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Police refused to take action against Caucasian cyclist who knocked down Singaporean aunty

Posted by temasektimes on May 25, 2012

A Singaporean aunty was knocked down by a Caucasian cyclist at a reservoir causing her to break her teeth, but the police refused to take action against the culprit!

According to Hardwarezone forumer ‘harrymonster’, his parents were walking along a road at a reservoir when a Caucasian cyclist knocked into his mother from behind causing her to fall on the ground and broke her two front teeth.

Though the cyclist offered to pay for part of the costs, he insisted that he is not ‘fully liable’ for the accident when he was responsible for the accident.

‘harrymonster’ was outraged at what the cyclist said:

“How on earth does a cyclist collide into a pedestrain from behind on a wide and straight road? Not fully liable? I really doubt my mom was in the wrong for walking down a road. Her teeth were broken at the base, still in the gum but were pushed back at an angle. The hospital had to push the broken teeth back to a normal angle, let it stablise a bit first before re-evaluating the situation in a weeks time. Can you imagine the pain?”

When the police was called, they just took statements without doing anything more:

“Called the police and ambulance down. Police took down statements from the cyclist and my parents. My sis was present, and was asking the police how will they handle the situation. Police said that they will record the statements and particulars and thats that. Nothing more.”

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

Some responses from forumers:

“sorry, can’t help u. sg laws protect foreigners” – tatsit

“It’s your mum’s fault for causing distress to a superior foreigner. The foreigner should sue your mum for damages and he will win because laws only protect foreigners.” – xboxer

“It’s not criminal so the police won’t get involved. Unless the cyclist is breaking some traffic rules or law, nothing much police can do. Just hire a lawyer and claim the ang moh gao gao.” – atb


21 Responses to “Police refused to take action against Caucasian cyclist who knocked down Singaporean aunty”

  1. FR said

    You just have to get an affordable lawyer and sue. It’s that simple and inexpensive.

    • FR said

      If you believe there is criminal liability, you can get your own legal advice, read the statutes, and then file a magistrate’s complaint that will be as good as if the police were doing the charging.

      If the cyclist refuses to pay the full cost plus damages for pain and suffering, you can sue him with an originating summons in civil court which is very easy.

  2. Jhuniuo said

    Even getting the lawyer won’t be sufficient. While she can’t claim under criminal law, she can’t claim under civil law as well. The cyclist simply does not owe her a duty of care.

    it’s not about the laws protecting foreigners. Even if a singaporean cyclist does the same thing, the similar law would apply.

  3. Before we start blasting the foreigner, perhaps it is wise to get the full facts of the case. First off, what kind of road did the accident occur on? if it was a footpath, then why was the cyclist riding on it? (In this case, clearly his fault). If it was a road or a cycling path, then what was the Singaporean lady walking there for? (In this case, it would be her fault). Second, i think you should pursue the matter if your mum really was walking on a designated footpath. Either way, i think it is quite respectable that the cyclist has offered to pay for damages. Sadly it’s the police who have done nothing. If you’ve ever cycled on roads before, you’ll understand that they cycle pretty fast, it’s hard to avoid this kind of thing. This is a small issue to be honest, but as usual TR is taking this to a very New Paper standard. The Ferrari incident was legit, this isn’t worthy of being called a national issue.

    • hayteez said

      Agree with u. It’s a 50/50 case for now. Shud juz take the ang moh offer. For now, a bit too late. Go court and settle wud be the best. No need to post here n there making a big hu-ha over small thing. When & how will Singaporeans move forward if this kinda small matter oso manna make big?

    • Brainless?? said

      Stop being daft. If walking on the road = auto grounds for being knocked down, many people would have been killed on the roads.
      Since when we’re bicycles road-approved in Singapore? Last time I checked, it is illegal for bicycles to be ON the roads!

      Going by your warped logic, if I see you in my house, it is PERFECTLY OK for me to kill you.

      Another SG bending over and losing sense of logic because the other party is Caucasian. Yucks.

  4. singaporeson said

    Take the law into your own hands. pap bastards is PRO ALIEN.

  5. theeter said

    just ask the foreigner to shoulder the hospital bills.

  6. funnylitteboy said

    Why are your parents walking along the road in the first place?! Or should the Ang moh cycle in the middle of the road to avoid hitting your parents? To be truthful, this incident should be treated likewise as an road traffic accident. Since there’s still a way to trace the foreigner, pls quickly get a civil claim before he leaves the country!

    Even though the cyclist is at wrong, shouldn’t your parents take the pedestrian walk way?

    Back to your legalilty issue. The Ang Moh has only declared his liabilty for part of the damages or injury inflicted. Whether he should be fully liable for the full medical cost or future inccurred cost is not to be decided by Police. Its to be sorted out in a amicable agreement, if not at the court.

    If you still feels that the cyclist has broken any traffic rules, get the medical report with your original report and file for a traffic accident report.

    Anyway, can I ask what’s your parents’/sister’s purpose of calling for police? To catch the foreigner? To say who is right or wrong?

    Nonetheless, the officers should have given your parents a proper advice on what are the options available.

    Just my 2 cents worth of advice.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Many Singaporeans are clever. But Most Singaporeans are clever clever (act smart).

    • Brainless?? said

      Stupid or what? They were walking, ang moh knocks them from behind because he riding with HIS EYES CLOSED and suddenly not his fault?

  7. funnylitteboy said

    Temasek Times, You should change the title of the name of the topic instead of provoking anti-foreigners sentiments. That’s not very fair for you to be publishing news that is based on your belief.

    FYI, I have screenshot this post.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Many Singaporeans are clever. But Most Singaporeans are clever clever (act smart).

  8. spotlessleopard said

    File a Magistrate complaint. Get a judgement. Sue the Cyclist…nothing much u can do…

  9. cyclist_go_get_insurance said

    Alwys wondered what happens if I knock into someone n they claim against me as a cyclist (if I drive a motorised vehicle, I am covered by insurance).

    Just found out that several banks do offer home insurance which covers fire n theft etc AND they also cover up to $1 million for any 3rd party claims against u anytime and anywhere, all for less than .25 cents a day ! How’s that for piece of mind !

    Not an insurance agent or working for any banks but tot I share this w all fellow ardent cyclists cos accidents do happen.

  10. Ron said

    Simple. Hire lawyer Ravi to file a lawsuit against the cyclist and the government. If a cleaner lady can stand up to the government, why not this couple? The police have their reasons for taking or not taking action. Decisions may have to be referred to the AG chambers for further action, etc. So, do not jump to conclusion. If not satisfied escalate to a court of law.

  11. Max said

    Cyclist need to buy traffic insurance.

  12. Sinkhole said

    When I was at St James, a Malay SPF attacked me, tried to kick me, etc, when I brought a girl into the dance floor between her and my ang mo friends. Then, later, she broke a glass on the face of a Caucasian woman because she wasn’t happy when that lady was upset she was dancing and bumping into the Caucasian woman’s husband. Police, 20 of them and ambulance came.
    I also gave my statement. Wasn’t even given my copy of the report. The police were extremely friendly to the ang mo couple but rude to me, as if I am a criminal. The inspectors were Malay. Culprits were Malay. They were chatting and laughing with the malay SPG who tried to act innocent and all speaking in Malay.
    I asked why she so chummy and such friendly reception when she is the attacker, while I am being questioned as if I commited a crime, because they were Malay! Then all the officers started shouting to drown out my voice. then after the malay girl finishes joking with them, smoking, etc, just takes her leave. I took a picture of her because it seems the police was letting a criminal go off scot free. The Malay police, the Malay bouncer of Movida, all surrounded me and threatened me to DELETE the pic on my phone and refused to back off and were extremely hostile and threatening. My friends stepped in and asked me to delete first.

    Even threatened to arrest me. Wtf? I have been attacked. And fuckers want to arrest me. My ang mo friends said, We will witness everything. And the police changed their tone. And sudden
    Y. Wry polite. Wtf Singapore is this? Racist police plus police that behave like DOGS to foreigners only.

    This case is still pending. The inspector in charge actually went to hospital to visit the Caucasian woman!!!! Almost NEVER heard of if a local got into a bar fight, police come to visit. Fuck off. SPF. One of the most racist CUNTRIES ever. And worse thing, racist and discriminates against their own citizens. Fuck yourself, seriously. And until now, I/O hasn’t even called. Can go hospital visit ang mo, cannot call local? Even the husband of the victim told me that the I/O said to him he would call me, because he asked about whether the police going to call me or not. Huh? Need ang mo to ask local police whether settling local case or not. This is the kind of police under the pap’s leedership. Well done.

    This case is still outstanding as of this moment.

    After speaking to the Caucasian husband of the victim of the attack, found out he has videos of the Malay girls. VIDEOS. And the police have seen the footage, and knows that he has the videos. And yet no one threatened him to delete or anything. SG, really more DOGS than human beings. With this kind of police force, not much for Singaporeans to look forward to.

  13. Leo said

    Get a lawyer to handle. But like what Roar has mentioned, is the madam walking on footpath or road/cycling path. Police will not get involved since it is not a criminal case. A good lawyer should help.

  14. John Kwa said

    If this is a ” PRC ” , what will the matter be ..?

  15. papsmear said

    It has nothing to do with the skin color.

    Not long ago, a lorry driven by a old uncle rammed into my car boot, we both alighted and just about to exchange particulars and take photo, 1 TP happened to ride pass and came to see what happened. Then he told us “anything? If nothing, go go go !!!” . Wah lau!! That uncle so happy and he quickly hop on his lorry and bye bye!!! That TP also chaBo!! Left me standing there #*@+)())###*. This is my beloved country!!!

  16. jj said

    A.C.A.B………….Hello Mr Policeman Bicycle is supposed to be on the road….get yr fact right n do something….

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