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PAP supporter cried for Desmond Choo after he lost the by-election

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012





*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


17 Responses to “PAP supporter cried for Desmond Choo after he lost the by-election”

  1. LKY said

    Hahahaha, we didn’t know it was tears of joy. I am crying too. Boo boo boo.

  2. P Koh said

    One swallow does not make a summer. How about the hundreds who cried that night and their tears were in jubilation of the success of “Ah Huat”. This does not mean that “Ah Choo” is the only person who cares for the residents of HG and that “Ah
    Huat” could not do so. Time will Tell.!

  3. FOCAROFL (fall off chair and roll and floor laughing) – how many 5 years does SINGAPORE have before all of Singapore’s resources and reserves gets wiped out by the PAP government in useless gestures like commmunity integration for foreign trash, YOG , investment into junk securities like kindergartens and music schools and junk grade investment banks , scholarship for ingrates , etc ?!?!?! DON’T MAKE US TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS CRY !!!!!!

    • Rustle said

      Well, the PAP has been in government since 1963 and the country reserves has been growing and not decreasing. Use your brain, duh!

    • Rustle said

      I’m a true blue Singaporean’.

      • dear “true blue Singaporean “, would you like to see your CPF money in your lifetime ? Sorry , can’t give you back hor, we give you inflated HDB property value instead can? Temasek Holdings is doing very well okay? We add wealth of some sorts every year without fail, even “negative wealth”!!!! plus some more help to educate children in Australia some more … .oh wait , that one gone into “in”voluntary administration already …. YOG put our name on the world map , full house every time so more – filled to the brim with the buttocks of our own school children …. and a grand total of one world newspaper covered it in detail – Straits Times – and we invest in the biggest and bestest and cheapest banks (Bank of America , NIB of Pakistan , UBS of Switzerland – biggest besters losers)

  4. spotlessleopard said

    Who cries for: 1) Old and poor citizens who dare not go to see the Doctor or for medication for their chronic ailments because they do not even have the money for bus fare to go in the first place 2) Who cries for citzens with young children and who suddenly lost their jobs to foreigners who took their jobs at half the pay? 3) Who cries for EXPLOITED FOREIGNERS who were enticed and conned into comingto singapore and found that they get paid less than promised them and that they will be hated by Singaporeans because they “stole” some unfortunate Singaporean his job?4) Who cries for the young Singaporeans who cannot to afford to buy a basic home for themselves because of the sky high prices of Public Housing 5) Who cries for poor children who cannot afford to continue their studies because both their parents lost their jobs 6) Who cries for Singaporeans who suddenly discover that going to work is a fight to even get to the Platform of the Mrt? 7) Who cries for the very Old who collect Cardboard Boxes and Cans for a living?…..8) Who cries for the Singapreans whose income has not risen in real terms for the last 15years? …9) Who cries for the Singaporeans who graduates and find He cannot get a job he wanted and to find out later a Foreigner was given that job at half the going rate of pay..Desmond is so lucky to be having a very well paid job in the NTUC…a job that will never be replaced with another ordinary singaporean nor be replaced by a half the price Foreigner ….Desmond has a competition and replacement proof high paying job in NTUC…..why cry for him?

  5. Beenthereseenit said

    I agree with P Koh. Desmond Choo is not the only ‘nice guy’ nor is he the only one who cares for the residents of Hougang. The one difference is can Desmond care enough to vote against PAP’s immigration policy, PAP’s policy to privatize key services like transport and electric, PAP’s policy to discriminate against Singaporeans with different political views, PAP’s policies around CPF?

  6. jack said

    Let’s support Desmond choo to be a good grass root advisor to help the Hougang people.

    was he much well paid as a policeman than the Nutc Dy director as mentioned by this writer?

    can the ntuc and ministry of home affairs clarify this?

  7. Wicked Brain said





  8. Rustle said

    Hey, moderator, are you being biased or just riding with the popularity tide? Why isn’t all my comments passed for posting? They are fair comment without any vulgarity. Come on. Be open and objective.

  9. Steve said

    This PAP supporter look like a FAN CLUB MEMBER.

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