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Doctor Teo Tiong Kiat jailed four weeks for causing death of cyclist

Posted by temasektimes on May 25, 2012

A General Practitioner Dr Teo Tiong Kiat (pic left) who runs his own clinic in Clementi was jailed four weeks and banned from driving for five years for causing the death of a cyclist and seriously injured another.

The 64 year old doctor was driving along Clementi Road towards Upper Bukit Timah Road in the second lane on March 21, 2010 when he suddenly swerved into the extreme left lane of a four-lane road where the cyclists were cycling.

Dr Teo collided into the bicycles of 35 year old Mok Chee Kong and 24 year old Leong Poh Meng, throwing both men off his car’s roof and on the road.

Mok was unconscious and passed away in hospital three days later from severe head injuries while Leong suffered from serious head and neck injuries.

Dr Teo pleaded guilty to all five charges including failing to keep a proper lookout, causing grievious hurt and failing to render assistance to the victims.

Speaking to the media after the queries, Dr Teo expressed remorse for causing the accident ask for forgiveness from the victims’ family.


10 Responses to “Doctor Teo Tiong Kiat jailed four weeks for causing death of cyclist”

  1. FR said

    Very very harsh- as compared to the PRC BUS DRIVER who killed a cyclist and got ONE WEEK JAIL.

  2. John wee said

    This is unfair, I’ve been driving all the road for many years and usually its the cyclist at fault

  3. alexa said

    PRC one week Singaporeans four weeks…is this how justice work in our own country.
    Even our justice favours foreigners….haiz.

    • Absolute power corrupts said

      The doctor was driving under the influence of alcohol, PRC just arrived from planet Uranus, less guilty.

  4. Ron said

    3 weeks was not harsh. Think of the person who died and the injured. He was a doctor and firstly he should drive carefully. Next, as a doctor, he could have rendered emergency assistance, call the ambulance. He drove away. I think the punishment should be higher for fatal accidents. All drivers are reminded that driving safely is their responsibility. Now, I hope they sue for big damages.

  5. ---- said

    Its not about PRC or Singaporean the thing is 4weeks? wth….Just weeks, so a 35 who still has 29 years more to go before he reaches the age of “driving causing death to cyclist ad jail for 4 weeks”?Jail that DR for 29 years or more, he took that amount from that poor cyclist, make him pay back. And the punishment, really irritates me, life is so worthless infront of the law here. might as well convert to hours, 672 hours.. at least the “672” is a bigger number, which the state news always like to do.

  6. Veera said

    I think the judgement is just apt and fair because though the PRC driver’s and the doctors nature of offence i.e. is to keep a proper look out for others on the road… and both did not render assistance on both instances, the PRC driver is uneducated and may not be able to render medical assistance in a professional manner… However the doctor not being able to render assistance to the injured on the spot is ABSOLUTELY UNJUSTIFIABLE AND HE SHOULD BE HEAVILY PENALISED ON THIS PART…

  7. hannah prema said

    why is this injustice, or Tighter RULES ON SINGAPOREANS; MABYE GOVERNMENT will migrate away someday somewhere to FOREIGN LANDS; who really cares about Singapore……………only Poor Singaporeans…………….how pathetic ……

  8. Ah loot said

    Sentence too harsh for manslaughter. Should have given community service to the sick and poor

  9. biccherry said

    Someone told me tt some Chinese newspaper published at that time of th accident that the Dr was driving a sports car, if not a Ferrari. Is this true?

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