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DPM Teo challenged Low Thia Kiang to take legal action over accusations of ‘character assassination’ by PAP camp during by-election campaign

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has challenged WP Chief Low Thia Kiang to consider taking legal action over accusations that he has indulged in ‘character assassination’ during the campaign for the Hougang by-election.

DPM Teo had earlier questioned the integrity of WP candidate Png Eng Huat which Mr Low finds disagreeable. In a press conference last night, Mr Low said:

“About the allegation made by the Deputy Prime Minister… the headings and titles are all aiming towards character assassination. Certain facts that he has spoken about were reported but hidden somewhere in the article. Who’s going to read?”

Speaking to queries from the media on Mr Low’s comments, DPM Teo he was ‘surprised’ as he asked only a very ‘simple question’ on the Sunday night rally:

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia soon after Mr Low’s comments, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean expressed surprise.

“I’m surprised that Mr Low is talking about character assassination. And if there was any of that, it came from contradictions within his own party. Of course, if Mr Low feels like it’s something he wants to take up, he’s free to take it up further, and even through legal action if he feels that if it’s necessary.”

DPM Teo also responded to Mr Low’s charge that the Ministry of National Development has yet to respond to a proposal by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council to upgrade Hougang estate, adding that the upgrading will ‘go ahead’ without giving a time-frame.



39 Responses to “DPM Teo challenged Low Thia Kiang to take legal action over accusations of ‘character assassination’ by PAP camp during by-election campaign”

  1. papsmear said

    Hello LTK, don’t be so stupid and fall into the trap! Don’t be like jeyaratnam.

  2. i5htar said

    loose the 1st round,,,start the 2nd turn…wasting time only…should spend more time on how to “”make”” all the “”pink IC”” HAPPY!!!

  3. Sgt33 said

    Before one point finger at someone on integrity. Please look at one self in the mirror. Please dont use the legal mambo jumbo stuff to scare. Knowing when case brought to court. Pappies sure to win. Thats integrity for them.

  4. Horace said

    Pay-and-Pay (PAP) made to pay by Hougang voters for its incompetence and pro-alien policies.

  5. Why waste time listening to rubbish talk. First challenge to sue then adding that the upgrading will “go ahead” without a time frame, the reply is as good as don’t reply.

  6. Sun Wu Gui said

    TCH!!! We all have ears and eyes! We can hear and see clearly! Challenging Mr Low to sue? You may have immunity purely and simply because you are DPM and part of PAP! Don’t worry we will leave it up to a higher order to judge you later!! Don’t forget the good old chinese saying! 人在做天在看!

  7. Old Singapore said

    WP should ask is TPL the best candidate as well … Worst, TPL is win over without the mandate of people but hide behind GRC….

    • Singaporean said

      Don’t think she would have made it on her own accord. Is she the best candidate? Clearly not, if they had missed out a great potential in Nicole Seah.

      • TrueSGP said

        TPL is a joke for the ruling party. She a “good” example of how the ruling party exploits the GRC system to bring any person they want into Parliament without even winning the hearts of the people. Gone are the days where the candidates has to fights to win the hearts of the residents to give them a place/voice in the Parliament.
        I am happy that WP won a GRC and retained Hougang.
        I hope to see WP recruiting more credible candidates to challenge the ruling party for another GRC.

  8. uhoh said

    I think Mr Low would rather spend his time on working to serve his residents than to waste his time suing you pappies…….

  9. Singaporean said

    Desmond lost face. DPM Teo lost credibility.

  10. Ken said

    DPM Teo, you are childish. PAP has been doing this on every election, a gentlemen will not challenge this but to focus on other more important issues.

  11. Beenthereseenit said

    Legal recourse in Singapore only works for PAP because of the biased and non neutral kangaroo courts of Singapore so who is TCH trying to bluff?
    Whatever little civility I had left for this man has all but vaporized in this by election due to his under the belt and childish antics. His actions and words speak very clearly of the man he is – no honor, no integrity and no ‘ren xing’ (humane quality).

  12. atuk said

    Allo mr dpm ,
    I tot we are in the 21st century….? Or still in the 60s ,70s….!!!!
    Lky technology have long been buried but pap are still using it.
    Why not try to communicate with ur fellow citizen for the betterment of fellow SGporean.
    Does these list ring any bell to all of you upthere(elites):
    ** immigration policies,
    ** CPF policies,
    ** Housing for your fellow citizen,


    Again. A DPM is playing childish game again. I suggest the DPM should work more harder to improve the life of his citizens instead of playng dirty tricks with the opposition parties. The people of Singapore aka the paymaster don’t pay millions dollars to someone who is a good for nothing but good at small talks.

  14. pay said

    TcH, pls move with times, your sue sue tactic is so 1980s

    • stevenado said

      BIG NOSE is using old man’s tactic.By the way,he don’t realise that he is the one sabotaging Mr.Choo’s by-election. If campaign alone without BIG NOSE, Mr.Choo should get around 45%…Thank you DPM!!!!

  15. ;ABC said

    Section 61(1)(d) of the Parliamentray Elections Act makes it an offence for anyone during the election period to publish any false statement about the character of a candidate so as to affect his chances of being elected. Does the WP feel that it has been breached?

  16. ANGRY Bird said

    Sick & tired to see his bully face!

  17. stevenado said

    DPM, don’t try using the 80s’ tactic.IT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!. Whenever you open your big mouth, don’t 4get that we singaporean are dammed stupid. We SEE EVIL, HEAR EVIL AND SMELL EVIL!!!.You will be the next MBT!!!!

  18. TrueSGP said

    Sick Arrogant Face.
    Mr Low TK will not fall for this kind of cheap trap.
    Would really like to see him contesting in the Aljunied GRC next election.
    Don’t think he have the guts to put his name in.

  19. I used to have high regard of him before this BE.

    • Biggest face loser said

      Chinese saying – you lose your own face.
      Best thing is nobody force you to lose your own face, you choose to lose your own face, what more can PAP hougang supporters, Desmond Choo and your boss say?
      Now trying to save your own face by saying – not happy sue me.

  20. New Generation said

    Simple arrogant and constantly trying to scare the opposition. What we want is to talk about solution and how to make improvement. I am really sick of their approach, Next GE, i will definitely support WP.

    i am sure there was a lot of voters which swing to the opposition after TCH make those remarks. He is totally out of sync with the modern word.

  21. seah said

    There is Hope for low income sporean.hope the govt.will help us sporean not foriegner

  22. DaWolf said

    I thought Tin Pei Ling was a joke. Teo Chee Hean is worse, LOL! He just doesn’t get it does he? Constantly using scare tactics and challenging the people isn’t going to work. Is that the only thing he has learn from his party? DPM Teo, you are outdated and you no longer represent the people. The people resent you. By challenging Mr. Low Thia Khiang who is well-loved by Singaporeans all over the island isn’t gonna do you any good. In fact, it just did the exact opposite. You have made more enemies and increase the already rising resentment towards you and your party.

  23. CBMAN said

    Yes! My mind is set for WP! This elitist goverment is still as backward. Scare more! See if you are still in office

  24. disillusioned said

    useless coward TCH.

    singlehandedly ruined PAP’s BE campaign. ashamed to have him as DPM.

  25. None said

    I was told that TCH was in charge of the PAP re-election campaign in 2011. Post-2011, of all the ministers, I think he was the most influential .. the choice of many cabinet members and the tone the party subsequently takes reflect his influence. From the signs of it, I think he was in charge for the Hougang by-election too.

    TCH had always lived in the alternate reality world (probably due to his army background) where taking hard stands and using a hammer for all problems is the best strategy. Its the style that LKY had .. but the difference is that LKY has earned his stripes and therefore the respect and right to wield the sword over an unquestioning public whereas probably none of the current leaders had.

    This is probably the first time that the public comes face to face with TCH unmasked. I guess many do not like what they see.

    PAP never change its stripe – until LKY goes, this is their DNA. I actually hope that he continues to be the main driving force behind PAP’s election campaign in 2015 or 2016. Probably more than any other factor, this will be the biggest plus for any opposition. Keep it up, TCH. Don’t listen to all the suckers out there.

  26. pngkueh_forever said

    So childish, DPM. It is you who are combative all the way during the campaign. If DPM thinks he is so good, why not why not take up the challenge himself by standing for election for Hougang in the next GE. Better still, remove the GRC system…. all go by SmC… that would be interesting.

  27. Dr XYZ said

    Now that the by-election is finally over, and unlike TCH’s character assasination, what I am saying below will not affect the votes.
    Can the PAPayas please explain why they take so long to charge the Ex-PAP MP Choo Wee Khiang for corruption?
    And FYI to all readers in case you are unaware. Desmond Choo is Ex-MP Choo Wee Khiang’s nephew.
    So is he the best candidate the PAPayays have? Yeah right, you are most likely going to say that uncle’s mistake should not be beared by the nephew. Seriously who gives a damn shit!

  28. JOhn said

    Yeah ! He is one ugly gorilla with tiny dead fish eyes !
    He lies and has NO integrity !
    We will watch you and see WHEN upgrading will begin in HG.
    DC will push for it but as a small puppy, he is powerless to do anything about it.
    I guess DC will end as as sickening dogs of P*P and a YES MAN ! ! !
    WOOF ! WOOF !

  29. 新加坡公民 said

    Dear TCH,
    I would like to encourage you to lead a PAP team to contest in the next GE2016 at Aljunied GRC if you’re thinking of how to fight with the opposition in the parliament. This is bcos simply resorting to tactics used in the 80s era simply does not work nowadays and would only tarnish the image of the currently still ruling party. Just my penny cents worth of words lah….

  30. yayaya said

    i salute WP for not asking if TPL is their best candidate. such cheap tricks are only used by PAP to degrade opposition and once WP used that, the whole parliament will be pounding on them, ST showing TPL working hard at macpherson then interview 100 macpherson residents who praised her good job done. no point, keep to your stand, people got eyes and ears, can judge for ownself.

    it is no longer like the past, i read straits times only, no news about opposition except the bad ones. always felt chee soon juan is a trouble-maker who deservedly got punished by the godly LKY and gang. now? ya right, i will shake chee’s hands anytime i see him outside.

    sue TCH for what? give him a chance to counter-sue then remove some opposition from parliament. your sufferings will not go unnoticed, oppositions. stay true to your faith, 40% is behind u. trust me, the number is increasing by the day, more than rate of new citizens conversion.

    As for the smaller opposition parties, please do something for the good of singaporean and not for own agenda. if the 15k fat cheque is all u are gunning for, i take pap anytime. they also want the fat cheque but definitely works better than u. oppositions please consolidate, being a big fish in a small pond is worse than a small fish in the big sea. what’s the point of being the secretary-general of a party with no seats in parliament? see the common enemy

  31. Hougang Huat Arh !!! said

    Sue him??!!!!


    Mr Low, let’s concentrated on Aljunied and Hougang residents, let Joo Chiat and East Coast residents see whether it is a slum or not…..then aimed you cannon on this 2 area at the next GE !!!

    Hougang….HUAT ARH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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