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Desmond Choo and Rotary Club to roll out ‘Friendlier Homes Project’ to help needy elderly Hougang residents

Posted by temasektimes on May 24, 2012

PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo (pic left) will be collaborating with the Rotary Club to roll out a ‘Friendlier Homes Project’ to help needy elderly residents in Hougang.

Mr Choo has spent the last few months walking the ground in Hougang and talking to residents to identify their needs before submitting a proposal to the Rotary Club of Singapore for its consideration.

Though Mr Choo lost to WP’s Yaw Shin Leong in the May General Election last year, he started work in Hougang immediately after his defeat and had been working hard in the last one month, especially so after Yaw went ‘AWOLed’ after he was sacked from WP for his failure to address swirling rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women including two key WP female leaders.

In a letter addressed to Mr Choo, the President of the Rotary Club of Singapore Tapan Kumar Rao wrote that he was impressed by Mr Choo’s involvement in identifying the needs of Hougang elderly residents and in campaigning for them to get involved in improving their lives.

The long-term projects involved raising funds to retrofit toilets to make them friendly for the elderly and an ‘adopt a grandparent’ program to bridge the young and old in society.

Rotary Club is a non-government organization which is not owned or linked to the government in anyway. It obtains its funds largely from well-wisher and donation drives.

[Source: Facebook]

Some responses from Hougang residents on Mr Desmond Choo’s Facebook page:

“He didn’t use Tax Payers money to help the needy, he didn’t ask for any funds from his Party to spend on Hougang residents, his action attracted all the charitable organisations to come forward willingly to help and support his plans. Rotary Club’s letter is a good testimonial. Why are we still doubting him?” – Jimmy Cheang

“A job well done! we’re seeing more initiatives in Hougang even before Desmond is voted in than we have for Aljunied after WP promised to do better than the previous party… perhaps some people should just stop boasting about the new talents they have AND PUT SOME WORDS INTO ACTION. we don’t need lip service in Singapore. we need people who truly want to serve, and not say they want to serve every 5 yrs after submitting their nomination papers! Good job Desmond Choo! You’re the best choice for Hougang!” – Kong Junjie

“朱倍庆辛苦奔波为贫困的后港居民谋求福利,这本来就是某某某需要做而没有做的义举,唉!等到朱先生做到了,他们才来冷嘲热讽,太过份了。枉费后港居民支持了他们二十年!” – Angelia See


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21 Responses to “Desmond Choo and Rotary Club to roll out ‘Friendlier Homes Project’ to help needy elderly Hougang residents”

  1. HGnomoreSMC said

    CHOO ChOO Choo We love you!!!! CHOo CHOO CHOO

  2. Hsien Liao La said

    Choo was a loser once; make it a double whammy, WP!

  3. N said

    The rich will support the PAP. That’s inevitable.

  4. Michael Chus said

    Hougang residents is in an enviable position to vote in a WP MP and have both the Lions Club and Rotary Club serving their poor and elderly.

  5. Zam said

    He is posing with a pinay FT in the photo…Great JOB Choo

  6. Ken toong said

    Remember the communist cadre Lim Chin Siong

  7. Sick&TiredofDramaticWayangGames said

    Desmond, Your party has an overwhelming majority of representation in Parliament & has the monopoly and is the most superior if not the only supreme party in Singapore with the brightest talents in the island running & managing it.

    Why not just simply proclaim & declare yourself as the “winner” & MP in Hougang SMC…need to go thru’ the hassle of a BE process on 26 May under the guise of democracy as it is a wastage of time & resources afterall ur party have the power to do so and who dares to object?

  8. pngkueh_forever said

    Rotary Club ,,, what a shame. Such donation should not come at this time. It should be done after the by-election. Whatever, it should be given througout the elected MP…. it is simple protocol which the rich and powerful simply ignore. By the way I am apolitical, neither Pap nor Wp.

  9. Jaded said

    Pappies really pulling out the stops… LOL

  10. 369 Singapore said

    For the sake of people willing to serve and work hard for more collective freedom and for the sake of people willing to brace rain or shine and end up with total gracious bow ultimately speaking from their heart and soul, that move me because Singapore need this breed of people which we are lacking more and more, i very moved and speechless and will continue my own journey of continuous support for WP

  11. 369 Singapore said

    D C = Desmond Choo
    D C = Deposit Confiscated

  12. 369 Singapore said

    who is behind .. i think everybody already know

  13. 369 Singapore said

    yes DPM is member of Rotary club ..

  14. iowa said

    WP already stated out some of the PAP evil doings to torture hougang people as to “punish” them voting for opposition!!!!!
    Why PAP didnt address all these points !!!!!
    Does it means PAP admit all these doings as they kept mum on that???I
    If its false or baseless accusations why PAP didnt rebut or proceed with legal procedure!!!!!!!

    If anyone don’t believe in Sylvia Lim words, i welcome them to ask the resident of the stated blk, do they pay a single cents for their lift upgrade????

    what wrong has the people of hougang and potong pasir had done???
    Don’t vote for PAP is a sin??? and not a Singaporean ???
    Do hougang and potong pasir people didn’t pay taxes???
    Why must discriminate the opposition wards !!!!!

  15. iowa said

    Is PAP going to gazette Rotary Club as a political organization now?

  16. iowa said

    Is President of the Rotary Club, Mr Kumar Tapan Rao, FT ???

  17. Henry said

    Hougang gang, pls vote DC … otherwise, PAP change candidate again if the candidate lose too many times.

  18. iowa said

    I think the best promise for residents of Hougang should come from Singaporeans. We should promise them to help demand that the government accords these residents equal rights as residents of other constituencies, so that they can vote without fear.

  19. 369 Singapore said

    Which democratic country in this world beside Singapore allows a political party to use the nation money to win votes?

  20. So Sad said

    PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo

    collaborating with the Rotary Club
    ‘Friendlier Homes Project’ to help needy elderly residents in Hougang.

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