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Angry Hougang resident slams door on Low Thia Kiang during his house-to-house visit

Posted by temasektimes on May 24, 2012

WP Chief Low Thia Kiang may have large number of fans in Hougang whose residents had elected him to parliament four times between 1997 and 2006, but it appeared that an increasing number of them are becoming disillusioned with his party in the aftermath of the Yaw Shin Leong sex scandal.

According to one Victor Ong who used to live in Hougang, his ex-neighbor slammed the door on Low Thia Kiang when he visited his home last night:

“Guess what? Just 10 mins ago , WP-Low Thia Kiang came and press on our door bell. I opened the door and when he said hello, I purposely slammed the door….. So shiok …From my ex neighbour.”

He was angry with Low for not helping him to write a letter of consent to install CCTV near his home:

“LTK in 2011 refused to write a letter of consent to hgtc for my neighbour to install CCTV for captured loansharks harassment which is not their involvement for any loan but is another neighbour!”

According to a former WP leader Goh Meng Seng on his blog, the backlash against the Workers Party was so fierce that it has to stop the sales of its ‘Hammer’ newsletter:

“According to sources, the real reason for the temporary cessation of Hammer sales is due to the ground’s sarcasm and harsh questioning on what exactly happened to Yaw Shin Leong. They even got into argument with residents in Yishun which resulted a public show of discontent at the party. Eventually, WP decided to stop the Hammer sales altogether for the time being, hoping that such public backlash and discontent would subside after some time.”

Many political pundits and WP mouthpieces like Yahoo News have predicted an ‘easy’ victory for WP with some WP supporters boasting that WP will easily win by a larger margin of votes this time to ‘thrash’ the PAP candidate Desmond Choo who has been working hard in Hougang over the past one year to serve the residents especially after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong went ‘AWOLed’ and left them in the lurch.


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59 Responses to “Angry Hougang resident slams door on Low Thia Kiang during his house-to-house visit”

  1. Jack said

    where was this taken from? I think it is fake, no such person

  2. sweetbean said

    This is really shaping up to be a good, clean fight.

  3. AK said

    Very Childish!!!!!! And very rude !!!!

  4. Boliao said

    Haha and you think a PAP MP would even bother to entertain you in the first place? LOL!

  5. Crap... said

    Temasek Time.. u are a disgrace!

  6. Diversifyx2 said

    This Victor Ong is a resident of Khatib and a pro pap. He always appear and comment on his MP Lee Bee Wah’s facebook and if am not wrong he is a taxi driver at present.

    • I love PAP said

      What’s wrong with pro PAP? You WP cock sucker!!! Join them and continue living in slums!!! LOL. We voted PAP and we have all the free things. Cars are so affordable and guess what I can buy my HDB flat with just 1000SGD monthly pay check!!! We ARE enjoying Swiss way of life. Vote PAP. vote CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO

      • leo said

        haahaa.. u low class citizen.

      • Old Singaporean said

        you must be in loony bin.

      • Steven Tan said

        Well well well Pay And Pay supporters, always claims that WP/SDP/SPP/RP supporters are “Cocky”, ok we are cocky but the Pay And Pay supporters are Hypocrites. Coz when the garment implement any new policies, the so call Pay And Pay, also criticise, garment this, that blah blah blah..whine whine like a swine.

    • yayaya said

      maybe used to be a PMET. now is cab driver. soon FT will drive his very cab. u can fight anything but blind faith

    • Compatriot said

      is he the real and actual owner of this taxi if so,or otherwise kindly share the vehicle description of its make,color,and licence plate number if possible the cell phone number so my friends and I could make advance bookings and contribute gladly to his fame and well earned livelyhood as a taxi driver

    • alexa said

      Hei people lets expose this guy who is a pro pap and shame him.His stupid post is bringing the pap down but make the WP up and up hahaha.

  7. Jerald said

    well, the fact it is posted by Temasek Times mean it is not true, nowadays, Temasek Times only publish false news and propaganda for PAP. What can you expects from dogs

  8. ken Koh said

    In all fairness, I think we should still respect Mr Low as a MP.
    A MP is elected by the people. Abusing a MP is the same as abusing the people. This is not right.

    Also, slamming the door on somebody is not a very civil thing to do – what more, slamming the door on a MP.

    • beenthereseenit said

      First, I don’t think this is a true story. I am wary of stories that say my friend, my neighbour, my neighbour’s mother blah blah blah. I don’t deny some are true but this has fake written all over it! Second, if this is true, then this is the calibre of PAP supporters. PAP should feel ashamed and worried, in Teo Chee Hean’s words.

  9. Ixnay said

    Jack, Temasek Times is a mouthpiece of the MIW… now they are on a PAP smearing opposition parties campaign….

  10. MdAlias said

    Works of the supporter of the nepotism party!

  11. I love PAP said

    How do you know for sure? If PAP can turn bad why not WP? Fuck LTK. Fuck Sylvia Lim. Fuck whatever WP stands for. Lies. YSL is a sex addict. His Bitch is a whore.

    • Smith said

      My dear PAP supporter, you are not doing the PAP (nor any Singaporean) any favour with your vulgarities. Might I suggest that you, err, be more gentlemanly? Use hard facts to debate. That should be the way.

      • Play Play said

        @Smith. How would an animal know how to use hard facts to debate? Suggest we don’t waste our breadth and time with such lowly animals! Even PAP would be ashamed to be associated with them. Ignore them for our good!

  12. JJB67 said

    Soon you will not find anymore sponsors……….go ahead and do all this shxt!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jimmy said

    Even though you dun like anyone, that is damn rude to slam door at ppl face. Some more he is a MP of Aljunied, no matter who we dun we still have to show respect and not any how slam the door, This can show how childish you are and hope you are not a dad yet as whta the face book photo show, as you will set a very bad impression to your children.

  14. Talking coco said

    How can a CCTV be installed anywhere upon request.There’re lots of loan sharks harrassments everywhere,are you suggesting CCTV everywhere?Be reasonable of what your MP can do.The act of slamming door is uncivlised and rude,shame on you!

  15. walaope said

    Dear fellow residents of Hougang,

    In this coming Saturday, thousands of us will be going to the polling stations to cast our votes again, hardly a year after we last did. Before we decide on who to vote for, we should all ask ourselves three basic questions.

    How does this by-election come about?
    What do we want and when do we want them?
    Who can best serve our needs?

    How does this by-election come about?
    During the last General Election, WP leader Low Thia Khiang chose his protege YSL to compete in Hougang. He openly declared that YSL was a person of integrity, honest, capable, etc. We gave both of them our wholehearted support and elected YSL to be our voice in Parliament. Sadly, he did not even have a chance to walk into Parliament House. Before the first Parliament sitting, it was revealed that he had been involved in a sex scandal with some of his Party members. He was sacked by his own Party and disqualified from Parliament. That is why we are having this by-election. This is a betrayal of our trust in the WP. Should we believe in Low Thia Khiang and the WP again?

    What do we want and when do we want them?
    Enough of all those political rhetoric about democracy, first world Parliament, etc. What we really need for our beloved Hougang are upgrading and development programs. It’s time to discard our political burden. It’s time to progress like the other constituencies. Let’s have a first-world Hougang before we talk about a first-world Parliament. Hougang should have the latest amenities and facilities like the other constituencies. They are what we need, and need now.

    Who can best serve our needs?
    The PAP candidate Desmond Choo has been with us for only about a year now. Despite not being our elected MP, he has done more than the elected one who is nowhere to be seen now. In fact, in some areas, Desmond has accomplished what all the WP MP’s we have helped to get into Parliament over the 20+ years have not. Who is Png Eng Huat? How many of us know him before the start of this by-election? How much do we really know about him besides what we hear from Low Thia Khiang? Don’t forget, he had said the same thing about his ex-protege YSL. Desmond will be able to work closely with the government for all the progress that we need to make. The choice before us is crystal clear.

    Fellow residents of Hougang, vote wisely. Vote for Progress, not Politics.
    Majulah Hougang! Majulah Singapura!

    • Smith said

      Indeed, the PAP candidate Desmond Choo is a first class candidate. I don’t disagree. But I would disagree with having a Parliament where a party has absolute majority. The problem is not with Desmond Choo, it’s with the PAP, I’d say. If Desmond Choo could be fielded somewhere like the West Coast GRC, hey, I’d tell him welcome to Parliament!

  16. Ray said

    boycott Temasek Times!

    • Heed said

      Then why are you still here??

    • K B K said

      If u think it is rubbish why do u read, are u so cheap & have nothing better to do ? When WP lies u believe, u r just a brainless, useless WP pariah dog !

    • Smith said

      No need to boycott Temasek Times, my dear. Just boycott or ignore its anti-WP news.

      Temasek Times, if you ask me, have done a good job in picking up where the PAP government has failed, i.e. uncontrolled foreign worker immigration, breakdowns of MRT, etc. They are doing a good job in checking the government, in fact way better than the WP if you ask me. Hence, I say that Temasek Times have the, well, right to criticise WP since both are performing the same function, i.e. also checking on the government, but Temasek Times prefers to do it through the media, and anonymously. Too bad Temasek Times refused to be alligned or to contest any seats to enter parliament. Whoever writes Temasek Times is a potentially brilliant politician who can create awareness amongsts people.

      I suggest taking anti-WP news with a pinch of salt. Like I have always done.

  17. wmulew said

    All the morons in here when an idiot accuse Choo of bribing, MUST BE TRUE. Now it’s WP’s turn, MUST BE FAKE. WTF

  18. Absolute power corrupts said

    Biggie, like Papayas never had doors slammed at their faces. Plough on, Mr Low and company, plough on!

  19. Ken toong said

    Singaporeans, wake up . Do you trust these Chinamen conmen/sex maniacs. Vote PAP a trusted Party for stability and security. Imagine these WPs running the country!

  20. Adam Tan said

    I will rather vote for a pig than to vote for Choo…

  21. Singaporean said

    Hi All, this is Hougang Election, please do not influence or wat… win or lose none of your business… is our rights to vote…
    the more each party mention about other party, dun care PAP or WP… I will be pissed and just waste my vote… seriously manzz.. =(

  22. daming said

    haha.. so if he meet with the police, and the police say it’s non of their business then what? Next time police knock on his door and he purposely slam the door?

  23. 369 Singapore said

    The only hope is for the Hougang Spirit to ignite that FIRE that will CONSUME the greedy PAPigs and rekindle back our souls.

  24. Heed said

    So who is contesting?? Mr Low or Mr Png???

  25. 369 Singapore said

    VIctor ong how muck DC or pap paid u …

  26. Henry said

    Aiyo,Victor … tell your ex-neighbout, small problem, come see me I fix for him… Here we are talking about big issues. PM and DPM not doing their job but spending time on Hougang by-election matters … so this by-elections very important. I fix the CCTV for you, and let us focus on Voting … follow PM and DPM way …

  27. iowa said


  28. K B K said

    369 if u have any pride or dignity u should migrate ! SPore does not need trash like u. After 50 year of PAP u r still around ? Must have been rejected by even 3rd or 4th world country. If I have to choose between saving a rat or u from drowning I would save the rat !!!!

  29. Candy said

    Try asking PAP to install? See they will or not, then you can said WP, beside is it police case, you don’t report to police, you report to MP? One word. Stupid.

  30. So Sad said

    “I do not intend to harm the Workers Party. ???

    I do not want the WP to send another wrong candidate into Parliament”

  31. shittey said

    This site is a strange anomaly that never seems to know exactly what it wants to achieve and how to go about doing it.

  32. alexa said

    Temasek times we can see that you have turn back your readership and be a pro PAP. Every news especially on the by elections its seems that you telling bad things about the WP but you are showing a nice side of Desmond Choo from PAP as if he is better than WP. Just look at most of the headlines and the nice photo of Desmond Choo they post…. guess we can see the real color of temasek times. I dont know where TTimes get this source from…is it true or genuine maybe PAP pay them to post the story. No wonder my frenz and some people say temasek times is pro PAP…now i know why. People beware… I will get more of my frenz to boycott your side TTimes site. R.I.P.

  33. TRsUCKS said

    I thought Yaw missing but others has take over immediately? Anyway tired hearing of the smearing stuff. Why u all never ever post a positive article mentioning what have the WP done in the past?

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