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Blogger Xiaxue shames WP supporters over abusive comments posted on Facebook linked to Workers Party

Posted by temasektimes on May 25, 2012

Singapore’s prominent blogger Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng (pic left) has attacked WP supporters over abusive comments posted about her on an ultra-right extremist Facebook page reportedly operated by a WP Youth Wing member.

The Facebook page has been promoting the Workers Party fervently in the past one week by posting photos and videos of its rallies and smearing the PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo.

For some unknown reasons, it posted a photo of Xiaxue together with two friends at a PAP rally last year with PAP logos on their faces, taken without permission from their blogs, with an invitation to caption them.

As expected, WP supporters ‘flamed’ the three girls mercilessly by hurling vitriol at them. An angry Xiaxue trawled Facebook for their photos and particulars and posted them on her blog to shame them.

‘What kind of men would say this kind of thing? Singaporean men are such bullies. They think I’m a nobody – just a random girl they can bully,’ she asked.

Among the men who featured in her gallery of ‘bullies’ were several who are married with children, all of whom ‘like’ the Workers Party Facebook page.

Xiaxue’s post found support among some netizens who are disgusted with the behavior of some WP supporters on the internet.

The same WP-linked Facebook page also published an allegation made by WP supporter Seah Ee Onn three days ago on Mr Choo offering a gift to his grandmother in exchange for her vote. The post has since been taken down after Mr Choo denied the allegations.

* Disclaimer: The Temasek Times is NOT linked or related to any other sites or Facebook pages bearing the name ‘Temasek’. We have only one official Facebook page here.


67 Responses to “Blogger Xiaxue shames WP supporters over abusive comments posted on Facebook linked to Workers Party”

  1. Ken toong said

    Shame on you Singapore men from WP. Bunch of WIMPS trying to take over a First World country. You shame the good men of Singapore with your samseng behaviour. You WP losers are classless chinamen

    • PAP Rox said

      1.Ken toong said
      May 25, 2012 at 12:18 pm
      Shame on you Singapore men from WP. Bunch of WIMPS trying to take over a First World country. You shame the good men of Singapore with your samseng behaviour. You WP losers are classless chinamen

      I think you belong to the type u describe

      as ‘classless’ too from the way how you commented.

    • FairGuy said

      hey ken, don’t be a moron like those guys. not all men frm wp are bunch of wimps. yur just acting like a wimp on yur keyboard.

    • YourMO said

      Are you a stupid bitch?
      Men from WP???

      All of them only have one thing in common.

      ANTI PAP, regardless which opposition they are from, they have one common hatred.

  2. Hsien Liao La said

    gotta blame the men for being dumb, go offend this kind of one-dimensional woman who only knows FAP is best.

  3. I love PAP said

    Cooling day. Please respect the law. Thank you.

  4. PAP are shameful people. Drawing electoral division like a baby sucking pacifier. Control the media like Kim Jong Il. Shame on PAP.

    • IMO also said

      People calling another person prostitudes and names because of different political views are shameful as well. So, the opposition demand freedomn of speech and democracry. But when another person support another party, you start calling them shameful making derogatory remarks towards them? What is that? Hyprocrisy?

  5. Jesper said

    Stupidity have nothing to do with which party you support. It have to do with each individual own’s brain.

    • Jack said

      I agree, I don’t think that if you click LIKE on the FB page means you are supporter of a Political party. However, the action taken by our prominent blogger may push these netizen to one side.

      • Jmm Limm said

        We have to remember who Xiaxue supports and what agenda she may have to post this during by-election time is anyone’s guess.

  6. studentinsg said

    Retarded, linking everything to Worker’s Party again. That facebook page belongs to Temasek Review Emeritus for goodness sake. The ones managing that facebook page are not just WP supporters, but consists of SDP youth wings and other political parties as well.

  7. COOLING DAY said

    Ooi ooi ooi……….Cooling Day Lah…… priest don’t post any of this kind of article liao……

    Mod’s reply:

    This article appeared in the Straits Times today. It’s about a blogger being attacked by WP supporters, nothing to do with the BE.

  8. Haters hate said

    While is fair game for her to lash out at those offenders, why did she have to drag in their family and children?
    She is behaving like the PAP- high-handedness and going for the entire family kill.
    Lowest Low from a girl who will set the tone for the followers.

  9. Jack said

    you have just help her to be prominent

  10. San said

    Does anyone know if those WP supporters are legitimate or fake Bo Liao people or not?

  11. unknown said

    This xiaxue who is some attention seeker having some screw loose on her head.

  12. waswer said

    agreed. Attacked the policies , not the person in charge of the policy(much less someone who just support a party of her choice)>

  13. Ray said

    Who is she? Who cares what she says?

  14. sweetbean said

    Jesper has a point. This is less about party support and more about irresponsible individual behaviour.

    To those guys who have embarrassed their wives I have this to say to you. Desist from the belief that whatever you say or do is independent of your wife! The day you enjoined her name to yours, everything you say and do affects here and here’s the clincher – WHETHER SHE KNOWS ABOUT IT OR NOT!

    Too many married men here are operating under the misguided belief that their marriage is confined to what they do at home and that what they do outside of it has nothing whatever to do with their marriage. Just because you imagine that “all men are doing it” does not justify indiscreet words or actions. To be a responsible, accountable husband you should mind your words and actions lest you get caught with your pants down and then bemoan the fact that you were caught and your wife is an innocent victim.

    Recent events have proved once again that there is always the chance that you can be exposed. So if you are taking risks and justifying bad behaviour, at least be conscious of the fact that your wife may one day be hurt by what you are doing. Do not dismiss everything under the guise of “what she does not know won’t hurt her”. Just ask any wife who has had to read about her husband’s indiscretions on the internet or in the newspaper!

    • Peace said

      Agree if the points. If one want people to respect their wife and daughters,please respect someone else’s daughter and wife first. No matter how they hate PAP, calling someone a bitch and prostitute is not right. It is the party that they need to attack and hate not some individual even if the individual is someone you said is an attention seeker.
      Bullying a woman is not tolerable and calling women bitches and prostitute publicly is beyond belief.
      Think about this with open heart.. what type of father figure you want your daughters look up to?

  15. sweetbean said

    *affects HER (not here…ahem)

  16. jw said

    Please be accurate about your reporting. She is shaming men who called her a derogatory term. Not shaming WP supporters. This is the last time I am visiting this website.

    Mod’s note:

    The post was related to the BE and the men who abused here are all WP supporters. Go and read the thread on the names they called her for supporting the PAP.

  17. 陳一峯 said

    她是後港的選民嗎? 人家的太太沒有會所什麼,她憑什麼?總言之,她可以選擇簡簡單單的看群眾大會。非要花枝招展嗎?

  18. Henry said

    Alamak, TT … now you “borrow knife to kill people” … sigh! Akan Datang!

    • Absolute power corrupts said

      “it posted a photo of Xiaxue together with two friends at a PAP rally last year with PAP logos on their faces, taken without permission from their blogs”

      Pot calling kettle black. TT has done this more times than one can count. So what does that make the crew behind this site?

  19. sg apei said

    i like her , sexy .any h/p /

  20. walaobu said

    Fellow residents of Hougang, the time is nigh. The fate of Hougang is in our hands. Think before we vote. Compare and contrast.

    The candidates
    Desmond Choo has been reaching out to the people of Hougang and working his heart out for us, without stopping even after he lost in the last election. This is the kind of spirit we should be talking about, the kind which we want for Hougang.
    The only thing to say about Png Eng Huat is that there is nothing to say about him.

    The Parties
    More important than the individual candidates is the Party behind each of them.
    Before the last GE in May 2011, the WP has only been running one constituency. Compared to this, the PAP is the Party which has run the whole of Singapore progressively for the past 50+ years.

    Even as a small party, the WP has been ridden with problems. Look at the list.
    Sex scandal involving Party members.
    Party member acting on his own initiative to be a back-up candidate during Nomination Day without anyone in the Party, including the chiefs, knowing about it
    Resignations of key members.
    A mole in its Central Executive Committee.

    This is obviously a Party which is going downhill. The worse is, it will drag Hougang along with it.

    It may be an uphill battle contesting against the WP in Hougang but it is an uphill battle against a Party which is going downhill. The result will turn out to be a surprise. The guy going uphill will see the other guy rolling downhill.

    Fellow residents of Hougang, let’s give the guy who is going uphill a hand!

    • WTF ? said

      give a hand to Desmond so he can become MP and speak up for all sporeans like Tin Pei Ling, Vikram, Baey Y K, Puthucheary, Irene Ng, Lee Bee Wah, Denise Phua, etc, etc, etc ……???

  21. Boomer said

    Am I the only one who sees her post for what it really is? She is defaming people who insulted her first, which given her personality and style of blogging is no surprise. What I don’t understand is how you guys can turn this into another political issue just because she supports the PAP. Obviously the men who insulted her has to be WP-supporters, since they were criticizing photos of her supporting the PAP. Why turn this into a WP vs PAP issue? It goes without saying that if she supported WP, she would be lashing out at PAP supporters who insulted her instead. I do hope you’re not implying that the PAP are using underhand tactics via her or something.

    P.S. I’m a WP supporter in case you’re curious.

    • et said

      I agree with Boomer and Sweetbean. I think this whole post by Xiaxue has been taken out of context. In any case, I did not think those men had the right to make those derogatory remarks against her and her friends, and she was simply just retaliating. While I do not agree that she had dragged in those men’s innocent families/friends by posting their pictures, I think the message is the same – one has to bear the consequences of his actions. Before those men made those derogatory remarks, did they consider the feelings of, perhaps her husband and her family, who are innocent as well? After all, she do carry some form of prominence, like it or not.

  22. Obviousman said

    Xiaxue has achieved the impossible – Shame all these bigoted bitter middle aged men and brought awareness to the losers that stalk pseudopolitical websites like these. Hopefully now that our youth (the main readers of her blog) have realised the actual faces of the name calling rabble, they’ll be less prone to agree with them. I mean COME ON, the guys posted seriously look like losers!! No wonder they are upset with the PAP – these losers haven’t achieved anything great in life and wants to blame the government for their own failures in life. Sheesh!

    • Peace said

      Chris Gardner said something like this in his audio-book :
      *Someone need to accept his fault,only then they can move on and achieve greater things in life*
      If we keep blaming others (be it a gov, family, friends or anything we can point our fingers to), we won’t realize our mistakes and it’s hard for us to move on. We will stuck there for the rest of our life…

  23. TRsUCKS said

    . Always want sabo WP. Haiz…….

  24. Ron said

    File a police report…. gee the police are busy these days as so many file reports for all kinds of happenings.

    Next send a letter of demand for apology and compensation to WP for personal distress, humiliation suffered, stress, blah..blah.. blah.

    No response, then find one of those lawyers willing to file a lawsuit. It is getting common anyway. Shame on those exuberant WP supporters. There are limits to our exuberance. Anyway, a word of apology from Low TK and a box of chocolates for the lady will probably soothe hurt feelings.

  25. ---- said

    you guys should listen to The Backseat With Maddy Barber & Cheryl Miles 91.3 FM, listen to how they pronounce xiaxue’s name, xia suay!! lol,Suits this whole incident

    • ---- said

      And ppl be nice, dont post bad stuff about her, she got the influence according to her, scarly your fb pic or whole family tree photo will be up on her blog!!

  26. Dogmeat said

    I didn’t see any PAP supporters spewing such demeaning messages online.

  27. Mel said

    Yeah, ride the lightning and they will take you for a ride.

  28. Leo said

    No matter which political party you supports, comments should be constructive and not personal attacks. Though I myself is supporting opposition party, i feel the blogger has done well. It is a disgrace to post such an insulting comment.

  29. felt sorry for the innocent said

    cursed be those who drag in innocent little girl and family members that are not involved

  30. Tancredi said

    I think she needs to lighten up and a good italian shag….

  31. Singaporeans should unite said

    we should stop fighting with each other. regardless of PAP supporters or WP supporters, we are all singaporeans.

  32. Old Singaporean said

    This female is so fake, from lashes to boobs, blond, etc etc. Why bother with a fake, man? She’s not worth our time,

  33. Kellie said

    aiyah you people really too much. its not like people never insult her & her husband mike before. if need to curse her then make sure all those people who condemn mike also be cursed.

    you people really got nothing better to do la. go get a life instead of cursing her or whatever. she did NOTHING wrong. how many times was she dragged in for nothing? SMRT fb, TR and now this. SO SERIOUSLY, THE PERSON WHO POST IS THE ONE ASKING FOR TROUBLE.


  34. Kellie said



  35. Lim said

    I’ve never seen other bloggers like Mr Brown, Yawning Bread, Dawn Yang….. being insulted so badly, so why her? I do not think they really mean shes a slut or fugly literally. It is well known that a person’s attractiveness plummets when the personality is terrible. It becomes worse when she has neither.

  36. Angel said

    I this this title is somewhat misleading.. You dun become a WP supporter just cos you go to some website and write nasty shit about people who support PAP…

    I dun think her point was about whether they were PAP supporters or WP supporters.. it was just about dun say to others what you wun say to them in person and be responsible for what you say online… Her retaliation may seem somewhat extreme to some people but i think the post is hilarious and she made a good point:)

  37. Karma said

    What goes round comes around , so don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.

  38. denzuko1 said

    Still got people read her blog? *LOL*

  39. Disgusted said

    I m shocked to find so many super bitchy man here ! Ark kwa have more pride and dignity than you !

  40. jukebox said

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    it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence
    on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  41. Let no one be willing to speak ill of the absent.

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