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No offer of support and encouragement by PAP MPs on Facebook for Desmond Choo after by-election loss

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012

Before the Hougang by-election on Saturday, PAP leaders and MPs have been actively promoting the PAP candidate Desmond Choo on social media with words of encouragement and by sharing his Facebook page.

However, they are now silent after Mr Choo was defeated by the WP candidate Png Eng Huat in the election. Mr Choo polled only 37.91% of the votes as compared to Mr Png’s 62.09%, a marginal increase of only 145 votes from last year.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted five photos of his visit to Bukit Gombak and Hillview on Sunday on his newly set up Facebook page:

“Visited Bukit Gombak and Hillview this morning. Chatted with many residents and activists, and met many enterprising youths. Had useful exchange of views and feedback. Also had fun jamming along with a group of them – “We Will Rock You”! (hope I didn’t break their rhythm :)). – LHL”

He did not comment on the result of the by-election though he did express his disappointment earlier in an interview with the media.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean who has been fighting tooth and nail for Mr Choo during the campaign trail was surprisingly quiet on his Facebook too. Neither did other ministers such as Khaw Boon Wan, Heng Swee Kiat and Lim Swee Say who sp0ke for Mr Choo during his rally expressed their thoughts on the outcome.

Only PAP MP for Tampines Baey Yam Keng offered his support for Mr Choo:

“Media asked Desmond if he’ll be back in 2016. He said he’ll be back on 28 May. Well said. Keep it up! Congrats, Png. See you in Parl.”



13 Responses to “No offer of support and encouragement by PAP MPs on Facebook for Desmond Choo after by-election loss”

  1. joker said

    he is just a pawn… be your own man – join ah huat la…

    • Who will give up a cosy job paying hundreds of thousand a yr to toy around with you and hope to ‘HUAT’? Perhaps there are, only strong will and strong patriotic citizens who wish to sacrisfy for his ppl, for the future of next generation.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    Desmond looks like a decent guy but in the wrong Party….he should quit PAP and join the Opposition ….any Opposition Party…

  3. pngkueh_forever said

    Sad for you Desmond, no big wigs went round with you to thank your voters, and very few of your voters came out to cheer you. Worst, none of your voters gather round to listen for the results. Only small number of Pap members crouch in a small room to wait for the results. Sad, isn’t it ? Better be your man elsewhere. You may have to wait for another 22 years to get back HG.

  4. We ain't Stupid! said

    Now by-election is over. Though I am a strong opposition supporter, I would admit that DC is by far better than Png. But voters in Hougang casted their votes based on party rather than based on candidate and his credentials.

    • Hougang Huat Arh !!! said

      you are contradicting yourself…….

    • why better said

      Do you mean that 60.1% who casted their votes in GE2011 for PAP did not cast their votes based on party?
      MBT has better credential than CST in GE1984 but ended up CST was the elected MP for PP SMC, why? If not becos of GRC system, MBT may not be able to enter parliament in 1988. So do you admit that GRC system is far more better than candidate credential?

  5. George said

    Yes. Glad that they finally stop all these shares & likes. My newsfeeds in Facebook are flooded with shares and likes of DC’s videos and photos during by-elections from pro-pap “friends” or PAP grassroots in disguise. Well, no incentives for these pro-pap people to do so anymore. (A) DC is not the elected MP so no need to sar kar anymore as there is no benefits for them to do so (at least not until 2016) (B) no need to do propaganda for DC/PAP since BE over. Sad for DC to see these “strong” supports all gone in one day. That is life…if DC win he will be hailed as “hero” by PAP for taking back Hougang…lost = back to cold palace until next time. More importantly, PAP MPs keeping quiet now coz they got snubbed again by Hougang people.

    • what's in it for me ? said

      good observation indeed!
      it is in defeat, down on luck, that you know who your real friends and real supporters are. Desmond went in with his eyes wide open to join such an org.
      i never doubt for one moment he is from the same stock as the other PAP members.
      each and everyone in it to gain something for themselves.

  6. Lim said

    PAP treat Desmond like shit, thats why put him in hougang and die

    • sure or not said

      He may have paid well to take the shit? A shit job is still a shit job but if well paid, why not take the shit?

  7. dan2429E said

    …so now DC should know who are his fair-weather friends…..

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