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Hougang resident: Let’s have a first-world Hougang before we talk about a first-world Parliament

Posted by temasektimes on May 24, 2012

Dear fellow residents of Hougang,

In this coming Saturday, thousands of us will be going to the polling stations to cast our votes again, hardly a year after we last did. Before we decide on who to vote for, we should all ask ourselves three basic questions.

How does this by-election come about? What do we want and when do we want them? Who can best serve our needs?

How does this by-election come about?

During the last General Election, WP leader Low Thia Khiang chose his protege Yaw Shin Leong (YSL) to compete in Hougang. He openly declared that YSL was a person of integrity, honest, capable, etc. We gave both of them our wholehearted support and elected YSL to be our voice in Parliament. Sadly, he did not even have a chance to walk into Parliament House.

Before the first Parliament sitting, it was revealed that he had been involved in a sex scandal with some of his Party members. He was sacked by his own Party and disqualified from Parliament. That is why we are having this by-election. This is a betrayal of our trust in the WP. Should we believe in Low Thia Khiang and the WP again?

What do we want and when do we want them?

Enough of all those political rhetoric about democracy, first world Parliament, etc. What we really need for our beloved Hougang are upgrading and development programs. It’s time to discard our political burden. It’s time to progress like the other constituencies. Let’s have a first-world Hougang before we talk about a first-world Parliament. Hougang should have the latest amenities and facilities like the other constituencies. They are what we need, and need now.

Who can best serve our needs?

The PAP candidate Desmond Choo has been with us for only about a year now. Despite not being our elected MP, he has done more than the elected one who is nowhere to be seen now. In fact, in some areas, Desmond has accomplished what all the WP MP’s we have helped to get into Parliament over the 20+ years have not.

Who is Png Eng Huat? How many of us know him before the start of this by-election? How much do we really know about him besides what we hear from Low Thia Khiang? Don’t forget, he had said the same thing about his ex-protege YSL. Desmond will be able to work closely with the government for all the progress that we need to make. The choice before us is crystal clear.

Fellow residents of Hougang, vote wisely. Vote for Progress, not Politics.

Majulah Hougang! Majulah Singapura!


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


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19 Responses to “Hougang resident: Let’s have a first-world Hougang before we talk about a first-world Parliament”

  1. LkySi said

    Another Pro-PAP propaganda material. Vote for WP. Vote for honesty and integrity, not for nepotism and cronysm viz: Lee dynasty

  2. Jack said

    Yes, yes, why should we in Hougang be the one suffering? Let’s us eat our free porridge and the whole Singapore pay it together as first world country

  3. Evil PAPPY said

    She has no eye to see what Sitoh has done to Potong Pasir after he won?

    – First thing is upgrade his own office. Then change to Cash-Card parking to milk $.
    – LED lights causes annoying noise pollution, yet doesn’t really benefit people.
    – 48 blocks only ‘identified’ for LUP, asked for 9 years to pay debts. Means his whole term and even next MP will not have $ for any major project.

  4. yayaya said

    seriously, phuck u TR. the only reason why i am still in ur facebook is coz your news is still considered entertaining and updated but u seriously torn your own reputation apart during this by-election. if u are pap supporter, say it out. if u are opposition supporter, state it too. don’t be a middle of both, be a hybrid, not man not woman end up as an ah gua.

    please keep your boliao comments to yourself. if this carry on, the number of likes will be gone and so is your stupid website, for plagarising other people’s website name.

    diu leh

  5. Zam said

    You are a one of the selfish Hougang resident. You will realize the truth when you children and grand children face problems becoz of PAP policies.

  6. I love PAP said

    eh hello. if you dunno what you are saying can shut up? progress? what stupid progress u talking abt? lift upgrading? more flats? hello all these are basics that pap must give to all singaporeans. why dun have? if you dunno and still blame WP then you sure are fucked up. vote for progress not politics? hello, voting is a process within politics. wat fucking nonsense you talking about. if no politics, vote for fuck. if no vote, then need politics for fuck. might as well ask pap to ban all politics and all political parties and declare them the rightful ruler of singapore for the next 100000000 years till the sun burn it itself out.

    you are really stupid. it is so fucking obvious that you are not trying to vote for progress, you are simply a pap cock sucker. look at other pap ruled ward, very modern all flats got lifts, food very cheap car very cheap all got 10k monthly salary? not much different to me. if you want to see difference go india and there you will see DIFFERENCE yourself. one fucking tall tower in the middle of slums. THAT ONE IS CALLED SLUM. Its in mumbai btw if you dunno where it is since you are living in your fucking I love PaP cave.

    national issues are everyone’s issues, just like HG issues are everyone’s issues. you are a selfish bastard and fucking stupid idiot t say that HG issues are HG issues.

    It’s pple like you who like to suck pap cock and reap personal benefits that are shameful. WP has flaws, and YSL is a sex addict. His “I love to fuck my colleague” saga sure has lost trust, but if HG voters were to cast their votes based on this, then it will be a day of shame for what HG had stand for, for the past 20 odd years.

    You do not deserve to stay in HG if you so fucking like pap, sell your pathetic flat and buy another in TJP since the Wansui Ye is that MP, provided he dont DIE in 2012. Stay there and see for yourself how GOOD a pap ruled ward is. Tell you, just as fucked up. Why? Coz Singapore is RULED by pap and pap sucks. Simple.

    Choo, no matter how good, is just one man. He can scream for all he want, but he is just a mortal. He is more hot air to me, and with his background as a SPF scholar, you know what kind of mentality he has towards his fucking master.

  7. Singaporean Native. said

    The People’s Action Party has served the people. However, it is time for change. Has this Nation progressed at all?
    Singapore has one, or if not, the largest income gap of 9.7. Who are we to blame for this?

    The ruling party, who has set in placed various policies that gives 2/3 jobs created to foreigners. We as Singapore Natives should be given priority. 25,000 foreigners come into Singapore each year. Even with the various measurements and policies in place, we still have a majority of foreigners in various industry.

    And example: The tourism Industry.
    Shouldn’t tourist be served by Singaporeans instead of foreigners? We have so many students studying and have ambitions to enter the tourism industry but jobs are taken up by foreigners who cant even communicate in English properly.

    The People’s Action Party has to be FOR the people. Majority of the Singaporeans now don’t see it. We want a change, we want progress that can benefit the Singaporean Natives.

    • Take a Long Term View said

      Well said…Singaporean Native.

      Dear Fellow Hougang Voters,

      Do not let these dogmatic, selfish & self-serving dogs fooled you. Come Saturday, 26 May, let us create history by voting for the Workers Party! For the rights of actual democracy in Singapore!

  8. Clive said

    All i read here are wants. Furthermore, it’s what you wanted. I’m not from HG, but I am from Singapore. Art thou not from Singapore? Are those your needs or Singapore’s needs? Or rather Singaporeans’ needs? Are your needs more than what Singaporeans’ needs? If i may your needs are so much less significant to many other Singaporeans. And I do mean true blooded Singaporeans whom have found residence upon this piece of Earth from many years ago. This place is infested now. Amidst these dire times we desperately need a hero and stand behind him. While you cower upon your needs and chose to defect.

    Residents in HG chose WP fro a reason. To make that change make that switch. That they have sacrificed so much and now these. Who is Png Eng Huat? I do not know. Much as I know about who Kate Spade was or Tin Tin or the ambassador of Universal Studio was previously. What has WP done for HG after all these years? Nothing much. Just as much as PAP has done for HG for all these years.

    Vote for progress and not for politics? Are they not the same thing? In order for progress you need good politics. Or should i reckon that politics in this sense refers to office politics? Once again, it is insignificant in the face of a nation.

    Please do not use the word Singapura in vain. For that is her name. The name of our land whom have given residence to her people. Not a stopover for gaijins. Her name, refers to a Lion City. Which the people of this dystopia no longer reflects the pride and honor of the creature. I wonder what the cause is..

  9. beenthereseenit said

    Your trust has been betrayed by WP because of YSL’s personal indiscretion?
    You are small minded. PAP has completely betrayed Singaporeans on BIG and very public issues e.g. depressed wages and increasing joblessness for middle-agers versus runaway inflation.
    You are short-sighted. You choose upgrading (on things that will age again) than policies that affect your whole life and your future generations e.g. the unfair policies of CPF.
    You are immature. You go on rhetoric without concrete examples.
    I hope the Singapore electorate matures and start to ask the hard question around policies, work/life balance, social and economic responsibility of companies in Singapore and quality of life for our citizens including, if not especially, for the elderly and retired.
    That’s what Sngaporeans would ask themselves when they cast that vote.

  10. Jaded said

    Let’s the the pappies lose their deposit on Saturday!

  11. iowa said

    WP already stated out some of the PAP evil doings to torture hougang people as to “punish” them voting for opposition!!!!!
    Why PAP didnt address all these points !!!!!
    Does it means PAP admit all these doings as they kept mum on that???I
    If its false or baseless accusations why PAP didnt rebut or proceed with legal procedure!!!!!!!

    If anyone don’t believe in Sylvia Lim words, i welcome them to ask the resident of the stated blk, do they pay a single cents for their lift upgrade????

    what wrong has the people of hougang and potong pasir had done???
    Don’t vote for PAP is a sin??? and not a Singaporean ???
    Do hougang and potong pasir people didn’t pay taxes???
    Why must discriminate the opposition wards !!!!!

  12. Henry said

    Can we change this picture, please? Shows auntie likes DC … what about little TinTin … more matching, right?

  13. sweetbean said

    Errr…I think….if you had a first world parliament, you would have a first world Hougang.

  14. iowa said


  15. Leong S T said

    Let me highlight what WP has done for Hougang Town over the years. You will also see how the PAP and its agencies have blocked improvements to Hougang Town.

    First, Lift Upgrading. As you all know, the PAP government announced many years ago that opposition wards would be placed at the end of the queue for the Lift Upgrading Programme. The PAP wanted Hougang residents to suffer, but WP did not want that. So in the year 2000, Hougang Town Council decided that we would use our own Town Council funds to upgrade lifts in 6 blocks. We obtained HDB approval to provide additional lift landings to lifts in Hougang Avenue 3 at blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 24 and 25, without special funding from the government. This was completed in 2001, and the residents were not asked to pay a single cent. We later made an application to HDB to do lift upgrading also at Blocks 301 to 334 Hougang Avenue 5, using Town Council’s own funds. But the HDB said No!

    Next, Estate Improvements Using CIPC Funds. The CIPC is the Community Improvement Projects Committee. According to the Ministry of National Development, “the CIPC provides funding support for community-improvement projects initiated by the Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs) and supported by the advisers. The funds are disbursed through the CCCs, which will submit applications for project funding to the CIPC for approval.”
    In order to tap on CIPC funding, we have to go through the People’s Association. Ok, we try. In 1995, Hougang Town Council applied to HDB for approval to install several car park directional signs. This would cost about $130,000. We also wrote in to the Hougang CCC for support for CIPC funding. At first, the Hougang CCC replied that it was “very keen” on the Town Council’s proposal and would be discussing it. The CCC must have agreed that it was good for residents. A few months later, HDB informed us that the CCC had made a similar application on its own and that the Town Council should co-ordinate to make a single application. The application was then stuck. At the 1997 GE, Mr Low was re-elected into Hougang. Then in August 1997, the Hougang CCC informed us that they would not be pursuing the project. The Town Council then used its own funds to proceed with it.

    There are at least 5 other cases where the Hougang CCC did not support requests to tap CIPC funding to benefit Hougang residents:
    1) In 1992, the CCC refused to support construction of covered walkway from bus-stop to nearest HDB block;
    2) In 1993, the CCC refused to support improvement works to 39 blocks of flats/shops which included resident corners at Blks 302, 354, 704 and 710;
    3) In 1994, the CCC refused to support tables and stools fronting Blk 322 Hougang Ave 5;
    4) Again in 1994, we wanted to construct a footpath from Block 1 to the Hougang CC – the CCC did not even respond;
    5) In 1995, the CCC refused to support construction of sitting corners at Blks 334, 317, 1 and 3.
    These projects cost nearly $450,000. We went ahead to use Town Council’s funds for the benefit of residents. So, is the PAP really Always Here for You? Maybe they are Always Here to Jam You!
    So has CIPC funding ever been used for Hougang residents? According to an MND letter of 14 November 2007, “Hougang CCC had applied for and received CIPC funding for RC notice board replacement works in
2004 and 2006”.

    Despite these obstacles, the Hougang Town Council went ahead to use its own funds to erect 33 covered linkways from bus-stops to blocks, and between blocks. You can see these linkways at Hougang Ave 2, 3, 5 and 7, and at Hougang Central. This cost us about $1.5 million. We have also added playgrounds and 2 soccer courts, and the senior citizens’ fitness corner at Hougang neighbourhood park. Many of you may know of a footpath leading from Blks 363 to 334, which many residents use to go from their blocks to Upper Serangoon Road. This is on State Land. Despite the Town Council’s request, the government refused to construct a proper footpath for residents. So Mr Low got approval to construct it himself, and he is still paying a licence fee for the path every year!

    What’s ahead for Hougang? It is now part of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council. At Aljunied, we are managing or taking over some upgrading projects such as the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme, Lift Upgrading Programme and Home Improvement Programme. If you elect Png Eng Huat as MP for Hougang, I intend to appoint him as Vice-Chairman of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council. He will be closely monitoring the estate improvement plans, which he will talk about shortly.

    So Hougang voters, I think you know which party has your welfare at heart. Is it the PAP, who for the last 20 years was quite happy to let Hougang residents suffer? Which party really cares for Hougang? You know the answer.

  16. Ray said

    Perhaps the writer would like to walk ard my area(a pap grc)(hougang blk 600-699)at pasir ris-punggol (the part where is the ex aljunied grc/ ex cheng san grc) n see the “progress” tat the team under dpm teo has made…

  17. At constituency level, wish that half of the PAP MP are as hard working as DC, WP must also learn from him the dedication, the fire in his belly for what ever motive he has, ultimately is the residents, citizens will benefit. China DXP once said, “White cat or black cat, one who catches rats is a good cat”.

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