tells are a million times worse. Tell teh truth about HDB cost. Tell the truth about our reserves. Explain about all the PAP members that has been caught for corruption. what about all the special treatment for PAP linked individuals? What is the amount of foreigners PAP intend to bring in? Worry about Png on what DPM Teo raise. Please don’t point out the speck in someone’s eye when there is a log in your own. DPM Teo, please get that log out of your eye first, you dumb ass.

  24. Pin Lim said

    Hello Everyone!! upon reading the email carefully, I found that this TR is adding pepper & salt leh.
    The email only said “Caused Inconvenience” not like TR said being Harassed. Also Never mentioned anything about her mother.
    Does Inconvenience = harassed ?? Please pardon on my poor english because I goggle translate is totally different in chinese

  25. Pin Lim said

    Furthermore in that email already stated clearly *had caused many inconvenience due to his/her ignorant* why TR still want to post this email?? IS TR trying to make him/her situation worst??
    TR please spare a thought for people. You won’t gain anything by posting this.

  26. Henry said

    Aiyo … TT here you go again … continue like that, how to trust you anymore …. Stand up on your three foot please …

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