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Your View: DPM Teo’s statement that the result of the Hougang by-election does not reflect the entire Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 27, 2012

Speaking at a press conference after the result of the Hougang by-election was announced, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean noted that the result reflect the sentiments of Hougang voters only:

“I think residents of Hougang are special. I don’t think they’re representative of voters in Singapore as a whole.”

Below are some responses from netizens:

“The result of the Hougang by-election does not reflect the sentiments of Singaporeans as a whole – Are you sure or are you trying to console yourself.” – Charles Lim

“You see,the impression they give me is ,they never reflect on why they lost.They just keep being arrogant that you don’t vote u will repent for the next 4 years.They never try to figure out why voters don’t vote for them,only use the old scare tactics to force people to vote.But HG citizens really got courage.” – Ng Shu Yi

“Hello! This is a referendum of the PAP. Better wake up! People are fed up. Continue the way you are and you can say good bye in 2016!” – Adrian Lim

“Try leaving the election boundaries alone and the results will be resounding. C’mon, face reality, if the results of the past election are anything to go by; even on your wins, they show major discontentment. Change and hear the people’s voices or accept that more seats WILL be lost in the next round.” – Don Ng

“Sour Grapes before the election,treat HG like treasure,god and goddess.After losing,say HG people “special”does not represent Singapore as a whole.A very Ungentlemanly act,which reflect clearly his party ‘s image and give me a clear choice of whom i will vote for GE 2016.Anyone other than paps” – Petrina Chng

“My dear DPM Teo, So many of us are jubilant that WP won Hougang again. We feel WP represents the majority of us poor and middle class people and its popularity and influence has spreaded beyond Hougang and Aljunied. In 2016, you will know the real sentiments on the grounds as the people have become disheartened with a govt that does not care or listen to their grievances.” – Helen Pang

“PAP still dont get it , they think they are contesting against another political party in any current election now , NO you are wrong !!! You are contesting against the PEOPLE of SINGAPORE !!! Get it ?” – Danny Tan

*The above comments were first posted on Facebook


19 Responses to “Your View: DPM Teo’s statement that the result of the Hougang by-election does not reflect the entire Singapore”

  1. P Koh said

    Hey! fellow citizens. Do not be disheartened with all the talk about HG residents being “special” because the rest of Singaporean
    are going to be special too. Come 2016, I think the result of this by-election is going to mean bigger hand-outs which will come handy for the poorer Singaporeans and they will have HG residents to thank. Thank you HG residents for the courage and resolute in putting a voice to Parliament however small it may seem for the time being.

  2. CWK said

    Have all as SMC in 2016.

  3. Rahim said

    PAP not worry so much in next general election. They had back-up plans such as redraw the boundaries, create bigger GRCs & can simply approve as many as they can FTs as new citizens which by default will vote the spoon that feed them. Get It?

  4. Sammie said

    PAP’s problem – 1) refusing to see what’s real, 2) denying what’s to their disadvantage, 3) say anything to save face

  5. Freemakan said

    all he know how to do is TCSS

  6. Jason Low said

    This is hilarious. Are the MPs in parliament representative of 40% of Singaporeans who voted for the opposition?? If anything is special, it’s the unfair political system where the incumbent takes up most of the seats in parliament when they only won 60% of total votes.

    Catherine Lim is right. Singaporeans are sick and fed-up with the PAP and their inability to re-invent themselves.

    And until they get down from their high horses, and speak to Singaporeans at the same level (in fact they serve us, they should be more humble) we Singaporeans will relief them from their duties, one constituency at a time, as we did with Aljunied!!

  7. Invictus said

    PAP must continue its current delusional state and deny that the results at HG is a local issue and not a national referendum on its policies and performance. They should continue to belittle and ignore the voices of Singapreans.
    We can then unleash the tsunami of our dissatisfaction in 2016. Hougang has shown that Singaporeans wants solutions and not cheap rhetorics and promiaed of small improvements at local level when the dissatisfaction is clearly at a national level.

  8. Singaporean said

    Singaporeans are sick and tired of being talked down. Like we have no brains of our own. Singaporeans no longer can tolerate bills and laws being made without parliamentary debate. We want an even better and stronger Opposition to propose alternative views. We don’t care whose policy it is. What we care about, is whether the policies benefit Singaporeans. We no longer can stand for policies that favour the already privileged. With so many politicians living in District 9, 10, 11. What do they know of the average Singaporeans’ woes. About time for them to live in these areas day in and out, experience the inconvenience day in and out, and live with less resources and privilege, to see for themselves how much Singaporeans are suffering. Don’t stand in their ivory towers, and proclaim that there are aids for the less fortunate what. Freeze your sky-high pays for 3 months, and live with the income of what the lowest income group is earning. Let’s see how you do it. Their one night’s indulgence in a posh restaurant or one night’s stay in a posh hotel is someone’s ONE MONTH salary.

  9. alex said

    Our PM is still blind still living in the world of his father.

    • P Koh said

      Oh no! the PM is not blind. He could see as far as his lieutenants want him to. He is different as he has one ear to the ground only (not two) and he has more mouthpieces than the opposition when his lieutenants come out to speak but unfortunately they were barking up the wrong trees. The present electorate is made up of a new and different breed of people and they cannot and will not live in historic glory of the LKY era but can only see what are before them which they find disturbing and want ‘Change’. The government must now learn to listenicate (listen for indication) and to reinvent itself as a pragmatic and progressive government which selflessly looks after the general good of the people that it governs and should never ever use threats to achieve its objectives.


    As far as I am concern, this is national issue and not just local/HG issue. Wake up !

  11. Moh YC said

    l lets show them the truth. Lets evangelize and let more people know that our discontent is similarly felt in every singaporean.

    For instance my mum in law was worried that when WP wins Hougang will be neglected and be in bad condition. I drive her around and assured her there are other constituency just as bad if not worse.

    We are Singapore. Regardless of our background,good or bad, rich or poor,we are united.

  12. Dirty Politics said

    Whether this by-election is a mandate, Singaporeans are reasonable to know n will vote wisely in 2016. Pride always come before a fall n i hope PAP will humble themselves now before it is too late. Humility is what Singaporeans want to see in the ruling party. So far, PAP’s action has not come far enough to admit wrong publicly. They even dare anyone to challenge them to take legal action against any words said during the by-election. WP is wise that they want to focus in meeting the needs of Singaporeans. PAP thought they had the muscle to show but power will never stay for long. Once gone, it is done for PAP.

  13. Brendan Goh said

    In Singapore, there is something that i do not really understand. On every general election, PAP can decide on which places in Singapore belongs to which GRC or SMC but not the Singaporeans instead……… Even places like hougang can be split into many grcs and smcs. AMK GRC, Hougang SMC, Aljunied GRC, Pasir Ris Punggol GRC………… If you all have decided once, then leave it there. Why last year GE PAP change it again without explanation? Is it because they scared that they will lose the votes? I really wonder……….. I may be a secondary two student but it will relates to my future because i am a Singaporean………

  14. CBMAN said

    WP win in Hougang matters to me a lot!! Damn it PAP! Who you think you are? Still as arrogant! Make you we vote you out of office!!

  15. Compatriot said

    Hey there Teo Chee Hean anda chekap serperti orang otak mereng macham orang gila biadap dan segalanya.PAP sudah kala HG/BE kalau sudah kala minum ayer banyak banyak kepuasan purut anda,tertapi jangan merchaba WP diambil berperangan urusan makamah untuk merpuasan kerkalangan anda

    My written Bahasa Kebangsaan is fragmented,I hope my Malay Muslim friends could help and enlighten me better which I should appreciate very much

    TCH you and your PAP cohort have lost the battle of HG/BE.comeon man swallow your defeat with pride gracefully and let it simmer down your throat as a gentleman with stature

    The PAP has lost the battle and you have become inflamed and throwing lurid and audacious challenges of integrity through judiciary means

    You have made known to all Singapore Singaporeans throughout the island that you are not a gentleman of stature when you throw lurid and audacious challanges of integrity as you had suggested through the elements of judiciary

    Singaporeans and the people of Singapore are well acknowledged that the State of Singapore is govern through its statutory and its order …..
    (1) Executives (2) Juduciary (3) Parliamentary

    Parliamentary is the order of everday the PAP wili be taken and contain and broken into and will be licking more of their wounds in Parliamentary GE in 2016 and you can be sure of that

    DPM Teo Chee Hean the utterance of your view and statement of HG/BE have indeed reflected the entire Singapore Singaporeans WHY,.. because you have shown you were a disgraceful sore looser with your maglinant manifestation of a disgruntled DPM of his ill behaviour which were made known to be very shameful and disgraceful and what more,being one of the DPM of the PAP to represent Singapore as an island nation

    You TCH were given the commission with the rank of an Admiral with the SAF,when you were taken out from the SAF you became one of the PAP/DPM

    You and your cohort have lost “The Battle Of HG/BE” on the 26 May,2012
    as was witnessed by entire Singapore and the whole world

    As a DPM and an ex Admiral of the SAF you fought the battle and lost you could amicably surrender with humility and with grace to save your PAP honour and integrity

    Literally speaking your sordid behaviour reminds me of a battle between the American and the German Army somewhere in Italy during World WAR II

    The American Army has captured a stretegic hilltop,an entrench stronghold of the German battalion.The German CO displayed the white flag (hoisted to signify surrender or request a truce) to save his remaining soldiers from further annhilation that which were agreed upon
    Instead of to bequeath his sword to the conquering American soldier,the German CO shot and killed the American soldier,thereby have resulted to the total annhilation of his remaining embattled soldiers

    DPM Teo if you want to commit suicide you can always do so to yourself kindly dont drag and wasted your other cohorts with you

    I definitely and postively wont be of service to this kind of abject mentality of such a Commander,who,thinks only of himself and have no regards or feelings for the duty of care and welfare of his men

  16. tim said

    An absolutely proud, cocky, but useless fellow. Singaporeans’ dissent against the pap has multiplied multiple folds overnight because of what he puked. What more can we expect of his subordinates, since he is of such mediocre caliber. If I were his boss, I’d send him home to ‘jia ga gi’

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