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PM Lee ‘encouraged’ by ‘improvement’ in PAP’s result in Hougang by an increase of 145 votes

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

Despite the defeat in the Hougang by-election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is ‘encouraged’ by the result and is optimistic that the PAP will recapture Hougang in the future.

The Workers Party candidate Png Eng Huat won the by-election by winning 62.09% of the votes over the PAP candidate Desmond Choo’s 37.09%.

Speaking to reporters after the result was announced last night, PM Lee said is ‘disappointed’ that PAP’s candidate Desmond Choo did not win the Hougang by-election, but was quick to add that he is ‘encouraged’ that the PAP obtained 37.91% of the vote this time.

In 2006, the PAP candidate received 37.3% of the vote in Hougang and in 2011, 35.2% of the vote.

However, Desmond Choo garnered only 8,210 votes this time, a slight increase of 145 votes from the 8,065 votes he obtained last year.

PM Lee said he has commended Mr Choo for his hard work and he will continue to serve in Hougang:

“He is keen to continue serving in Hougang, and to contribute in any role that he can be useful.”

He also congratulated the Workers’ Party and Mr Png Eng Huat for winning the by-election, and looks forward to Mr Png’s contributions in Parliament.


9 Responses to “PM Lee ‘encouraged’ by ‘improvement’ in PAP’s result in Hougang by an increase of 145 votes”

  1. Lim said

    If despite his best efforts and all the big guns supporting him he increased 145 votes in one year. So since he lost by 5237 votes, Desmond will need 36 years to catch up with WP. But since he is still young he can afford to spend the next 36 years in Hougang.

    • LOL said

      Omg! Damn funny la you!! LIKE!! 36 years. I think he will stay and fight but not sure if for that long!! Hahaha. And I doubt party will let him contest elsewhere, they don’t dare to send anyone to go suicide in HG! Might as well send him to hold back wp.

    • yayaya said

      then he cannot say he is young and energetic and can engage the young anymore


    Oh my. You called that result improvement ? That’s pathetic I say.

  3. atuk said

    PM Lee ,

    When are you people going to repent….????
    U still have less than 4years to listen to the COS heart pain and heart bleed daily…!!!
    The GOVT of the day policies are not going down well with the COS and you all bloody well do something about it or you all can put on the DENIAL MODE till the day come….!!!

    Your policies of immigration , housing , CPF and more are putting nails into your coffin…..!!!

    We are not against anything that benefit the COS but anything that deprived us(COS) of our rights will be shown come 2016.


  4. Birdie said

    Comes 2016, I will not vote for whoever candidates.

  5. JOhn said

    Well now you know. He has THICK skin and is SHAMELESS ! ! !
    A lost is a lost even if it is by ONE vote.
    I will even vote for a monkey or donkey and not Pee&POO in all future elections ! ! !
    Let’s see how thick his skin is when he loses all seats eventually !

  6. LOL said

    Imagine him telling that to his dad! “Dad, though we lost but we’ve won 145 more votes! This calls for a celebration!!”

  7. Jacob said

    This difference is not even statistically significant, you stupid tuck. Call yourself a tucking prince.

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