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Lax immigration policies have destroyed the unique culture of Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 26, 2012

I really love it when pro-immigration types chime in and display their shallow understanding of the situation by saying, ‘Weren’t we all foreigners two or three decades ago?’

The issue is the lax immigration policies and the attitudes they bring in which threatens to destroy the culture unique to Singapore.

In the evening rush hour I have found myself wondering whether I am really in Singapore or I am in some other country. This wasn’t the case more than ten years ago. Many locals I talk to share similar sentiments.

The taxi driver who was killed in the accident embodied the typical struggling Singaporean working to make ends meet, and his family’s life got a lot harder as a result of a flashy rich millionaire’s utter disregard for the law of this land.

The tragic accident brought to the surface many issues that have arisen with increased immigration: increased income gap between rich and poor, the stereotypical arrogant China national and foreigner’s blatant disregard for local cultures, customs and laws, among others.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


5 Responses to “Lax immigration policies have destroyed the unique culture of Singapore”

  1. Dogmeat said

    Singapore’s current misfortune are largely brought upon by the influx of low quality foreigners. These arrogant parasites have no value to society. Singapore, as a developed nation, do not need foreigners to come in and bring along their poor manners and incivility. It is OK to bring in foreign maids because they truly helped our society to be more productive as servants.

    • A said

      “It is OK to bring in foreign maids because they truly helped our society to be more productive as servants.”

      I can’t believe that someone, a human being, would actually make such a comment; So you’re saying that; because your domestic help is helping you to clean your house, your toilet, feed and clothe your children- it is perfectly fine to welcome them with open arms?

      What about, Singapore, as your home?
      Without these “low quality foreigners” and “parasites”; who do you think are the ones building the flats/apartments that you are living in? Who are the ones, who drive around your estate, picking out your trash from foul smelling rubbish chutes every morning?
      Who are the ones who clear your plates and bowls from the tables after you’re done with your food at food courts?

      Do you think, that any Singaporean would sign up for those jobs?
      Can you imagine, your son, toiling at construction sites for that measly $20, every day?

      Or do you think that, buildings magically appear, and your dirty trash get taken away by the Trash Fairy every day?

      Not unless you’re willing to pay 10times more; of what you’re paying now- in order for a Singaporean to venture into these jobs… I suggest you take a good, and hard look; and the contributions that these “low quality foreigners” and “parasites” have done for our society.

      Granted. There may be some bad eggs around- but; one the other hand, trawling through online forums regarding the whole FT debate; I can assure you- you can find “low quality Singaporeans” around too.

  2. P Koh said

    Lamenting on what happened is not going to solve the situation. What is most important now is for the government to take cognisance of the unhappiness and rumbling and start initiating plans to address the unsatisfactory state of affairs in order to help keep the Singapore culture intact. Foreigners should first undergo some immersion programme to understand what
    the Singapore culture means to the general populace before admittance. This hopefully could cushion the negative impact of
    non-compliance to the social fabric of peaceful co-existence in a cosmopolitan country like ours.

    • Voice won't be heard said

      Can always say “till the cow come home” and nothing would be done or maybe they have like set up study group or committee to access the suitation but after tt u only hear the report of what good and the bad won’t publish at all so what the point… It happening on the ground level if your at the top and it won’t affect you would you care in the first place… Voice won’t be heard cos they choosen to turn a deaf ear to it so say all you want and the answer will always be the same “i’ll have to disscuss and review again so you have to wait for the news”

  3. Jake B said

    To any foreigners who make the statement that “we use to be a foreigner as well” …. here’s my middle finger.
    I was born here, brought up here, schooled here, serve & protect my country for 2.5yrs (and subsequent 13yrs), and have families and freinds here.
    I’ve live together peacefully with my brothers of other races and its has been great. I don’t know, and don’t owe any allegiance to any other country but Singapore, and i’m more than willing to lay my life on the line to protect this country.

    We are not xenophobic …. but we are at last, banding together in solidarity to protect our nationalistic values.

    Don’t be misled by the welcoming arms of our government … it doesn’t represent that of the whole society.
    If you want to come here and work … so be it, but behave yourself!! If you are not happy, you are always welcome to go back to your own country.

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