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PHOTOS: Hougang resident gives ‘thumbs down’ and BOO Desmond Choo as he toured Hougang to thank his supporters

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

PAP losing candidate for Hougang by-election Desmond Choo was seen on a pick-up touring the constituency to thank his supporters:

However, he certainly did not expect a frosty reception from some Hougang residents, one of whom gives him a ‘thumbs down’ sign and boo him loudly:

Mr Choo only managed to garner 8,210 votes this time, an increase of 145 votes from the 8,065 votes he obtained last year.


90 Responses to “PHOTOS: Hougang resident gives ‘thumbs down’ and BOO Desmond Choo as he toured Hougang to thank his supporters”

  1. Blood suckers said

    I really salute the residents of hougang SMC!

    You guys truly deserve the respect of Singaporeans especially the 40% who wanted the change, who see thru the fucking lies of the white moron dogs, who want a better future for the next generation!

    Unlike the potong pasir, who turn their backs to chiam see tong who dutifully serve them. Just become he move to a GRC and fight the white moron dogs, doesn’t mean he has given up on potong pasir.

    Loyalty exist only in hougang!

    • PP will be history said

      Majority voters in potong pasir may regret and repent, there may not be any potong pasir in next GE.

    • PP Resident said

      Please watch what you say for the Potong Pasir residents….if you don’t live here, you don’t know what’s happening in here….

    • Leo said

      I dunn think Potong Pasir residents turn their back on Mr Chiam. I believe they are a bit shaken when Chiam is not standing for election. Compared Sitoh & Mrs Chiam, Sitoh sounds more convincing than the inexperienced Mrs Chiam. The move by Chiam seems to cost them the seat. Just hope Sitoh fulfilled what he has promised Potong Pasir and hope the residents have no regret.

    • CY said

      I do not respect that those booed DC. That is very disrespectful and blind loyalty.

      • A resident said

        It would appear so, CY. Desmond Choo–though defeated–remained very composed and gracious throughout. While the rest cannot be said about the rest of his party, he certainly did not deserve this treatment.

      • Stay out pls said

        If cannot take the heat dun get into the kitchen.

  2. unknown said

    thumbs up for the one of whom gives Desmond Choo a ‘thumbs down’ sign and boo him loudly.

    • PP Resident said

      Please watch what you say for the Potong Pasir residents….if you don’t live here, you don’t know what’s happening in here….

    • CY said

      Thumbs down for the bastard and ingrates that booed DC. Don’t let me see him or her in the street!!!

      • LOL said

        Did you just threatened?! Hahaha. Lucky you wp got no hardcore supporter like xxx xxx.. If not your whole family pictures will be online and police report made! Haha. Ppl are entitled to how they express their likes and hates, so who are you to judge? Maybe he’s really got some issue with the miw, you nvr know right?


      • PAPASHLOES said

        @CY, I’m not only “Thumb down” I gave him a “FKing Sign”, too! If you not happy, you can see me at No.9 Ann Siang Hill, I will be waiting for you there, no need to give threaten remarks, please come and face me…Coward!!!

    • stevenado said

      Desmond Choo had a gentleman agrement with Png Eng Huat for a clean fight.Both respect each other.Desmond also said after his defeat he wil support Png as long as the project benefits the people.It is not wise to boo him.He fight hard and clean.Actually his Big Nose Boss is the one who is sabotaging him.We should booooo and thumb down the Big Nose.Big Nose is full of mud.Such a small people, being a Deputy Prime Minister, it is shame to our country.!!! Thanks to this by-election, we singaporean were able to see the true color of our so-called deputy prime minister.

    • Darren said

      Yes, thumbs up to those brave Hougang residents.

      Figuratively speaking, the majority of them gave the thumbs down to Mr Choo.

      • PAPASHLOES said

        Why the photographer only show this pix, infact most people standing infront of the coffee shop also “Thumb down” him, I was there. Thanks to the all the Patriotic Hougang Singaporeans! All of us Singaporeans are very “PROUD” of you! (OPPSING)

    • yeah,,thumbs up!

  3. non hougang said

    honestly, he dont deserved to be booed. its the other guy who the residents should boo

  4. 龙的传人 said


  5. Wolfglare said

    Should hv give those PAP dogs the finger instead ask them to fxxk off

  6. Rob said

    Does DC and associates complies to LTA regulation with regards to ferrying people on lorries(

  7. Arcane said

    Leaves to wonder. Since everyone voted against him. How the hell did he get so many votes anyways?

  8. Squiireld said

    Is this how Hougang WP supporters repay for a man who stay and help despite not knowing there will be a BE, who work hard to improve the elderly life? A brunch of brain wash crooks by WP who stir hatred which is so unnecessary . If you disagree with his policies your cast ur vote to others, there is no need to go to the extend to boo and show such disrespect! Singapore is doom is this is how we are going to teach our next generation.

  9. Emillie tham said

    oh please. WP has been using the scared tactics on all residents.

  10. why tch’s shirt isn’t as white as his pants ? not as white as before eh

  11. ah hock said

    Like YSL, Png is just riding on LTK’s base of emotional supporters who’re easily roused by grand pictures of democracy. Come on, what is democracy? This is just politics for goodness sake. If a politician can take an easy way to lie his way out, he will just do it. Unfortunately, there’re cases where they’re exposed by insiders. There’s nothing grand about democracy. It’s just an grand excuse for you to vote for them.

  12. Tell me why said

    What happen to almost 1400 hougang voters who have voted for WP in GE2011? Why they cannot vote in BE2012?

  13. 陳一峯 said

    desmond might not be a person of bad character, it is just that he represent a different organization. at least, he dun behave like teo,who only know how to bad mouth. for this i think he deserve a big thumb up, but i think wp is still the choice.

    • Henry said

      Did you think DC will jump ship and team with with Nicole in the next GE?

    • Good person may not be best person said

      DC just like GY, not a person with bad character but in the name of first world parliament and true democracy, they were not chosen by majority voters in HG and Aljunied.

  14. Freemakan said

    another Mr Booooooooo

  15. Heed said


  16. Sage said

    It’s not too bad for Desmond. The PAP promised him quite a number of directorships and postings if he fails. Don’t forget, many SMEs or MNCs depend on directors with links to the government to secure contracts.

  17. Kim said

    PAP is a thick skinned party. They will treat ‘thumb down’ as ‘thumb up’.

  18. spotlessleopard said

    Desmond was the sacrificial lamb sent to the Slaughter House ….He seems a decent Guy who is in the WRONG PARTY….PAP is still screwing singaporeans with Unbridled imports of Foreigners, High Priced Pubic Housing, High cost of Medical service, High cost of Transportation, Over burdened Public Transport, High cost of Education, over loaded Public services….Low Wages…High disparity of Income between the Rich and Poor…the PAP hears but does not listen…

  19. Dr XYZ said

    Well done to residents of Hougang for defending the fortress against the PAPayas!

  20. PeacefulMan said

    Educated people will not do that… You had vote for WP, meaning that you do not need Desmond Choo, but he did nothing wrong!!! Please respect him if you also want someone to respect you!!!

  21. Chris said

    Thank his supporters? It’s a wonder he could find any.

  22. A Sad Sinkie said

    where are the big guns that are helping you to fight? U are “only your own man” after u lost???

  23. i dont support pap!! said

    thats really terrible. people wanted to serve you guys in parliament, and this is how you treat him. even if you hate the pap, at least respect him as an individual with feelings. despite the notoriety of the PAP, there are really good people with kind intentions who are in that party because thats the only way to enact real changes… from within the framework of the ruling party.

    ultimately, you may not cheer / support desmond choo, but at least, accord him the dignity he deserves as any other human being, and just leave him alone. i support the wp, but i think acts like this are uncalled for.

  24. Ray said

    I thought Desmond Choo gave PAP a fresh look this time round. Never heard any character assassinating words from him. Perhaps because he had other mouth-pieces to do the job for him but I found him more gentleman than all those I have seen from his party. Credit to him for fighting cleaning and losing gracefully. Tip my hat off to him.

  25. PAP Aljunied said

    A bunch of uncivilized people still in that area, what’s a pity!

  26. CY said

    Thumbs down for all the bastards and ingrates that booed DC this time. Down with LTK!!!!

    • ...... said

      You this hater!! Seriously. So you are saying you are EXTREMELY overjoyed by the high HDB flat prices, low job security and high living expenses? Oh, maybe you are some rich PR who has some big houses,dozen of ferraris to waste, living off parents wealth and use money to light your cigarettes. Then thanks for your contribution.

      • PAPASHLS said

        @CY, too bad you come to the wrong country, you should go back to your own country PRC China (Please Return to China), and don’t meddle in our local politics.

      • Heed said

        @Papashils how u know CY is from china? From wat u say, all those who dun support WP is from china lah even when they are born and grow up here.

  27. A resident said

    Dear Hougang residents, while free to decide who leads us, please try to maintain a gracious and civilized stance on the matter no matter who we support. Displays like this make me cringe; a first-class economy/ society starts with classy behaviour.

    This is not classy in any way.

    • Tibits1 said

      Yes! Agree! Is there even a need to do that ? What has Desmond Choo done to deserve this ???

      • See from diff angle said

        Why people still dun get it? He as a person does not deserve this but too bad he is from the white party and carry the lightning symbol, that is why he is getting all these not for himself but more for his party.
        I believe he know but somehow or rather he just ignore them may be he benefit from some other things?

  28. Hougang Hua Arh !!! said

    Hey, Singapore Traffic Police, priest give Mr Desmond Choo a fine…….how can he stand at the back of a pick-up?? He is violating the law…….


    * SALUTE *

    • LOL said

      Nice!! Was thinking of that too. Hahaha, but come to think of it. All parties do that. So nvm la.. So poor thing already he.

  29. mitchelle ong said

    serves them right…

  30. joe said

    he did some good la, give him some slack. booing him was kinda bad.

  31. Jenson Ng said

    SALUTE to all the voters of Hougang and Aljunied who voted for the WP …… you guys really showed us the courageous and democratic spirit side in you all. Hope all the rest of the areas will follow suit in the future ………. HUAT AH !!!!!!!!

  32. Beenthereseenit said

    @A Resident, perhaps you could also remind the PAP to maintain a gracious and civilized stance and not withhold NATIONAL parading Programme in Hougang just because they have different political views! Which first world country/ government dares do that to its citizens? Not classy at all!

    • A resident said

      You speak as though my comment indicated I am a PAP supporter who advocates the action you specified. I’m discussing behaviour. So one would rather stoop to the level of his enemies?

      We will have to agree to disagree on this.

      The lack of crowds says plenty enough. In my opinion, here really isn’t/ wasn’t any need for such childish displays.

      • ...... said

        So how you define mature? He’s got balls you see! I got to give that to him. You dare to show your true emotion like he did?

      • A resident said

        @ ……
        How about having some ‘balls’ and daring to restrain one’s temptation to act like a little child, instead choosing be a gracious person instead?

      • ---- said

        Holding back is having balls? so you sure got lots of them!!

      • Tiger man said

        Please give that man a Tiger! He has the Tiger Balls!

  33. gardeniasunshine said

    Displays of true emotions – a level much higher than hypocrisy, should never be frowned upon. At least the constituent depicted understands himself to display his position and emotions. Something that not all Singaporeans are capable of.

    Sad, but true.

  34. wmulew said

    Another good show of typical opposition supporters. XiaXue exposed how uncivilized the average opposition supporters are, then this guy shows the world the opposition supporters are lousy winners as well.

  35. Jenson Ng said

    Well, whether civilized or not. This is the result of how the government after all those years, had turned some of the Singaporeans into, by suppressing their freedom of democracy. Sad to say, thus leaving them with no other choices but to venge their anger through this type of means……. example will be like the incident involved a taxi driver in his 70s, who punch PAP MP Seng Han Tong on the face quite some time back and another incident of him ( same MP ) being splash with a flammable liquid……..
    To what i believe, this are just some of the social problems that will only increases in numbers. If the government is still staying put in cloud 9 and only licking the feet of the rich and ignoring the poor.

    soooooo sad : (

    • Rustle said

      What? Blaming government now for each person’s choice of behaviour?

      • Heed said

        It’s all PAP fault. When Japanese invade us during WW2, it’s also MIW fault. Ppl killed or rob bank is also the fault of PAP. It’s that wat u trying to say? You are so native…

  36. Rustle said

    Shame on those who booed Desmond. He was gentlemanly and gracious even in losing.
    Oh well, perhaps this is just another glimpse of first world opposition.

    • PAPASHLOES said

      What’s wrong for Booing a “DOG”? We are leaving in the First Class Country, everything is No.1 in the world.

      • Rustle said

        First world country, not first class country. Maybe you are leaving but I’m not. I’m staying.
        What’s wrong with booing???
        Er…because ‘first class’ people must put on ‘first class’ behaviour?

    • This is nothing compared to Taiwan said

      MPs fight in Taiwan parliament, so Taiwan is a third world country? At least their President can only serve maximum two terms.

  37. Change Sides said

    Although I am pro-WP, I must say that Desmond Choo came across as one of the nicest and most competent PAP candidates in a long while – definitely much better than Vikram Nair, Tin Pei Ling, Chan Chun Sing and other PAP newbies. Not a word of criticism of his opponents from him. Definitely not the kind of character assassination that Teo Chee Hean displayed – and tried to pretend that he didn’t do. It’s a pity that Desmond chose to join the PAP and wear white. If he had chosen to join WP and wear blue, he would have stood a very good chance of getting voted into Parliament. For 2016, I strongly encourage Desmond to do some serious introspection and to move from the dark side into the light. Go and join WP and run for Parliament under WP’s banner. That would be a real slap in the PAP’s face.

    • Rustle said

      Gosh, if he hops from one party to another, that will make him an opportunist.

      • what a joke said

        So you must have been working in one and only company in your entire working life?

      • Rustle said

        What A Joke Said:
        “So you must have been working in one and only company in your entire working life?”

        Good point. But we are not talking about career prospects unless you think politicians should think like a career person?
        But do you want someone who hops over to you just because it promotes his chances? If he can hop over to you, he can hop over to another party next time when a better opportunity comes along, right? Or do you want someone who identifies with the party and what it stands for?

  38. Ben said


    但是对DC如此的举动,本人觉得很不该,他没对谁人身攻击,如果对他有此举动,反而显得选民不成熟不知道对错。那跟那些只会人身攻击的人有何不一样?well done DC , you have tried your very best .but too sad to said , not on the right time right place .maybe PAP should change their political direction and nice argument on next GE.

  39. iamtom83 said

    the picture is a non conformances to road safety and LTA requirements, all passengers shall fill the front most space of the open cab and all shall be seated.
    It is also a WSH offences as he is doing his work as an elected member of an organisation and his organisation should be dealt with accordingly.
    if the vehicle got into an accident, do you blame airbags still of blame the person who arranged the event?
    abide to the laws you created, at least use and sunroof car…

  40. Human said

    Let us be neutral here. What’s the point of “boo-ing” at the other party’s candidate? He has votted for his ideal candidate and already met his purpose. There is no positive objective for such behaviours. It only reflects badly of that person’s character.

  41. Choo choo said

    When you watch wrestling match, you got so many people putting thumbs down, what’s the big deal? It’s the guy’s freedom of expression. Wah, pple put thumbs down, you critics must KPKB…..soooo ungracious.

  42. Chee chee said

    Politics is a dirty game, no politicians are clean. When you vote, it’s just a matter of choosing the lesser evil, and choosing the party to benefit your life & your living conditions. I dun love, or rather, I prefer the WP, bcos they are not the ones jacking up our COEs, ERPs, COVs, GSTs etc. If we got a better party than WP once PAP is gone, I will vote for that better party! Where got perfect party one, so narrow-minded.

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