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Hougang voters should look beyond the usual emotional antics played by Workers Party to deceive them

Posted by temasektimes on May 24, 2012

The Workers Party’s rally on Tuesday night (pic left) was disrupted by a heavy downpour. Instead of ending the rally immediately and dispersing the crowd, WP leaders ‘soldiered’ on in the rain and was thoroughly drenched. As expected, the scene was captured on camera and spread throughout cyberspace to highlight their ‘dedication’.

This is the same old emotional trick used by WP time and again to rally their core support base and to portray their candidates as ‘selfless, dedicated and loyal patriots’.

Yaw Shin Leong played the same record during an election rally last year, giving a rousing speech in Teochew to galvanize the crowd, some of whom were reportedly moved to tears. Less than a year later, he left Hougang residents in the lurch and caused a by-election to be called after failing to address rumors about him being ‘romantically’ involved with two key WP married female leaders.

Any fine orator can give a rousing speech to inspire the crowd. Witness Hitler who managed to rally the Germans to his cause with his fiery speeches. Anybody can stand soaked in the rain motionless for hours to win public sympathy. You do not need a ‘Best Actor’ to do that. But beyond these emotional antics, what else can WP offer Hougang?

WP wants Hougang residents to preserve the ‘bastion’ of democracy in Singapore, so as to speak, but it already has five MPs and two NCMPs in Parliament. Will Png Eng Huat make a difference?

It is not the quantity of opposition MPs, but their quality which counts. In the 1980s, one Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam was enough to ‘shake’ the entire cabinet whenever he made a speech. Now, we have ‘opposition’ MPs who conveniently plagiarized articles from anonymous online sources to be their parliamentary speeches.

JBJ fought tooth and nail for Singaporeans and irritated former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew so much that he once told former President Devan Nair and he could not wait to see the last of him.

WP MPs have offered only token opposition to the PAP policies and offered nothing different. Their proposed salary scheme for political leaders differed little from the PAP and all voted ‘Aye’ to the PAP’s Budget. Even the PAP backbenchers and Nominated MPs are more vocal than them.

Given the dismal performance of the WP MPs in parliament, what difference does it make if we replace them with a bunch of dummies? Does our august house require another dummy in parliament who does not seem to remember or know what he saying?

Besides harping on its ‘twenty year track record’ in Hougang, WP doesn’t have any concrete plans to take the constituency forward.

The PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo has done much more for Hougang in a year than its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong. He managed to set up a job hub, a free legal clinic and a TCM clinic for elderly residents, among others.

Low Thia Kiang accused Mr Choo of using taxpayers’ monies to paste ‘gold’ on his fact, but in reality, Mr Choo did not spend a single cent of public monies on these social welfare projects which were tied up with external non-government agencies like the Criminal Association of Lawyers.

What did WP do other than whining time and again like an old broken recorder that the government has been unfair to them? Nobody is stopping its MPs from soliciting funds from elsewhere. Nobody is preventing WP from collaborating with external agencies and certainly nobody can dictate to WP what it can and cannot do in Hougang.

If an outsider like Mr Choo can do so much for Hougang within so short a period of time, what has WP been doing for the last 20 years other than shouting some empty slogans to ‘slap’ (or kiss?) the government?

Singapore was built by leaders who walked the talk, not just talk, talk, talk and stand in the rain to cry father and cry mother.

Come this evening, the lead actor Low Thia Kiang will take to the stage again to tug at the heart-strings of Hougang voters, reminding them again of the strong ‘bond’ they share with him and perhaps shed a fake crocodile tear or two to move their hearts.

Singaporeans are largely soft-hearted people and there will be some who will be tricked by WP’s grand ‘wayang kulit’ again. Not too much hard work to earn a $15,000 monthly salary for somebody who reportedly had a few failed business ventures in the last ten years.


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24 Responses to “Hougang voters should look beyond the usual emotional antics played by Workers Party to deceive them”

  1. beenthereseenit said

    Emotional antics are more PAP’s cup of tea from scare tactics to hate mongering. Temasekpress is very overt in its dislike and bias against WP. For your lack of balance in views and false reporting, you are no different from ST. I am unsubscribing to this site. Sick and tired of same old, baseless rhetoric. Good riddance.

  2. Guest said

    Since when Temasek review is Pro PAP?

    • joeaudar said

      Correction. its temasek times

    • Henry said

      Please note that Temasek Times is funded by PAP … Temasek Review is the genuine body … TT … beyond there are a few moles on you … one day kana will be contagious …

  3. An Open Letter for Hougang residents, from a fellow Singapore said

    An Open Letter for Hougang residents, from a fellow Singapore

    On 26 May 2012, you have the power to create history by giving the Workers’ Party and the Opposition Movement in Singapore, the highest ever votes (make it at least 95% in favor of WP) in the Hougang By-Election. You will stand tall and proud in the eyes of all Singaporeans and your votes at the ballot box will forever be remembered as the Opposition’s “Finest Hour” in the history of Singapore and remembered by future generations of Singaporeans of how the good & wise men and women of Hougang defeated the rich and mighty PAP Ministers and their party!

    So, please do the right thing and thrash the hell out of Desmond Choo and the PAP. All the people who support the Opposition Movement in Singapore rely on you to deal a knockout blow to the PAP government and to make our voices heard loud and clear.

    The Prime Minister said that an election is a very serious business. What the heck was he thinking when he fielded Tin Pei Ling to stand in Marine Parade, when there were definitely plenty of qualified and better candidates available? Was he taking the residents of Marine Parade for granted or was he doing it out of blind loyalty for his principal private secretary, who incidentally is the husband of Tin Pei Ling?

    The Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean foolishly questioned whether the Workers’ Party were sending their best man, Png Eng Huat in the interests of Hougang residents? Marine Parade residents deserve the best candidate from the PAP in the last General Election. Was Tin Pei Ling the best candidate that the PAP with all its resources and manpower could field? So, tell me did the PAP sent their best woman, Tin Pei Ling in the interests of Marine Parade residents? It will be remembered as the greatest joke in the history of politics in Singapore to put her into Parliament. And why do you not contest in Hougang in this by-election and put your money where your mouth is, by putting forth yourself for this election rather than sending Desmond Choo? You would have gained more respect for your action.

    And what is Integrity? Integrity means not paying yourself millions of dollars in salary and 26 months bonuses when the majority of Singaporeans are paid peanuts. Integrity means having the conscience not to accept such obscene salaries and doing the right thing by resigning from this government, which is clearly driven by greed of money and not by service, when it is obvious that first world governments do not demand that kind of salaries.

    Desmond Choo said he will be an independent voice for you in Parliament. Does he think the Hougang voters are fools to believe in such empty words? Remember, many PAP ministers and Members of Parliaments went to Parliament thinking they could be independent voices but look at them today. They are just blind followers of the PAP party with no independent voices of their own.

    Dear good and wise men and women of Hougang, this is your moment to hold your heads high and show the PAP that you are not to be pushed around and make it loud and clear to them that your sacrifices were not in vain; and remember all the unequal treatment you suffered in the hands of the PAP government for the past 20 years, which will not be easily forgiven and forgotten and that you have in your hands the power to punish the PAP once again at the polls. At this ‘Final Hour’ you will not be swayed and you shall never surrender your beloved Hougang, after you have held it for the Workers’ Party for so long. Remember, one more opposition voice in Parliament is very important for the Workers’ Party and the Opposition Movement in Singapore to check on the conduct and abuse of power of the PAP, whereas the defeat of the PAP in Hougang is just a number to the PAP. All of Singapore will salute you for your courage and forever remember this day and you, the people of Hougang, will all be rewarded one day for all your years of loyalty. Good luck. God Bless you & your family!


    George Tan

    • Hong Kim Joon said

      I know who to vote for!

      Please don’t tell me who to vote. I know who to vote for. I will NOT VOTE for a person who blatantly lie or hide truth. Here’s why. Png Eng Huat was FULLY PRESENT at the WP CEC meeting, KNEW fully well the PURPOSE for the extraordinary meeting, his NAME was in the ballot (there was no minutes to document he wanted out) and AWARE of the ballot process. Png does not deserve my vote nor the hard thinking voters of Hougang. Integrity means telling the truth. It’s either you have it or don’t. More so, Low Thia Khiang has taken us for a ride for the past 20 years. We heard his song last year and praises for his protege and hand picked Yaw Shin Leong. Both men failed us. I cannot follow Low’s tune this year as he changed the lyrics again. They continue to sound like a broken record without any concrete nor creative solutions. Worst, their disconnect feeds a credibility gap that pervades the party.

      As a much younger Hougang voter and tax payer, I was upset that my ward could not be upgraded to the likes of a constituency in the East. In an office conversation, my senior colleagues from USA, India and Thailand awaken me to the fact that such is the reality of politics the world over. You spoke of unequal treatment. Please give me the name of an equal and fair democratic state anywhere? Conversely, if WP is the sitting government, would they treat opposition wards equally? Would they grant funds to an opposing constituency for basic upgrading?

      For me, I have a job and I work hard to support my family and see things through and living within my means. Life is still worth living everyday even though i am close to retirement. I don’t need your sarcastic accolade nor rewards. This is an issue for voters of Hougang to decide. I have decided. I am not afraid of those fanatical WP supporters. Now I vote with my eyes and head. I am voting with the young adults and old in mind because I won’t be voting opposition just for the sake of opposition. I know voices and words are really cheap n free but voices don’t cook my rice. I will vote for the better candidate cos I saw his actions spoke louder than mere words. I am sure he will be able to do better from where Yaw and Low left us stranded. You dislike unequal treatment so I believe you’d subscribe to equal treatment. WP has cheapen the election process and they said vote them and the other party will also stay to serve. I like to take your cue to be a gentleman. Therefore, I am now giving Desmond an equal opportunity to serve. You can watch and measure the results from afar. I am sure he will be able to do something for our young and old in Hougang. Please leave us alone. You forgot that we already made history, now we are making things new!!!!

    • Snoopy Says said

      Well said!

    • Henry said

      Aiyo, why you two so emo … fall into the trap by T-PAP-T already …

  4. CAND said


  5. pngkueh_forever said

    Heh, man, going through the rally in the rain is absolutely right and proper. That’s the spirit. Didn’t we go through the National Day Parade in the 60’s when it poured like cats and dogs ? Very poor judgemental article indeed.

  6. Snoopy Says said

    Well, it could’ve been worse for Singaporeans if hougang was under PAP for those 20 years. Much much worse, I think….

  7. Save Singapore said

    A biased report – surely written by a PAP man. It is the PAP who must pay for their crimes against humanity and making this a land for the foreigners. Today in the PAP eyes – Foreigners First Singaporeans Last. We should not let them win this election..

    • Rustle said

      I bet you’d be banging on their doors and screaming if they don’t allow you to employ a maid to do your household chores for you. 🙂

  8. tcss said

    This site really create fake news. Disappointing…

  9. Sama sama said

    What about crying and saying sorry during GE2011?

  10. Henry said

    Time to change name Temasek Times … unmask yourself and come forth with your identity … stop hiding under my sarong … careful I fart on you …

  11. foreplay said

    for pro PAP and WP supporters to curse and swear at WP who failed to curse and swear at PAP policies….in otherwords,Temasek Times is merely facilitating foreplay.

    And hopefully in the long run, the cursing and swearing will lead to kissing and cuddling……after the by-election results.

  12. Ixnay said

    Seems like people who says that WP has taken them for a ride is only 32%…. hahahaha

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