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Low Thia Kiang: We should build a first world society, not just a first world economy

Posted by temasektimes on May 26, 2012

Workers Party Chief Low Thia Kiang has expressed his disappointment at the way the by-election was conducted, especially the mainstream media which has been used as a ‘tool’ to attack WP.

WP candidate Png Eng Huat retains the seat of Hougang with 62.09% of the votes, a slight dip from the 64.8% in last year’s General Election.

In a press conference called after the result is announced, Mr Low said he considered the result very good under ‘difficult’ circumstances.

“I feel disappointed that I saw in this election situations similar to what I experienced in the 1980s and 1990s… I saw several calculated moves to attack the WP and to discredit our candidate,” Mr Low said without elaborating on it.

He also has harsh words for the media:

“It saddens me to see mainstream media used as a tool. Independent media is a cornerstone of 1st world Parliament… I don’t understand why people are harping on WP “problems, malfunctions”. All calculated to discredit WP.”

Mr Low urged Prime Minister Lee to make good his promise to build an ‘inclusive society’ in Singapore:

“We should build a first world society, not just a first world economy.”

The new MP for Hougang Png Eng Huat said he is delighted by the victory:

“At the outset, a simple majority would’ve been a mandate for me, so I think this result is fantastic.”


17 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang: We should build a first world society, not just a first world economy”

  1. Anson Be said

    Joke: What is the difference between MIB(man in Black) and MIW(man in White).
    MIB catch aliens and keep them in their place.
    MIW welcome aliens to keep Singaporeans in their place

    • DIY said

      This is no joke:

      There is another version for the word Singapore. It was the year when Stamford Raffles wanted to set up a trading post into this island. The ethnic version for the country is Singapura.

      It was mentioned that the locals welcomed the merchants and foreigners. They called out ‘singah’ meaning ‘please welcome’ in Malay language. Those who oppose shouted ‘pudah’ meaning ‘get out’ in Tamil lingo.

      There was a conciliation to end the dispute. The straits settlement compromised and the East India Company adopted the name Singapore.

  2. Blood suckers said

    Yes. Have a independent media. Den you all white moron dogs will not even survive til end of the year.

  3. Crook said

    WP forever! You are not alone in fighting the mighty corrupted machine.

  4. aloysius12 said

    Yes, an inclusive society should be the norm of this generation. I was also disappointed with media too for adding fuel to this “harping” on WP problems when actually they should suggest ways of at least reducing our hearts and stomachs issues in their campaigns rather that “NCMP” “Yaw”. PaP too had their YAW and NCMP.

  5. Singaporean said

    LTK, you just SLAPPED the driver. Well Done!

  6. George said

    Well done WP

  7. Show some humility said

    Png Eng Huat sat in the front seat of a Japanese car. Desmond Choo was chauffeur-driven in a Mercedes. Now, who’s more conscious and sensitive to the average Hougang residents? Who’s more down to earth? A dinner at Tatsuya or Waku Ghin can easily cost close to $1,000. That’s actually someone’s one month salary. Yet we have civil servants who do not think it’s anything wrong splurging in the face of average Singaporeans’ hardship. When one enters the public service and enjoy the perks, they are all subject to public scrutiny.

  8. spotlessleopard said

    Mr Low unfortunately DID NOT MENTION that TT also is guilty as guilty in fact as the Mainstream Media ….shame on TT….I have lost confidence in TT…it has shown it ture colours in this By Election with all the Mud it threw at Workers Party and its candidate…Shame on TT

    • ANGRY Bird said

      juz look at the presidential election last year, TT won by a very thin margin against TCB. This speaks volume about TT. Has he opened his mouth ever since?

  9. Jhuniuo said

    Just curious…

    How will WP create a first-world society?

  10. Tony said

    MSM like the Straits Times and CNA proved themselves AGAIN to be a bunch of PAP stooges. They lose more credibility during every election.

  11. Who is behind TT? said

    “I feel disappointed that I saw in this election situations similar to what I experienced in the 1980s and 1990s… I saw several calculated moves to attack the WP and to discredit our candidate,” Mr Low said without elaborating on it.

    What’s there to elaborate? Why not dig out all TT articles and compare the type of adjectives used on each candidate.

  12. furmader said

    The non-main stream online media is worse. Low Thia Khiang should read the postings at TRE. It is vying to be the official website of the WP. You will not find a single posting against the WP. They are all moderated out. I am speaking from personal experience.

    • Henry said

      We cannot trust this, and we cannot trust that … Has trust lost its meaning? So ST and CNA is not reporting impartial, TT is biased as well … what to say?

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