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Bloomberg: 70 percent of jobs created in Singapore went to foreigners last year

Posted by temasektimes on May 25, 2012

Foreigners appeared to have benefited more from Singapore’s booming economy than Singaporeans, according to shocking statistics revealed by Bloomberg.

In an article published today, Bloomberg revealed the majority of jobs created in Singapore last year went to foreigners and not locals:

“Of the 122,600 jobs created in Singapore last year, about 70 percent, or 84,800 positions, went to foreigners.”

The percentage of jobs going to Singapore citizens is likely to be less as the country lumps citizens and PRs under the same category of ‘locals’ in all its statistics.

Despite the wide discrepancy in the number of new jobs going to Singaporeans and foreigners, Singapore’s unemployment rate remains low at around 2.5 percent.


38 Responses to “Bloomberg: 70 percent of jobs created in Singapore went to foreigners last year”

  1. aloysius12 said

    Well read this article Hougang’s voters before you go to the polls. Who is being honest? We Singaporeans will stay 2nd class if voters in Hougang’s by-election being treated as a referendum give the ruling party a win. Think positively, aren’t we Singaporeans who gave the PaP a mandate deserved to be treated fairly. Justice must not only be done but seen to be done. Once again-this by-election is being seen as a referendum and if the Pap wins, then it is ok to bring foreigners.

  2. John wee said

    Guess it’ll be easier for me to get a job in Singapore if I immigrate to another country and come back later as a foreigner seeking work.

  3. ANativeSingaporean said

    No wonder I am out of job for more than 8 months already despite being an university graduate.

    I thought that I read somewhere that during the PAP rally @Hougang last night, Khaw Boon Wan claims that the current unemployment rate in Singapore is less than 2% as compared to around 2.5 percent as stated in this article?

    Full of lies & deception & how they compute & derived the unemployment rate at less than 2 percent, “massage” data, incorrect/inaccurate or suppressed/quelled KPI data reported?

    I bet there is another 4,170 PMET Singaporean workers who were being retrenched during the 1st Qtr 2012 still unemployed also!

    • yayaya said

      I was jobless longer than u and could be still jobless if not for getting a job at a relative company, which i believe i’m lucky as many do not have the same privilege as me in working for relative. i’m a local uni grad also, applied for poly job and not even called up for interview. it is easy to manipulate data, i don’t think i am placed inside the unemployed figure but rather “not actively seeking employment” hence not considered unemployed. how hard it is to get 2% unemployment? the irony is the news headlines fresh grad from my course from nus starting pay jump to $3800 this year. ya right, i have never gotten employment that pays $3k and above.

  4. drumdem said

    and still we Singaporean have to serve NS

    • ANativeSingaporean said

      Bloody hell & during my time, I have to serve 2.5 years of full-time NS some more instead of 2 years only now (regardless of rank attained)!

  5. Cheeky Bugger said

    I heard that Singaporeans returning to Singapore to work face discrimination too. Some employers think that overseas Singaporeans lead cushy lives outside Singapore and might not be able to cope with the pace in Singapore. The high cost of living, especially housing, is another daunting factor.

  6. evil said

    utter madness pap is utterly mad

    they have gone bonkers

    has the old hag gone mad

    has the clown gone beserk

    has the papigs got madcow disease

  7. Ron said

    We have many universities and colleges. Has anyone done a comprehensive survey on wages, working conditions, etc. to determine why jobs are not been offered or taken up by Singaporeans? And are there other reasons such as lax work visa approvals? It is confusing. What we see are plenty of FTs in the service industry but not sure what are the real reasons.

  8. SINYoobi said

    The ruling party is fully responsible for this foreign immigration policy. When can the government implement the Singapore first policy?

  9. SIOW JIA RUI said

    these statistics are provided by a credible independent source, as such, there is greater objectivity here. No one can say that these figures have been fabricated by the opposition! Are we Singaporeans just going to throw in the towel and accept this sad state of affairs??? I say NO! A resounding NO! We must reclaim our rights to be treated as first class citizens in our own country. We must send a clear signal to the government that this state of affairs cannot continue. We will not tolerate it! We must not be bullied into submission. All of us have a vested interest in this country! Singapore belongs to all Singaporeans, NOT the PAP. And certainly NOT foreigners who do not care a hoot about the direction the PAP is taking this country! If things go south, they will simply pack up and move to another country where they can reap the most benefits! We must stand together and make it absolutely clear that Singapore belongs to Singaproeans and the PAP must take care of us first! Job creations must be to the benefit of Singaporeans, NOT foreigners! This is our country, this is where our roots are, we cannot and will not let the PAP run the country into the ground! Our elderly, our handicapped, our unemployed, our poor and destitute, our homeless and those without a voice, we cannot let them be left behind by the PAP machinery! How can we be heard??? By sending more opposition into parliament. That is the only way of waking up the PAP and making them aware of the realities on the ground!!! To play an effective role in parliament, we must have at least a third which is 29 opposition members of parliament! Only then can the opposition be an effective check and balance in parliament, to prevent the government from changing our constitution at will, to prevent the men in white from rubber-stopping the new bills and ramming it down our throas, no matter how unfair these policies are to Singaporeans! Together, we CAN make a difference!!!

  10. jaded said

    good job pappies, more foreigners welcome!

  11. Dogmeat said

    No comments yet on an international news site?? Go to Bloomberg website and voice your sentiments against the PRCs!!!

  12. Ken Lee said

    Singapore gov pity the FT cause they are poor!

  13. just curious said

    Sir, just what are you trying to tell us by posting this article and at the same time, hammering the Workers Party in your other published articles??? You mean you want us to vote for the PAP while sucking our thumb???

  14. SGporean said

    Hello fellow SGporeans , who still have jobs , do not realised the difficulties that their fellow SGporeans are facing . Wait till the day comes , when they themselves are in the same boat as those who have been displaced in their career/job.

    I would like to welcome those in HP and Murata or some other companies , as the bell have been ringing on your side and be prepared to experienced life after being displaced….!!!

    We are not joking have been experiencing it since Y2003 and its not a good experience . What our GOVT of the day have painted to you all are totally different from our point of view.

    I do not care much about our GOVT of the day , but sympathy to my fellow citizen who will be experiencing it… tough guys…!!! Coz it your time to learned on what we have been screaming , shouting about the FTrashes that polluted out culture and population lately with the policies coming from our GOVT of the day.

    God bless SGporeans…..!!!

  15. Jake B said

    If foreigners are hiring cohorts of their own kind … and the government is too blind and irresponsible to see … then who is becoming the punching-bag. Foreginers will never think twice about taking away your rice-bowl … and nationalities like inidians, china-men and pinoys will go the extra mile to bring in more and more of cohorts of their own kind. Speaking to them, most asnwers will be “its not our problem”, if it’s there … we’ll take it.
    And all this is due to the biggest loop-hole in our system…. our Permenant Residency status allows foreigners to manipulate every single area in our life imaginable … jobs, housing, schools, medical, inflation and many more.

  16. Jonathan said

    Way to misrepresent any statistic! Bravo Temasek Times for negatively sensationising any goddamn news for your propaganda. 70% of NEW jobs DID go to foreigners because these news jobs were in ADDITION to local jobs.

    I am an employer and I know how hard it is to find locals to fill up certain places and this is not purely because of salary requirements.

    Sorry Temasek Times, you need a crash course in economics, social sciences, journalism and “Being a good human being”101.

    Mod’s reply:

    Please read carefully. the statistics are obtained from Bloomberg and it was stated clearly that it’s 70% of jobs created. There wasn’t any misrepresentation anywhere.

  17. Singaporean said

    You get S , E and PEP Passes so easily in Singapore. MOM is the issue. They have some agenda.
    Shame on them.

  18. Shanghainese doctor said

    You guys in Singapore are lucky to be independent. We in Shanghai have to put up with these locusts and their black (corrupt) money from inner provinces for decades now. There are hundreds of thousands of them in Shanghai, destroying our local culture (our dialect is totally different from Mandarin/Cantonese) and pumping up housing prices. They spit on our customs and way of life, make fun of us as “Old Shanghainese” and refuse to assimilate. Local Shanghainese who’ve been living in Shanghai for generations can’t even afford a basic 1 bedroom flat.

    Please don’t think all of us in China are like the PRC money launderers in Singapore. These locusts are hated in China as well. We just can’t do anything about them since we have no political power. You guys still can.

  19. Messiah said

    Haters will always be haters. Looking through the comments, every article no matter how it is posted gets anti-foreigner sentiment. Perhaps that is the objective.

    There is a viscous cycle taking place. Foreigners can never be local enough and therefore seek or maintain their own identity, which attracts anti-foreigner sentiment. This aggravates the locals further who blame the foreigners for all their problems given that Singapore has no natural disasters to worry about.

    It is a very sad situation as there is so much hate and little understanding between fellow educated people.

    If the sentiment remains, the government (any government) will have no choice but to go the populist way to stay in power. The compromise will come in the form of a hire local drive and not necessarily the best person for the role. If the talent requirements to compete globally can be satisfied by the local human resource, it will be a huge success story for this great Nation that has always punched above its weight in the global arena.

    If not, while global MNCs may not pull out, they will fill strategic positions overseas wherever that talent may reside which once again, won’t do anything to grow talent locally.

    The only solution is compassion towards one another, a mature understanding of where Singapore wants to be in the future and joint effort to walk in the same direction.

    • survival said

      “HIRE ON MERIT”. enough is said.
      compassion is only applicable when we have chips in abundance.
      stop posting rubbish.
      hougang will draw the first blood tonight to serve as a reminder.

      • survival said

        tell us it is not lucrative to run business in a country with such high population density.

        scotland 100 times the size of singapore, has only 5m people in population, and yet they are calling for independence.

        we are being told to accomodate immigrants but are not given the priorty in the current hiring practice. led by the nose by global mncs telling us what we should do.
        are we not the reason they are coming here for?

        what’s your poison?

      • Messiah said

        Survival, I choose not to respond to your emotional statements as it detracts from the topic. I forgive you for the emotion in your tone.

        Question I hope you will answer; ideally do you envision a Singapore with

        1) No foreigners*, just locals.
        2) Locals but with foreigners only eligible for low end odd jobs that locals do not want.
        or 3) Locals with some foreigners in high end and low end jobs for the sake of global competitiveness?

        * Foreigners defined as anyone not born a Singaporean.

        Thank you in advance for your response.

      • Use your EQ said

        You do not get the point, Messiah,
        I believe we need foreign talent, NOT Foreign Trash.
        I want my government to have policies to filter out trash,
        REAL TALENT not every motherfugging Trash who think they are talents

    • ANativeSingaporean said

      Dear Messiah,

      You seemed to have missed the point(s) as I have come across American MNCs in Singapore with their middle to senior management positions largely filled up mostly by Indian FTs & expats & these MNCs are not even in the IT & ICT industries & line of business.

      While some other MNCs hired mostly PRC professionals that came from China & PRs (original PRCs also as they are all degree holders with Masters & above qualifications) which I believe is extremely easy & simple for them to convert to Singapore PR status currently, right?

      Why as native Singaporeans cannot perform all these jobs???

      And I seriously doubt these people come much cheaper & competitive in salaries as compared to local Singaporean PMET workers!!!

      • Messiah said

        Dear ANativeSingaporean,

        Firstly appreciate the opportunity to engage in mature dialogue.

        “I have come across American MNCs in Singapore with their middle to senior management positions largely filled up mostly by Indian FTs & expats & these MNCs are not even in the IT & ICT industries & line of business.”

        Is there an assumption then that Indians only do well in the IT industries? Is it not possible that given the sheer size in terms of population of both India, China, Philippines and Western countries that if you take the top 10%-20% of their human resource, you will find an expat candidate with global/regional experience and best practice who has applied for a Singapore based role that has better credentials than a local and if hired may raise the revenue opportunity for the Singapore market? Should companies ignore such candidates and hire local?

        Is not the fundamental premise that corporations (foreign MNCs or otherwise) are focused on profit and shareholder equity and therefore hire the best candidate for the role to maximise KPIs? Do you believe that there is a broader scheme to only hire foreigners when presented with a local of equal standard? I doubt so.

        “Why as native Singaporeans cannot perform all these jobs???”

        I don’t know. I have seen local leaders hire expats based on their credentials and foreign leaders hire local talent. I do not believe there has been a scheme to disadvantage locals. Could it be as simple as a global talent playing field and the best applicant wins?

        “And I seriously doubt these people come much cheaper & competitive in salaries as compared to local Singaporean PMET workers!!!”

        While expat packages were the norm a decade ago, I have hardly seen any provided recently. Most expats or foreigners today come on local packages. Some live in HDBs, send their kids to local schools. As I understand the increase in HDB prices is proof of that.

      • ANativeSingaporean said

        Messiah or ‘Savior’, you are either a Pro-PAP Activist or you are an FT-converted Singaporean as you are so detached from reality & the hardships faced by the common Singaporeans presently.

        Nowadays, there are many native Singaporens without jobs thanks to the Pro-FTs Immigration Policy by pappies which had seen more than 1.8 Million (Foreign Talents + Foreign Workers) in Singapore till-date.

        Some native singaporeans without jobs are as young as 30 Yrs Old even with Masters degree qualifications as well!

        If you chose not to believe the experiences that I have shared, you can actually visit this link as follows:

        Listen to these real life experiences sharing & actual testimonies of these native Singaporeans as a few thousand of them sharing actual life experiences couldn’t be more wrong!

    • Understand? said

      Messiah, your argument is flawed.
      Ur assumption is that the current hire FT drive is the best way – WRONG. U miss out many outcry during GE2011. Do ur homework.

      Ur assumption our gov is not taking populist way – WRONG. They are pursuing FT like crazy, making themselves popular overseas, leaving many SG clueless why FTs are taking away so many jobs at home at much lower rates n w/o measures in place by govt to safeguard own citizen’s interest? “Populist” way? No.. Rather it should be the “necessary” way.

      Ur assumption that global MNC will leave when local talent cannot meet their needs, so in other words, they stay becoz they hv the FT talents here? Then why are they in SG n not India or China or Europe? Again, your argument is flawed. It is sufficient that their think tank is their own mgmt while the rest of the jobs can be SGs, not F Trash’s. But today, it is not the case. Get what I mean?

  20. Jackie said

    Remind me to talk to Desmond Choo about this matter. He’s a director at NTUC, and he promised to stick around to help us Singaporeans. I hope he will help not just the people in Hougang with free porridge and hearing-aids. We can do without the free porridge, as long as we are not losing our jobs or relegated to low-paying jobs because of cheaper, better, faster foreigners.

  21. fairplay said

    Eat inside, support outside. That’s the PAP way. 吃里爬外

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