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DPM Teo raps Low Thia Kiang: I hope he will move away from his ‘combative tone’

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has rapped WP Chief Low Thia Kiang for using a ‘combative tone’ when responding to his comments via the media.

Mr Low has earlier accused DPM Teo of unfairly attacking the integrity of MP-elect for Hougang Png Eng Huat during a press conference on Saturday:

“About the allegation made by the Deputy Prime Minister… the headings and titles are all aiming towards character assassination. Certain facts that he has spoken about were reported but hidden somewhere in the article. Who’s going to read?”

However a day later, Mr Low struck a conciliatory tone and said he wants to move on from the by-election and focus on working together with the PAP to build a better Singapore.

When asked about Mr Low’s offer to make peace with the PAP, DPM Teo retorted:

“He had a very combative tone last night which really, really surprised. But I do hope that he will move away from the combative tone which he took during the by-election and work in a constructive way with the government.”

Mr Low has always portrayed himself as a ‘constructive’ opposition MP who does not oppose for the sake of opposing which earned him praises from former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who said he finds him ‘agreeable’.


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22 Responses to “DPM Teo raps Low Thia Kiang: I hope he will move away from his ‘combative tone’”

  1. Anon said

    DPM Teo obviously not updated on the news (or doesn’t want to “move on”), as LTK already stated earlier that the WP wants to move on from the Hougang by-election and work with the PAP for a better Singapore.

    • DIY said

      I doubt LTK can cooperate with the ruling party.

      Singer sings, Writer writes and Opposition oppose.

      When WP opposes, how can they work alongside with PAP when they cannot offer alternative programs. WP only offer promises of 1st Word Parliament and satisfaction index of the Bhutanese people.

      The Himalayan people lives in high altitude with rarefied air. The thinning of oxygen makes them feel euphoria. But SG is above sea level with plenty of oxygen and we have innovative people to run the island which is without natural resources.

  2. Tony said

    DPM TCH is a hypocrite. He started the “combative tone” in the by-election campaign now he is asking WP to move away from it after LTK “engaged” PAP on the issue. TCH tried to use the NCMP issue to attack the WP but it backfired on PAP and did a disservice to Desmond Choo who at the outset promised a positive (gentlemanly) campaign.

  3. P Koh said

    The funfair is over, the fireworks have subsided and there are much dirt on the ground which needs cleaning so why bother to quibble who said what and what tone they were uttered. Big man forgives, man big moves forward and big man looks at Big picture and not trying to find fault on past events. These election speeches no longer matter and the focus is not just to look at improvements and “do my best to support” but be committed and just do them when they are necessary for the general welfare of residents in HG. When a person tries to “do his best” there is a 50% chance of it not being carried out.

  4. denzuko1 said

    So TCH expect LTK to be submissive to PAP and kowtow to him? If LTK is to do that, he would have lost Hougang!

    TCH is such a sore loser.

  5. stevenado said

    Dear Deputy Pime Minister, Mr. Low did not at any time shown combative tone. He was, same as most of us,singaporean, VERY ANGRY WITH YOU!.Being a minister, must you mudslinging when Desmond Choo and Mr.Png agreed to gentleman fight?
    Why do bother whether WP sent in their best man or not?Who are you to decide?Must you interfere in WP’s internal affair.The voters of Hougang will decide not you!!! It is very sad that you had upset Desmond Choo’s agenda.Thank you for showing use your small man atitiude despite your height!.What you don’t realise is that the whole of SINGAPORE were watching you.Hope you can fight in the SMC for the next GE2016!

  6. Bloodsuckers said

    cannot say win people then start to say people tone very combative…. in the first place why should we talk to you nicely when you don’t even play nice…. it is a tit for tat…. cannot tahan huh… step down lor… retire… no one will remember you one…

    You are just a hitchhiker that rode into the PAP thru GRC system…. if you dare… IF YOU DARE…. stand one to one in SMC…. see who has the last laugh…….

    No need to be nice to white moronic dogs one… don’t deserve.

  7. CKMPD said

    TCH was not combative during B-E 2102? TCH should look himself in the mirror. His old combative politiking style will cause pap to lose more votes

    The biggest loser for Hougang By-Election was TCH.

  8. The Truth said

    DPM Teo should look at himself in the mirror before he accused LTK of being combative.

    It was his baseless attack and smearing campaign against PEH that caused outrage not only from LTK but many many Singaporeans.

    Time for TCH to grow up and move away from the dirty tactics of the PAP because it doesn’t work anymore and will only lose his party more seats in 2016.

  9. DPM Teo, after all your character assassination attempts, do you expect anything less?

  10. Crap... said

    PATHETIC… TCH.. u are a joke and disgrace.

  11. denzuko1 said

    Sounds more like a sore loser to me.

  12. Singaporean said

    Oh gosh!! Can’t stand this so-called DPM. Play dirty ticks n still dare to bark back like a mad dog!! Can’t stand PAP – only know how to talk n sue people..

  13. Beenthereseenit said

    Reading Mr Low’s comments, I don’t find it combative at all, he was just stating the fact that what TCH did was character assassination and how the media was biased in its reporting. Rather, I find TCH to be very ‘Xiao ren’ in this campaign, very unworthy of a MInister, a DPM at that! What an embarrassment for Singapore to have a million dollar childish DPM!

  14. Sean said

    So the PAP thinks that it’s Desmond Choo versus Png Eng Huat or Teo Chee Hean versus Low Thia Khiang? If TCH thinks it’s him versus LTK… wow… the result shocks me.. cheers!

  15. Backdoor said

    If can remember correctly, he missed the chance to be PAP MP candidate in GE1991, he got into parliament via GRC not SMC in BE1992 created by GCT in MP GRC.
    At least Png and LTK got into parliament via SMC.
    He kept talking about best man, he should ask his boss to abolish GRC and one to one fight in SMC in GE2016?

  16. Henry said

    Between the Combat and Guerilla … who is saying what?

  17. Dontdaredonttalk said

    Since he so love to go on a campaign trail, he should really contest in a SMC in 2016. Let’s see if he dares!

  18. seah yang howe said

    Teo doing the “walk of shame” after hougangs loss, in spite of all his efforts to discredit WP

  19. Dogmeat said

    Any opposition chief’s role is to be combative, provocative, and constantly hitting the usual suspects to squeeze out negative sentiments by any means. He’d be a failure opposition if not so. But it is better if he has done it with tact, and not marginalise the sensible people.

    • DIY said

      Yes, you are right. Historically there are only two combative opposition leaders represented in Parliament. They were David Marshall and JBJ. Mind you both are lawyers. But the five member Aljunied GRC consist with only three legal minds. LTK refused to be the unofficial leader of the opposition. Play smart, huh. If LTK debated in parliament without tact and apply false analogy, sensible people will marginalize the ‘Dear Leader’ from Hougang SMC. What’s more; democracy does not owe such leadership. It will be elected by the GRC and replaced by the GRC. Yaw’s saga was demoralizing. WP had been seen as ‘no standards’.

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