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VIDEO: WP supporters cheering wildly in Hougang as Png Eng Huat wins by-election

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

WP supporters at Block 322 coffeeshop Hougang Avenue 5 erupted into cheers when it was officially announced that WP candidate Png Eng Huat has won the seat of Hougang by 62.09% of the votes.

The cheering crowd spilled over to the roads as passing cars honked in support of the Workers Party.

Watch the video below:


9 Responses to “VIDEO: WP supporters cheering wildly in Hougang as Png Eng Huat wins by-election”

  1. Singaporean said

    What has the victory of WP in Hougang show once more? That materialistic gains and flashy carrots are not enough to win the hearts of people in Hougang. Only when PAP starts to regain the hearts leaders should have when governing a country, will the people of Singapore trust and believe in you again. If a politician live lavishly, it’s vulgar in the eyes of citizens who have to struggle to make ends meet. There will then be social unrest because the wealth of Singapore hasn’t been fairly distributed.

  2. Cancer said

    Wow… very emotional and indeed One United People! Hougangers, thanks for showing other constituents your spirit and commitment. Looking forward to 2016!

  3. DaWolf said

    Thank you people of Hougang for touching the hearts of so many of us and representing the voices of true Singaporeans!

  4. JY said

    I was very emotional watching the video. Those people went on their own free will. No free gifts, no goodies bags. I saw indians, chinese celebrating together in the video. They went to support without any ‘free gifts’ . They have more DIGNITY than those who turn up for free food. A person ‘soul’ is never for sale! It doesnt matter if people look down on u even u r poor, what is worse is that a person will put his DIGNITY aside for ‘free gifts’. How much trust would u place on someone like that ? I feel being singaporean once again! Proud to see sgporeans coming together as ONE!

  5. i5htar said

    Hougang people you all make the day!!! I salute you all!!!

  6. These are the real Singaporeans that we love.

  7. LY said

    Now we see it in Hougang, hope the same will repeat in next GE for AMK GRC & Hougang again, and more GRC for WP

  8. speechless said

    our PM said that hg is not a representative of voters in Singapore as a whole.

    but it think, this video had proven him otherwise. Just hg, already can like tat, wat if WP move on to ‘conquer’ other grc (which i think alot are looking forward for WP to do so)?

  9. Hougang Huat Arh !!! said

    KNN……..the Hougangers make us WP supporter proud!!!

    I WANT TO LIVE IN HOUGANG TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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