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Local by-elections, national issues?

Posted by temasektimes on May 24, 2012

Let us not forget the basics of this by-election. This Hougang by-election came about because of the WP.  During the last GE, it put up a candidate and praised him sky-high. After the people of Hougang sacrificed they votes and their next 5 years for the WP, as they had done for the past 20+ years, things went awry.

Instead of the great character he was supposed to be, it turned out that this chap had been looking after his own sexual needs rather than the basic needs of the people of Hougang. This chap was said to have been fooling around with  some of his Party female members.  If this was not bad enough, these women were somebodies’ wives. Makes one wonder what does the W in WP stand for; Workers or Wild?

What followed turned things from bad to worse. The WP sacked him from the Party and he lost his MP seat. This chap was duly elected to represent the people of Hougang. Did the WP not see it right that it should consult the people of Hougang first?

This shows what low regard the WP has for the people of Hougang. Up till today, the WP has not given a full and satisfactory explanation of what actually happened. It has  not categorically denied that it did not know about the flings of Yaw Shin Leong before the election. Besides YSL, there are other WP MPs. Are they clean?

Now the WP is trying to sell another candidate to the people of Hougang, again by praising him sky-high. The people of Hougang is not interested to know what LTK has to say about his choice. We want an unreserved assurance from him that this candidate will not turn out like the previous one. We do not want to have another by-election following this coming one. This is the pertinent issue which should be addressed by the WP in the Hougang by-election, not national issues.

National issues like population decline, immigration and foreign talents cannot be addressed by the voters of just one constituency. By calling for these issues to be addressed in the Hougang by-election, the WP is shooting at its own feet. If the WP really believes  that these national issues should be addressed in a by-election, then all its MPs  should have resigned so that by-elections would have been called for both Aljunied GRC and Hougang. Everyone can see that it did not.

WP, put your house in order first. If you can’t even ensure good discipline within the Party, how can you handle national issues?



24 Responses to “Local by-elections, national issues?”

  1. Jaded said

    Temasek TImes finally showed their true Pro-PAP colours! Booooooo!

    • Smith said

      Anti-WP does not necessary translate into Pro-PAP. I see Temasek Times as anti-WP but not necessarily pro-PAP. Just pro-Desmond Choo, perhaps.

  2. Jack said

    why it is a sacrifice to vote for WP?

  3. aloysius12 said

    Apparently, you don’t read in between the lines. One error do not a summer make. The rulers had 5 members for whatever wrongs they did and did they collapse? Well at least this party did not wait for the police to take action. They sacked him. This party is well disciplined and well organised and do not cover up. Teo’s rantings and harpings on “NCMP” is solely a distraction from the MAIN issues that go to the hearts and bellies of singaporeans-harpings normally worthy of 3rd rated politiians and did clouded Choo’s campaign. Credit to Choo for stopping (enough is enough).We arepaying big monies for politicians to give quality debates. Possibly they do not take this by-election seriously as they already have the majority required and Teo is the sacrificial cow. Now is taking you voters for granted?

  4. iowa said

    WP already stated out some of the PAP evil doings to torture hougang people as to “punish” them voting for opposition!!!!!
    Why PAP didnt address all these points !!!!!
    Does it means PAP admit all these doings as they kept mum on that???I
    If its false or baseless accusations why PAP didnt rebut or proceed with legal procedure!!!!!!!

    If anyone don’t believe in Sylvia Lim words, i welcome them to ask the resident of the stated blk, do they pay a single cents for their lift upgrade????

    what wrong has the people of hougang and potong pasir had done???
    Don’t vote for PAP is a sin??? and not a Singaporean ???
    Do hougang and potong pasir people didn’t pay taxes???
    Why must discriminate the opposition wards !!!!!

  5. spotlessleopard said

    TT finally shows its true colours…it is actually an ANTI Workers party organisation…and will sell its soul even when it means selling themself like the Mainstream Media Prostitute Times to the PAP…

  6. Steve said

    I do not fully understand what is the intention of the writer who wrote this articles and the objective the writer trying to achieve, no one, no organization and no government can assure someone characteristics and behaviour, and the writer should be detail in letting reader understand more on how to define the difference between local issue or national issue, which Singapore is a small country, as such any local issue is a national issue generally.

  7. iowa said

    I think the best promise for residents of Hougang should come from Singaporeans. We should promise them to help demand that the government accords these residents equal rights as residents of other constituencies, so that they can vote without fear.

  8. iowa said

    i am not a houganger but always have respect and a tint of jealousy for hougangers, they’re so united, brave, courageous, resilient and steadfast in their march towards democracy.Hougangers have shown other Singaporeans how and what to stand up for own beliefs and not cowed by threats and intimidation.Hougang we salute you! Keep the spirit flying for all of Singapore to follow you in 2016

    • Compatriot said

      I am not from HG,but I salute you HG residents you have stand tall,dignified,stood to your principle with enduring resilient showing and sharing compatriotism just like the “Alamo” (a mission in San Antonio,Texas,the site of a siege cojolery wth threats and coercion by the Mexican forces under Santa Anna of a handful of American Militia fighting for the cause for Independence)

      The PAP potray precisely like Santa Anna throwing threats,with false promises,cajolery and coercion with more than 90% of their forces of their subservient yes men MP in parliament

      Last night the PAP came with their Generals and Lieutenants for their rally even with the one who lived in a glass house,admitted his party had done mistakes to the people of Singapore which cannot be help

      This is unacceptable and must be not be prolong more,Thats where you HG compatriots even as a drop of water into the sea will one day form an ocean
      You can do this for yourself,spouse,children and family and inevitably a better future for all Sinaporeans

      HG has been a “Bastian” of true and real democracy the whole world has acknowledged this.I trust you dont let loose this framed history of Singapore which you have founded and endured,

      HG you have fought the cause with diginity showing nimble Singaporeans foreigners alike,of those other constituencies you have faught with gusto admirably and won

      You are the winner already.Show them again

      Singapore earlier has only 28 polling districts,This has been fiddled by the PAP now we have 81 constituencies,The PAP enacted money politics in parliament with overall majority of their “YES” MP’s parliamentarians

      Much earlier during the 80’s the GE deposits for a constituency was S$500.00
      NOw is say max 15K x 81 seats = S$1,215.000.00 deposits less other expanses

      This is very hard for the Opposition parties to have to fill in 81 seats to break the PAP.Nothing is impossible unless there is a initiation of a clarion call of an invitatory to map a coalition (things gets done always with the first step)

      I should like to believe that concerned people of Singapore will gladly contribute

      HG residents and voters I admired your tenacity and gumption to stand tall show those Singaporeans that you are still standing tall and holding the fort

      May I wish you have a pleasant journey and with a good and well spent weekend

      • Compatriot said

        The PAP has politicised parliament wholesale by constitutionalised money politics in GE deposits say to S$15K which stands till today

        Much earlier Singapore has only 28 districts.from Singapore 1 to Singapore 28
        The PAP became the ruling government since 1959 has fiddled the state of Singapore to 81 constituency without any objections in parliament

        To maintain their grip of Singapore is through their insidious plan of GE deposits of S$15K x 81 constituncies = S$1,215,000.00

        Earlier in 1980 the GE deposit was only S$500.00

        To fill 81 seats at S$500.00 GE deposits can break the PAP from their majority in parliament which they knew and has played money politics thereon

        The Opposition can easily fill in all the 81 constituency seats with S$500.00

  9. Henry said

    Whoa … TT, like that slam also can. Actually … WP quite poor thing … doing their part but still have to fight PAP, non-sincere members, unfaithful members, and not TT you too … thought you claim you are not ant-establishment … stay above board … slam the table too hard, your palm will be painful too you know …

  10. Compatriot said

    I say every parliamentary state election whether GE or By- Elections has issues to ponder and brought up national or otherwise.A MP with the majority votes will be hired to represent the affected electorate for that parliamentary seat in parliament

    I strongly cannot agree and will rebut to the statement made by temasek times that national issues like population decline which evidently Singapore population declination was led and caused by the ruling government in parliamentary sessions with the support of more than ninety (90%) of its nays MP’s can with much certainty be rebutted in future Parliamentary sittings even by voters of a lone opposition parliamentarian of that constituency to say the least that the voice has been respresented and registered in parliament with its objection.
    The world and the United Nations will acknowledges it Let the people and nation decides

    Are you a communist,I hope not.Singapore is not a communist country,its state constitution tells of democracy of a democratic constitution

    This By-Election came through is because of patriot Singaporean,a woman who summons the PM to call for this by-election through the states court of law,the PM yields and agreed to the by-election that she should be represented in parliament as an electorate of that division by a parliamentarian

    Tesmasek Times you did indeed have short memory,with your foolery I suspect that you are a Stool Pigeon of the PAP what about many of those constituencies won by the PAP who became MP’s whom had absconded closed to millions of Singapore dollars was caught,judged as criminals,escaped and committed suicide so no tale to be told added with dead man tell no tale.These criminals were from the top PAP echelons

    What have you got to say to these

    These PAP criminals who were sacked from their party as a matter of principle eventually thereafter,has left vacant and unrepresented in parliament for the voters who hires them for the parliamentary seat

    Was there supposed to be a By-Election for the electorates of these constituencies which were left vacant and unrepresented by those criminal PAP MP”s who were voted for and has betrayed their trust
    Yes there should be as a matter of fair play.But No,none at all

    PAP members who were sacked from their party:
    Devan Nair,Wee Toon Boon,Phey Yew Kok Teh Cheang Wan and some others

    These men were alcoholic,criminals,comitted suicide,and an escapee from the law,easily led to escape to tell no tale And today of his whereabout is still unknown.and a dead man to “tell no tale” Did the PAP cabinet ministers and MP’s dared to raised up this issue in parliament,never,never,never,with no balls

    Which is more than serious,let Singapore decide

    So Don’t Start Throwing Stones When You Are Living In A Glass House

    Temasek Times what have you got to to say to this … Eh

  11. Smith said

    I agree. It is important to ensure good discipline within the party. What could be a worse disciplinary action other than to expel? Just like what could be a worse action to punish a criminal if the death penalty isn’t?

    YSL has been expelled and this shows that drastic disciplinary actions have been taken. WP has done all it could.

    However, I disagree that WP is shooting at its feet by calling for national issues to be addressed in the by-election. If I were to have a broken marriage, that doesn’t mean that I do not have the right to demand for national issues to be solved just because I am “tainted”. That, I think, is nonsense. On the other hand, I do not see from anywhere any suggestion that the by-election was forced in order to solve a national issue in the first place. The by-election was forced by YSL not being accountable to his constituents.

    And I still think that it is inappropriate to conclude that he had an affair. He has never in anyway admitted having an affair with anyone whatsoever. Just because he was forced to leave Singapore with his wife and children, that doesn’t mean that it has to be an affair. I am guessing that the affair was just an excuse to cover up something even more serious, perhaps political pressure or intimidation.

  12. Dirty Politics said

    The writer needs to examine his article carefully or perhaps he should look into the mirror to reflect on himself. Before he judges, do some soul searching. Are you certain that you never make mistakes. What about those ex PAP veterans who committed crimes – say something if they are right!!

  13. Choo Shao Rong said

    Are you really from hougang? I am not but I definitely think that there is a lot of online bullying on behalf of the ruling party. Stay up till 5 am in the morning to write on Facebook. These guys must be paid to do it.

  14. FanaticD said

    the PAP has taught the people well especially the younger generation to be money grabbing, power hungry and full of selfishness. if everyone acts as to think of immediate monetary benefits and do not think long term, surely the pork barrel tactics will work but in the long run, more will suffer and die. whether u put them in or not, they will still need to improve the infrastructure as they are the government. however, it is whether we care about the country well being and not let it be run down by PAP. there will be a day where all singaporeans will be regulated to 4th class citizens and slowly be phased out by PAP who will replace it with their “FT”. Mark My Words if they keep staying in power

  15. Wide Eyed said

    “We want an unreserved assurance from him that this candidate will not turn out like the previous one” SERIOUSLY? How can LTK do that? Can PAP do that? Ask yourselves what PAP does with its MPs gone bad.

  16. ken said

    yeahhh time to stop supporting TT le since it is just a PRO PAP news…

  17. Snoopy Says said

    Com’on, people. Get the facts right. TT is on neither sides. TT only publish such articles written by someone, in this case, someone by the name of Shuan An.

    For those who accuse TT of taking PAP’s sides, can u explain why TT publish articles that benifits WP as well?


  18. please provide names of article writers said

    please provide names of article writers

    As you are one of the top ten Internet news media, could you put down the names of those articles that you published?

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