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Dr Tan Cheng Bock questions Rotary Club’s donation to Desmond Choo’s project in Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

Former PAP backbencher and presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock has questioned the Rotary Club’s $100,000 gift to PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo on the eve of the Hougang by-election.

The Straits Times had earlier published an article on the Rotary Club’s pledging $100,000 to Desmond Choo to retrofit ageing toilets in Hougang.

“The Rotary Club is pledging a $100,000 gift to PAP candidate Desmond Choo’s initiative to retrofit ageing toilets in Hougang…. The club decided to make this donation after watching a video produced by a group named “The People for Desmond Choo”.”

In a post on his Facebook, Dr Tan expressed his disappointment with the Rotary Club:

“Is the club taking a position in politics? Is it within the ambit of its constitution? I have always been a supporter of the Rotary Club but I was disappointed by this action.”

He also asked if the Rotary Club will now withhold the donation after Desmond Choo lost the by-election:

“Now that PAP Desmond lost to WP Png in the election, what is the Rotary Club’s stand? Is Rotary going to withhold the donation now that the official Member of Parliament Png Eng Huat is in charge of Hougang and he is from the opposition.”

Mr Choo has promised to continue serving in Hougang despite a second electoral defeat in a year.


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26 Responses to “Dr Tan Cheng Bock questions Rotary Club’s donation to Desmond Choo’s project in Hougang”

  1. Crook said

    look how fast TT changes its bias.
    Before the election, it posted only negative news about WP. After WP won, TT now posts only negative news about PAP.

    • Freemakan said

      well said

    • wazzi said

      People perspective do change according to the environment, just like my support for WP only occurred during GE 2011.
      TT, in my point of view is simply highlighting the questionable intent of the donation. If the intention of rotary club is pure there should not be any problem.

    • Blood suckers said

      I notice and agreed the flip flop. Utter disappointment. What unique perspective. U should quote from the PAP perspective.

      Now this article is a good bashing to the white moronic dogs fan club ie Rotary club.

      So are they going to donate? Good question Mr tan Cheng bock!

  2. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Mr tan…you can have full salute

  3. Singaporean said

    Mr Tan, – we respect you.

    • Heed said

      Mr Tan, – if you say bad things about PAP, we respect you. But if you say bad things about WP, you will lose our respect.

  4. Dirty Politics said

    What type of proprietorship is Rotary Club? Charity or a private company!! What did the constitution say?? Is there a breach of the company’s constitution? This club needs to be audited to ensure that the public monies are appropriately discharged??

  5. Well Said… Mr. Tan look forward to see you in the next president election. It’s a shame if the donation was not given out to hougang.

  6. Singaporean said

    Thank you, Mr Tan Cheng Bok. The folks in Hougang must keep an eye on the Rotary Club. In fact, the Chairman of that Rotary Club should be questioned of his political stance. Who is he buddy with? Is this donation in agreement with all the members?

  7. Rustle said

    What’s the point of Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s comment? Why didn’t he make his point earlier before the election? Why wait until the election is over and the result is out and then ask the question? Is he trying to score point for himself for the next presidential election?

    • Crap said

      That is because you never check your facts before talking. Dr Tan posted the comments before Polling Day. You can go check his FB.

  8. corruptpapies said

    Mr. Tan, keep it up for your upright in justice. 5 years down the road is not very long or short.
    Hope that you would be around to stand for the next president election. Our votes are for you.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    TT by their biased reporting before the the actual voting date in Hougang has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that TT is part of the PAP Internet Brgade…Shame on TT for all th negative reports during the hustings of the Hougang Byelection….TT has exposed itself

  10. JOhn said

    A MP is elected by the people and serves the people.
    A grassroots advisor is just an IDIOT and a dog put there by the P*P to restrict and hinder the Opposition MP from serving the people.
    WAKE UP P*P ! ! !
    Your tactics and schemes are old, obsolete and STINKS ! ! !

  11. Ray said

    TCB should have been president and would have been a better president.

  12. Hougang Huat Arh !!! said

    Mr Tan, press the club for the answer……..come on……

  13. Let Rotary Club come clean by donating the money to the people in Hougang regardless who wins the by election.

    • Huat Senior said

      There are more than ten Rotary Clubs in Singapore. Please do not drag other Rotary Clubs into disrepute. The President of the Club should come clean and explain the rationale for the donation pledge. If they are really keen to help the old in Hougang, they should now channel their donation to the appropriate organisation run by WP.

  14. John Soe said

    Rotary clubs are open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.
    The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

    Rotary International recognizes the value of diversity within individual clubs. Rotary encourages clubs to assess those in their communities who are eligible for membership, under existing membership guidelines, and to endeavor to include the appropriate range of individuals in their clubs. A club that reflects its community with regard to professional and business classification, gender, age, religion, and ethnicity is a club with the key to its future.

    Further information:

    • Singaporean said

      If indeed the Rotary Club had the wisdom to detach itself from any political affiliation, it would have not wanted to attract the public’s attention to furnish that letter of support. It should be sensitive that it was BE time and defer the financial aid until BE is over. What the Rotary Clubs stand for, and how humans in it make decisions can be worlds apart. Let’s see how the Rotary Club Chair replies. Don’t take people as fools.

  15. fairplay said

    When Catherine Lim, a totally apolitical figure but concerned Sporean, made some remarks after the 1991 Gen.Elections which resonated with opposition sentiments, she was castigated good and proper by PM Goh Chok Tong and faithfully echoed by the mainstream media. She was told in no uncertain terms that if anyone wanting to make political remarks against the PAP should join a political party to contest elections otherwise they should “shut up”. That incident raised many questions which even today remain unanswered, as to where are the “OB” markers in a PAP-created political minefield. Today, we have an apparently apolitical organisation making a very pro-PAP statement, but because it supports the PAP it is not castigated. Thank you, Dr Tan Cheng Bock – thank you very much to question this organisation for the sake of political fairness.

  16. Hugh Lim said

    Tan Cheng Bock should be Siingapore’s president instead, I totally respect and support him.

  17. Henry said

    You continue to have my respects, Dr Tan … If only you had been elected, I am sure our Reserves will be safe guarded …

  18. Mei said

    Everyone will smell a rat in this. Tan Cheng Bock is certainly reasonable on this.

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