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MOM-certified consultancy helps foreigners obtain Singapore PR with ‘100% guarantee’

Posted by temasektimes on May 26, 2012

Though the Singapore government is appearing to ‘tighten’ the inflow of immigrants, one MOM-certified consultancy has openly declared that it is confident of helping foreigners obtain Singapore PR with ‘100% guarantee’!

The consultancy claims that it is “one of the few companies in Singapore that specializes in immigration matters (EP, S Pass, Singapore PR)” and it provides up to 100% Guarantee:

“We will keep applying on your behalf for up to 5 years until your PR is granted – at no extra cost!”

However, prospective applicants must reside in Singapore for a year and earn a minimum salary of S$2,500 monthly.

One foreigner obtained Singapore PR within ONLY five months of application:

“They handled all the paperwork and 5 months later my PR was granted, and communication was great throughout so I felt assured that everything was moving along.”

Another satisfied client Stacy Desker wrote:

“I’d been trying to apply for PR for 2 employees to work in my Vietnamese restaurant, however after getting rejected several times I became frustrated at losing good talented staff…..I was actually quite surprised when the PR was granted, and now whenever I need to hire more employees from abroad I know exactly where to go. Very happy with the service and the outcome! ”

Current labor laws require employers to hire a certain quota of locals (Singaporeans + PRs) before they can hire foreigners which is easily bypassed by ‘converting’ foreign workers to Singapore PRs to ensure the quota is maintained.

With such government-sanctioned consultancies helping foreigners obtain Singapore PR, Singaporeans must really make an EXTRA effort to INTEGRATE with the newcomers to make them feel welcomed, accepted and most importantly HAPPY in Singapore.


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15 Responses to “MOM-certified consultancy helps foreigners obtain Singapore PR with ‘100% guarantee’”

  1. great business mind.

  2. sweetbean said

    are we confusing “good talented staff” with “good cheap staff”? wonder?

  3. yayaya said

    which vietnamese restaurant got so many that earn more than $2500 a month, business must be really good or super talented

    • Anthony Tang said

      Bullshit one, How can table help earn so much. They can feed their families in Vietnam for one year

  4. fxxksg said

    tbh. they must outlaw this kind of firm to stem out corruption. PR and all other forms of employment passes should be based on FT’s ability and not these companies’ ability to secure PR up to 90% approval rate.

  5. aloysius12 said

    Well, MOM what have got to say, your master in the ministry receive big money only to delegate all his tasks to you and what you do, like him, delegate to those below you with no check and balance. So this is the situation, MAS (mana adat system).Collect salary at month-end and wait for public to “scream”.No wonder a singaporean collecting his renewed passport found that he had inadvertently sponsored 7 persons.

  6. Yuri Seng said

    I dont think these ‘firms’ are MOM certified but they say it is to attract clients because its so easy to apply PR and citizenship nowadays, system already tested and proven by these gurus.

    The person in charge to screen is only a small civil servant in MOM and of course they don’t screen applicants properly since the management don’t really supervise in detail or have any instruction from minister to enhance the strictness. This is how civil service work today.

  7. Singaporean said

    Which company is this? Can you disclose? We need to hunt them down and stop them from doing bad.

    • aloysius12 said

      Why hunt dowm the company only?Locate the guy/s in MOM who approved all these applications. Now you pay peanuts you will get monkeys to do these approvals….

  8. ANGRY Singaporean said

    I expect the CPIB to take note and investigate the claims seriously and those involved with the whole process of the so called 100per cent approval claim!!!or else the CPIB is a JOKE themselves!!!!!I MOM , I expect your ministry to say something…..!!!!!!!!and investigate all those PR approved and the people involved in the approval of the PR!!!!!

    • HKQ said

      you don’t know how to read english? it says 100 per cent guarantee, not 100 per cent approval. I don’t see anything wrong with 100% guarantee if they apply for PR until it got approved (Up to 5 times it says???)

  9. A G Young said

    The only SOLUTION is to reshuffle this department and bring in new TEAM of ELITE officers pertaining to the approval of PR of FT!

  10. EPS said

    Looks like fake ‘satisfied customers’ to me…..

  11. Al Capone S'pura said

    See PAP what you have done to Singapore… can we trust anymore?

  12. HKQ said

    nothing wrong with it. MOM must have licensed them in order for them to run the agency. in another word, they must be recognized by MOM… not really certified because MOM does not give certification but i guess what they are trying to say is – they are given the green light to run this agency or something,

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