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Tay Ping Hui confident that Hougang residents will vote ‘intelligently’

Posted by temasektimes on May 26, 2012

MediaCorp celebrity and Young PAP member Tay Ping Hui has expressed confidence that Hougang residents will vote ‘intelligently’ today.

In a post on Twitter last night, Ping Hui wrote:

“Polling Day is tmw. I have every confidence that our brothers & sisters of Hougang shall cast their vote intelligently. Good Luck.”

Ping Hui has been quite outspoken on certain government policies lately especially its immigration policies. He sounded cryptic in an earlier post:

“If 1 person says something is wrong, its his opinion. But if 2,000,000 people say something is wrong, u can b pretty sure something is wrong.”

Hougang residents are voting for their MP again after their ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked in February this year for alleged personal indiscretions.

Some 23,368 voters are eligible to cast their votes. Polling ends at 8pm tonight and the result is expected to be announced after 10pm.


17 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui confident that Hougang residents will vote ‘intelligently’”

  1. yayaya said

    he cannot be too blatant as he is young pap after all. why not join WP? i suppose mediacorp will not terminate your contract. probably cold storage him

  2. Robert Teh said

    If 2,000,000 persons did not do anything to the something wrong, then it is not something wrong, it is everything wrong!!!

  3. papsmear said

    So if 1 claw drop, it is MRT opinion.
    Only when 2000000 claws dropped then it is serious.
    So if 23368 voters say something is wrong, it is still not serious because not 2000000 yet.
    If 1 got unemploy, it is this 1 problem.
    When 2000000 got unemploy then it is serious.
    So in between 1 and 2000000 what govt doing?

    Vote intelligently means what? The hougangers are stupid for past 20 years?

    • P Koh said

      A very good analogy. To make a statement like that does not auger well for TPH as it has no meaning whatsoever because voting for a person to represent them in Parliament is not just an intelligent or stupid thing but a real thing.

  4. We ain't Stupid! said

    In the last GE, Tay thought that he would shortlisted by PAP to stand as their MP.
    He is a good friend of Baey Yam Keng. They are buddies who featured together in the local TV show, The Couch.
    After failing to get what he hoped for, he turned opposition. Sour grape?

    • Ah Loong's uncle said

      Instead of being more direct, what does TPH mean by ‘vote intelligently’ ?

      >pro PAP living in Hougang continue to vote PAP despite being screwed with no upgrading ? or switch to voting WP to show PAP they do not agree to colateral damage as a result of living in Hougang ?

      >pro WP switch to voting for PAP because 20 years no upgrading, throw in the towel, crawl under the legs of PM Lee giving him the chance to gloat ?

      I have this message for the 40% Singaporeans.
      “When the day arrives for you to defend your country, can I proclaim that you should defend intelligently ?”
      defend by taking cover and let the Papies do the fighting ?

  5. peking Dog xu sunn said

    He may mean ask vote wp…tks Mr tay for wp

  6. So Sad said



    • So Said LORRRRRR said

      If you want to post something, at least post something that is at least of some substance. Sad celebrity? What context is that in? Do you know TPH?
      Not that I am a fan of him but maybe insert some intelligence into your posting?

  7. SalesExec said

    One minister and one President is earning more than $2000000. Is there something wrong with the rest of the President and Ministers in the world?

  8. Aminurasyid said

    Remember Singapore, Lee kuan Yew likes to make his Singaporean stupid as what he said on the SDP Chee Soon Juan saga.

  9. stevenado said

    Aminrasyid…well said…old man started using “intergrity””honesty”bla bla…now BIG NOSE is using the 80s n 90s method.Singaporean oredi grown up!!!!papies still need diapers!.By the way…di actor guy must be disappointed.Poor acting and now poor political judgement!!! Join WP la…

    • durian aroma said

      No can do for TPH to join WP.
      It is as good as inviting another mole into WP. And it is hard to know whether he is acting or for real when he speaks. The previous television dialogue between TPH and his pal Baey YK gave the impression both were masturbating each other.
      For the record, it turned out to be anti-climax for the 2 wankers.

      I am sure LTK and SLim will be weary of PAP type wankers and assholes joing WP.

  10. Aspirant said

    Hurrah! Tay Ping Hui to stand for EP in PE 2016, I will definitely vote for you!

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