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PHOTO: Lexus crashed into Sonata taxi again at Bugis Ferrari crash site

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

Two weeks after a fatal accident occurred at a Bugis junction involving a Ferrari and a Hyundai Sonata taxi, a similar accident happened at the same place in the early hours of Saturday morning.

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

A video clip showed a Lexus beating the red light at the same junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street and crashing into the taxi and another car.

The Lexus driver is a 30 year old Singaporean Chinese and he has been arrested for drink-driving and dangerous driving. There are no fatalities and the taxi passenger was sent to Singapore General Hospital for outpatient treatment.


34 Responses to “PHOTO: Lexus crashed into Sonata taxi again at Bugis Ferrari crash site”

  1. Stupid Drivers, PRC and Singaporeans inclusive.
    I propose the change of driving licensing scheme to one similar as the motorcycle classes (Class 2A, 2B and 2C).

  2. To add above, all luxury class license holder MUST take a mandatory driving proficiency test every 2 years.

  3. construction problem said

    new construction causing new problem, as recent widening of the road make road users to speed up!

  4. Anthony Tang said

    Sonata cannot buy. Accident prone car.

    • atuk said

      No not sonata , but NTUC taxi cannot take….dangerous….!!!
      seems NTUC taxi are under constant attack….!!!!

  5. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Seems to be pretty quiet when the accident took place was caused by a local.

    • That’s simply because no one died in this accident.

    • russell said

      thats the normal… own nationality, angry comments sweeps under carpet. other nationalities big hoohah….

      • Rcx said

        Don’t be a dumbass. When u shit in your own place, ur mum will scold and cane you. When you go other peoples’ place and do the same thing, the father and mother will come after you. Dumbass.

  6. A Singaporean Abroad said

    A rather eerie recurrence of the accident 13 days 23 hours and 59 minutes and 50 seconds after the Ferrari & Hyundai Sonata accident at the same road junction. It is very fortunate that this time there is no fatality.

  7. ilovesex said

    Shame on the Lexus driver. You are a disgrace to all singaporeans.

  8. mr apathy said

    local nitwit. deserves the same amount of criticism as that directed to the other chinese driver. the fact that he is s’porean makes this even worse. the courts should set new standards for punishment in relation to drink-driving

  9. ex-taxi driver said

    Singaporen Chinese drive. Could it be converted Chinese from PRC?
    Even it is so quickly to announce he consumed alcohol.
    This guy though young and rich but did not received the same treatment and the paper never published anything good about him.

    • Conscience said

      This Lexus driver is alive! It’s easy to take a breathalyzer test. Dead PRC had no breath, what a silly comparison. There is NO NEED to bring out the foreigner vs Singaporean propaganda again. Don’t try to arouse public furor. It’s eerie that this accident has taken place at the same place. Goes to show something needs to be done at that road junction. What we need to do is to press LTA to do something. Consider perhaps even unconventional options! I hate to think if the Lexus was another PRC coz all of you will have a hey day condemning PRCs (again).

    • S said

      Are you serious? Stop pinning every incident to PRCs.

    • Post Today said

      Oppress & corrupt the straight & correct curiosity of Ex-Taxi Driver’s & many minds alike ? Why Identity of driver is not revealed ? Curiosity means dig & uncover. To shun & overlook, means missing the point. For this case, it’s a total cover.

      Judging on news-worthiness of issues, Faces are splashed on newspaper, like TCS Christopher Tan’s drink driving, athlete hitting a cat, etc.etc. Even for non-fatal issues, like under-age prostitution, no professionals are spared.

      This lexus hit & took the taxi for spins ! & what’s more, it’s a repeat episode of fatal lesson.

      Identity of the lexus driver esp. the face (omit the nationality) is not splahed on newspaper. What his occupation ? his profession (banker/principal/etc.) ? For news-worthiness, this is a total cover-up.

  10. debido said

    I think its time for LTA to setup a camera there to deter people from crossing the traffic light. Its ridiculous !!

  11. papsmear said

    Wah! So many accidents, same junction. Is it traffic light got problem?
    How come newspaper never mentioned the lexus driver how rich he is? How much he donate per month? How he become rich and can buy lexus?
    Got any student inside his car not?
    Maybe he also fetch student back from school leh?

  12. Joe said

    Oh boy… He’s not an FT. The hammer’s gonna come down hard on him.

  13. deadman said

    should have more road block ops. over the weekend.

  14. peter said

    hey rich lexus driver, how dare u attempt, in whatever capacity, to kill innocent middle class or struggling-to-survive people in the wee hours of the morning? Remember your retribution is at hand!

  15. atuk said

    SPF and LTA are sleeping …. where are the Chief of police and director of LTA are they not doing their work ?
    How much they earn arh per month…..$5k or less is it…?(or $20k )
    Its their responsibilities so please answer or can just hide behind your desk and act blurr.
    Better resign and do not put the life of ordinary SGporean to be your collateral damage.

  16. Singaporean said

    To Lexus driver, don’t worry!! It’s ok!! You will just only get fine n suspense license for 6mth! Last few month those car accident that killed people also just get fine n jailed for less than 3mths.. Your case is peanut since no one is killed!! This is Singapore law!!

  17. Ron said

    Simple. Put up a big sign: Green signals will be delayed to avoid accidents. Put in a 2-second delay. Meanwhile start the speed camera just as the light turns Red. No mercy on speeding cars. The 2-second delay will save lives as idiots who speed do so just before the light turns green. A second extra allows them safe passage but will be caught on camera.

  18. Ng Kia Hau said

    A disgrace to singaporeans…sad sad..

  19. joeaudar said

    try driving into that junction and try looking to the left for the traffic. you cant see anything. LTA – do something please

  20. Invictus said

    Stiffer fines and penalties for drunk driving. Time to get serious with this irresponsible habit

  21. bunnyxx3 said

    stupid driver.. cannot drive then dun DRIVE LA take cab then.. want die die urself dun pull other people to accompany die with u, dun MESS SINGAPORE beauty ROAD and now bugis become a hunter place..

  22. name & shame said

    name & shame please. details of who’s in the car too.
    seems like driver is someone’s somebody, so v hush hush.

  23. chl said

    he is juz a ordinary pp.He works in a local seafood company at pasir ris…mayb can find out more of it…….

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