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PHOTOS: Packed crowd at Jurong East MRT station this morning due to ‘train fault’

Posted by temasektimes on May 23, 2012

Commuters were unable to board the train at Jurong East MRT station this morning due to ‘train fault’, causing some to turn up late for work.

Some comments from netizens on #SMRT:

“Took me 20 mins to travel from lakeside to jurong east. #smrt trying to set new record for slowest train movement?” – Brian Keegan

#smrt #jurongeast is crowded with ppl. The gal behind me even shouted to ask ppl to give a way “ – Carol

As usual, there is no explanation from SMRT on the latest disruption in train services and the mainstream media did not bother report on the delay excepting updating its Twitter accounts.

For immediate updates of the latest train delays and disruptions, please visit The Temasek Transport Review Facebook


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2 Responses to “PHOTOS: Packed crowd at Jurong East MRT station this morning due to ‘train fault’”

  1. Henry said

    Lucky HouGang no MRT …

  2. bb said

    Singapore no hope.

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