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PHOTO: Glass panel in SMRT train suddenly shatters

Posted by temasektimes on May 25, 2012

Besides unidentified fluids on the seats of SMRT trains, commuters now have to be careful of another hazard in SMRT trains – ‘automatic’ shattering glass panels.

A commuter Jaykay Zhang was shocked when a glass panel shattered on its own in a SMRT train without anybody touching it:

“I was sitting at the other end of the bench when I heard the loud shatter. At that moment, no one was standing anywhere close to the glass panel neither did any lean on that panel. An elderly Chinese couple was sitting on… reserved seats by the panel when the glass shattered. Both of them were in shock… When the train reached Admiralty, the two of them rushed off to the platform. I was the one that went forward to the emergency call button and activated staff.”

Below is a photo from Channel News Asia connect:


14 Responses to “PHOTO: Glass panel in SMRT train suddenly shatters”

  1. We have a Fringe Event.

  2. alexa said

    Speaking during the Committee of Inquiry hearing yesterday, SMRT’s executive vice president of Trains, Khoo Hean Siang said: Our Smrt is better compared to Hong Kong and Taiwan….see the curse of lying hahaha.

    • Mel said

      Why? Is it because they use cheap rubber bands instead of cheap cable ties to secure train mechanical components..?

  3. dogmeat said

    PAP evilness at work here.

  4. Suzy Kang said

    Wah, like that also can link to PAP

  5. Jondemusiq said

    Looks like someone who shouldn’t sing sung…
    Though seriously… I’m very curious to know how that happened and how SMRT will wriggle it’s way out of this one.

  6. spotlessleopard said

    I suspect the glass was supplied from a source that is not the orignal source as earlier specified….and probably much cheaper…

  7. Patrick said

    The Writing is on the Wall. Looks like the Hands of God is against the evil system.

  8. Jeslyn Tan said

    Guess now other than terriorist that we need to be alert of, the train itself is another hazard. Ha.

  9. Ron said

    It can happen. Not likely anyone will be injured as such panels are like the windshield of cars…just shatter into tiny fragments. It could have been a manufacturing defect, over-tightening and forcing the panel during installation, etc. Many of us slump or hit hard against the panel. They will have to investigate and see if improvements can be made. No need to confuse with the other major breakdowns.

  10. ---- said

    wa. shiok, can press the S$5000 button!!!

  11. Ah loot said

    Must be a PRC rider

  12. alamak said

    偷工减料 Botch Up!

  13. papsmear said

    Calling all insurance agent out there!!! Go to all MRT station and sell “safe-ride” policy.. HUAT AH!!!

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