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Speculations arise over Workers Party not holding an assembly for supporters tonight

Posted by temasektimes on May 26, 2012

Speculations have arisen over the Workers Party’s decision not to hold an assembly tonight for its supporters.

It made the announcement over its official Facebook page at 2pm in the afternoon:

“Please note that WP is NOT organising any assembly of supporters after polls close tonight.”

However, another Facebook page linked to WP reportedly run by a WP Youth member claimed that WP supporters will be gathering at a coffeeshop opposite the party’s headquarters at 10pm tonight. The post was mysteriously taken down after WP ‘made a second announcement 45 minutes after the first one:

“There is NO gathering for Workers’ Party supporters tonight. Please disregard any such calls for gatherings from unofficial sources. All official announcements from The Workers’ Party will be on WP Facebook, WP Twitter, Hougang SMC Facebook and WP website.”

The police has earlier announced that no permits have been issued for the two assembly centers identified earlier for members of the public to gather and wait for the result of the Hougang by-election.

Some responses from netizens on Facebook and Twitter:

“Why didn’t WP apply for a permit to hold an assembly area in#hougangbyelection for its supporters tonight. Unless the tide has changed.” – Ace Kay

“Funny no gathering tonite for WP. Means they lose already. Thanks to Mr Yaw” – Lee Lilian

“We got no budget! because each voter can only use a certain amount. And the amount used to hold three rallies and printing and logistics has taken up most of the budget! Cannot afford to hire more crowd control and book stadium and pay the cleaners and all. Out of budget already!” – Sim Yee May

“I believe the ruling party’s feel is the ground isnt looking good for them. …so no permits issued. PAP seems to have conceded and don’t want to have WP celebrate.” – Nicholas Goh


4 Responses to “Speculations arise over Workers Party not holding an assembly for supporters tonight”

  1. hang kebun said

    terrible reporting

  2. bigfoot said

    Simple logic. This is a by-election, so no need for any celebration if win….

  3. Observer said

    Yeah, tide has changed. WP win by 61%. Why are they so many dumb people.

  4. Compatriot said

    Majority of Singaporeans throught the island dont believe anymore what the PAP is saying because it shall be known as their antics and will dismissed it in totality

    The grip of Singapore that the PAP holds were the given mandate to be the ruling government since 1959 and with their more than 90%of their with no principle yes men elected parliamentarians has been seen to be corroded and dented and will eventually thereafter

    The PAP is licking their wounds from this BE/Hougang
    It is perceivably conceivable the PAP will be licking more of their wounds in GE 2016 without the biased,prejudicial and partizan support of the media,such as SPH,TV,Radio (just to name a few) to propagate their brazen lopsided voice organ

    Why,the people of Singapore can socially gain access with eachother by intercommunication through online and are very very tired to hear from these monopolistic machinary of the PAP for local and international news

    I remain standing neutral in principle with the belief of good office and fair play

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