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Sexy ‘chiobu’ Sharmaine Liang sparks outcry with racist tweet against Indians

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012

One month after Nanyang Polytechnic student Lai Shimun sparked a massive outcry with a racist tweet about Indians, another Singapore girl finds herself in hot soup again over a similar comment.

In a post on her twitter today, Sharmaine Liang wrote:

Her comments spread like wildfire in cyberspace, with Singaporeans from all races condemning her for it:

[Source: Nishmen Nair’s Facebook]

Sharmaine has since deleted both her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Below is a snapshot of her taken by a Hardwarezone forumer:


94 Responses to “Sexy ‘chiobu’ Sharmaine Liang sparks outcry with racist tweet against Indians”

  1. ughhh she buttttt ugly man…..

    • Theo said

      You should get off your couch potato ass and get a life, you would probably do well with some exercise too. I get the feeling even a “butt ugly” girl like this wouldn’t go for you if you were the last male on earth.

  2. Jeojeo said

    TT is adding more fuel to the fire.
    what good does it bring to the cyberspace or to SG? hell to TT

  3. Invictus said

    The term YOUNG AND STUPID clearly applies to this girl !

    • The Truth said

      She is entitled to her own opinion.

      Let’s show her some respect, instead of slamming her, okay ??

      • scorpio said

        She is definitely entitled to her own opinion but not those with racist remarks!She lives in a multi-racial country not China whereby she can freely make racist remarks and get supporters like you to simply quote that she is free to make her own opinion!

  4. Bunga said

    Indian nationals in foreign countries need to get their ass kicked!!!

    • Annoyed guy said

      what do you get out of this? The white guys kicking their ass doesn’t care if you’re indian national or singapore national. They kick anything thats not white, including a jackass like you

      • Dogmeat said

        Doesn’t detract from the fact that these outsiders are thrash from these people’s POV. Ha Ha Ha. I don’t go to other people’s land to suck dry their resources like the locusts. Hey, I’m not against a particular race, or xenophobic, there are good people and bad people within each race. But, those that come here are destroying on our cultural identity and making life hard for the natives. Why is the MRT always crowded with more foreigners than locals? Why is PAP sponsoring through our world class universities and give them jobs while we pay for ever increasing tuition? The more I think about it, the more it makes me sick on the inside. Oh well that’s “fair competition” according to our PAP.

    • Ryan said

      Bunga was probably ass fucked by an Indian thats why haha

  5. Karias said

    This is retarded. Once more racist person in Singapore makes no fucking difference, why condemn her for this?

    • ProubToBeIndian said

      As Indians, if we’re not going to take a stand, there will be more and more racist people insulting our race in Singapore. Anyway, we’re not condemning an innocent and naive girl. She’s getting what she deserves and in my opinion, she deserves to be slammed hard that in future no one will dare to post racist comments on FB or Twitter or any other social network. Those who are supporting her, bear in mind, you’re not only supporting her alone, but racism too.

  6. Alan Lau said

    Attention Seeker …. Symptom No 1. for women

  7. Uncle Mama said

    my new indian neighour from India….quite often talking loudly with their friends outside his house till mid 3am…if i compiant….am i racist ?
    or just LL

  8. lsvop said

    Let’s face it. She’s fustrated, a true blue Singaporean (appears that way to me) is fustrated with a social situation. Instead of asking what the government can do but is not doing to help allevate her fustration, TT started to slam her, show her picture, etc. The least you can do is to show empathy towards her, that you understand where she is coming from. And generate ideas how to solve her fustration, then lobby the government to act. It could be (in PAP’s words) how the government can explain the situation better, or (like what the govt like to do) throw money to commision a study to understand why people smell (eg after a soccer game or if they have been smoking) and then throw money again for shower facilities at soccer pitches or anti smoking campaign. She may have singled out a group of people, but the truth is if a Chinese, Indian, Malay or Ang Moh smoke, all will have that horrible cigarette smell regardless of race. I personally dislike sitting beside a smoker on the train because of this.

    The cause here may not be cigarettes but something else which fustrates her. Let’s see how we can solve the problem instead of slamming our fellow Singaporeans.

  9. RR said

    hi. all you fucking people with no fucking lives, and obviously jobs or school, need to go and have your balls checked. and to the writer of this article, i think you need to brush up on your skills as a WRITER and find something more interesting, and less personal to write on. mo-fucking-ronic. also, to the person that took started the spreading, there are other ways to get attention. i’m sure your parents will give you all the attention you need.

    • ProubToBeIndian said

      What about u then? U have a life? Then what u doing posting ur comment here? Think before u post la RR and so much of vulgarities. I’m very sure ur parents didn’t give u the attention which is why u turned out like this! Prick!

  10. Rollseyes said

    Call a spade a spade, she’s right.

  11. aloysius12 said

    Hello, read this. You guys don’t read between the lines.
    Either TR is loosing interesting articles to write to draw readership to their blog and/or working with this has been lady left on the shelf gathering dust and withering away with no one paying attention to her to start this boring issue.

  12. Save Singapore said

    It is the government’s doing. They have created such a situation that our national education efforts are failing as they have created a lot of social tension with too many foreigners in this country, Blame it on the SAP school system as the there is no integration or interaction with the other races.

    This girl needs counselling while her parents are to be blamed as they have failed in their upbringing. They have brought up a social retard who does not know what to say.

  13. AR ABU BAKAR said

    Truth hurt eh!, its normal Indian is stink., just walk pass through them and breath their aromatised stinking body.

    • friedmarsbar said

      ya still, we dont have to criticised them. its rude 😦

    • kavitha said

      AR ABU BAKAR – you should grow a brain before u attempt to send a comment, which third world country are u from? “indian is stink”. wtf is that? do us all a favour and kill yourself. u prolly spend your free time giving banglas blowjob so if ur head is under someone’s ass all the time, everything will stink. GROW A BRAIN MOTHERFUCKER.

    • The Saint said

      We walk past u chinese and there is always stanch too! plus u guys dont even wash ur asses! Now which is smellier? Dont we live with u guys? Take the train in the morning and my fingers are not enough to count how many chinese didnt shower in the morning! And even that has got a foul stanch leakin out. And do we post such comments?? Use ur brains u prick! Dont just look at others but look at urself before passing comments others. And dont hide behind a PC and comment all u want. Have some balls and go public. Put your mouth where ur balls are.

      • Ah Neh said

        Most Northern Indians have body odour and smell like rotten eggs.

        I know it hurts but that’s the truth.

        Use more deodorant before you step out of your house next time so there won’t be anymore such body odour comments.

        Accept the truth and get over it.

  14. CJ said

    To be honest, most of the Indian Nationals, need to put on Deodorant and China Nationals need to shower in the morning. Many Singaporeans still doesn’t shower in the morning. Her choice of words should have been better but she does have a point. Why must I breathe in someone else’s bad odour…if you are okay with it, then it is your choice. Others do not have to agree with you. Proper body hygiene is important but the arrogance that comes with the odour is just unbearable. Everyone has their rights to have an opinion.

    • TapOut said

      U are right ! It’s terrible unbearable,especially on the crowded morning trains.When they sweat,its’ ten times worse.

  15. friedmarsbar said

    Why need to even mention “indians”, so rudee! even if its true, we should just respect that, its happening all over the world. Some C…. do not bathe in the morning and we all know that and they smell sometimes, we didnt complain much cause we respect them. I hate racism! im 30% indian and i respect all races.

    • Rmag said

      Why not? Seriously do the malays or chinese smell the same?

      • Jason said

        You should really get a life fucker ! EVeryone in this world stinks not only the indians , chinese people stinks like hell too . But we don’t publish it like that and humiliate other races right ? So why do you ppl have to always pick on indians ? After all this a multi racial country … Let’s be respect for everyone .. Humiliating a race is not good at all , get over it -.-

      • friedmarsbar said

        What you mean by why not?, can i say yes some malay and chinese smell too and some indian doesnt smell that bad too. oh cmonnnnn….its not as if the smell causes death..-_- stop racism.

  16. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Well , at least we wash , we don’t use toilet paper to wipe & still walk around with the stain !

  17. Ramesh G said

    It is sad this girl Sharmaine thinks this way. Really sad. Shows her lack of maturity. In our country, one thing we treasure is the respect we show for our folks regardless of race or religion. That is what makes us special as Singaporeans. Unfortunately, she does not realise this. We should educate this girl that making such comments hurt and does not do good to anyone. I am happy to see so many of of us correcting her thoughtless and insensitive remarks. “Do unto others what you would do unto yourself”. This is basic human courtesy. I hope she learns from what she has sown.

    Ramesh G

  18. Yayrhah said

    What she say is a FACT!!! Ah Neh smells really bad with the whatever coconut oil they put on. YUCKS!

    • Ramesh G said

      What you just said was more crude than what the girl supposedly uttered. Please do not make sweeping statements. Everyone smells after a while. That’s why we use deodrants, colognes and perfumes; and not to mention shower daily. Humans do have a right to live with dignity. I beleive you are human, hence please refrain from making such inhumane comments. Appreciate it.

    • Sweetz said

      coconut oil does no stink. 😀

  19. singaporean said

    i dun tink she was refering to singaporean indians..i believe its the foriegn trash shes talking being a indian myself..they r a complete ignorant bunch..they earn tons of money here but they r not bothered bt their personal hygeniene…well guys we hv to pay the price to endure this thanks to our ruling party immigration policies…

    • JOSH said

      So what is the different between a Singaporean Indian and an Individual from India?
      Do you mean to say all people in India are smelly? If so Can you please specify which state and

      Do you know that there are 25+ states in India and there are several hundreds of types of people in India?

      Do you know that there are slums and there are hi-fi cities in India?

      • Suria said

        From north Indian doctors to south Indians IT workwrs hey don’t wear deodorant. And S’pore’s humidity plays a part too

  20. Ibrahim said

    well most kindergartens are closed due to HFMD , did we make mandatory for anus washing with soap and water to clear that dirt shix liein there for ages Miss Beautiful Nose, lol who is talkin about smell, btw with that so call flatten nose, can u in fact smell? Maybe u might wana consider stop consuming Chou Toufu, a chosen to eat stinky food,

    you are really stupid really messing up situation among the ethnic races, lady u are failing to realise with the high number of PRC workers coming in they are now overtaking the bangla workers for odur based negative reactions in trains and buses, actually there are lots to rebart back racially at you but it wouldnt be nice as there are good chinese around, you got to wake up and sharpen ur mind, cz you cant keep ur mind be flat too . You know something with such remarks, when you witness you, youself being racially assaulted, you are indeed the looser as we are letting you know of the real facts of what you are.

    What you have might be an opinion but the reaction is racial facts to you .

    Do you dare announce the colour of your skin proudly ? Not White, Brown or Black but yxxxxx, cz that is absolute racist felt by most Chinese living abroad , in UAE chinese are mentioned as Jaundice, do you encounter anything here yet, not till you start..
    Do you dare call yourself clean with that toilet paper in your hand ?
    Pig and Dogs being consumed in China, wouldn”t it be considered a free facts lieing around to be made fun off ?
    Oh yes , the eyes and nose…. obvious to comment .
    One can simply take pictures of sqatting PRC workers in trains and how fellow sporean including chinese closng thier noses when they sat beside them, so you want all these to be filmed to be youtubed ?
    Y are u causing an unnecessary reaction ? You arent a perfect xxxx Ms Oriental.

    Who is having the last laugh now ?

  21. Why like that again said

    oh yeah that is till you step out of Singapore , out of your majority crowd and then you will realise that you cant be a Miss world or Ms Universe unless the peagent is held in China .

    what you consume is considered haram cz it is filthy, what are you then.
    The toilet paper speaks for itself of the bad smell you are carrying from the day you are born till the day you die, as you will not have washed that iyeeeeeeerrrr, so can we avoid sitting on the sits of the train ?

    hey isnt sars another form of deadly disease exp , isnt bird flu another exp, where are they from ? Arent they from your xxxxx
    The Chinese in Australia wernt even allowed to board the same bus as the Aussies then ,they were asked to go down during the Sars outbreak, in some universities , banners stating ” stay away from cxxxxxx””stay away from sars” displayed by the angmohs, so arent you living in a smoky area being ignorant . You are in a comfort zone dear, i guess you are yet to realise the reality, you wont understand the way you will be treated as long you travel btw Tuas to Changi, travel beyond , you will be crying, as that will be the reality .

    oh ops am i letting out more…u bet , why are you falling into the trap for the hidden counter reactions to be revealed ? Hey u bet, when you hear this in Singapore as a majority it is a shame on you and thats the real embarrassment.

  22. aiyo said

    Those who started spreading and reposting this should be punished, including TT. You are just creating more social unrest. If you think what she post is bad, should you ask her to remove it ? Instead of taking screen shot and starting the racial thingy. 煽动种族歧视

  23. Roti Bakar said

    oh Chinese Chou Doufu, then what about U Chinese pig eaters and those who are yet to wash their backside after shitting, Is that the natural fragrance to chinese? Papa smelling Mummy backside and TiTi smelling Ah Mah backside …
    son ask Papa how come you backside dont smell ? Papa said i spray perfume so backside wont stink and for few days you all wont get hand foot and mouth disease .

    Do u know u chinese are well known for eating stray dogs, now i know why i hardly see one on the street, ofcourse you wont feel the odur, one pig smelling another pig mah,

    • Ramesh G said

      Your response in my opinion is way overboard. If you do not wish others to hurt you, don’t hurt others. Responding to vicious comments with venom, just makes the world a poisonous place. What you just said, is really distasteful. Lets not go tit for tat, get impulsive and make things worse. It does nobody any good. Our Chinese, Malay and Indian friends did no harm to deserve such harsh taunts. Let’s be respectful.

  24. Mike said

    the fact is that TT is taking away all racially rebarted comments against chinese, they dont want the world to know how the chinese can be made fun of

  25. JOSH said


    QUESTION HERE IS : How many of you will be ready to do the job that these workers are doing ?


  26. Zam said

    Sexy Chiobu?? Pui..

  27. Zhang said

    Finally its lovely to see the true blue nature of Singaporeans – “Racists”…kudos to your Parents, Teachers, and Leaders for bringing up a totally “F”ed country.

  28. Rockafella said

    She’s from Ngee Ann Poly FYI

  29. i’m afraid it’s the truth. most people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh lacks body hygiene. not from here only but all over the world.

  30. alibaba said

    what she said is true..

  31. loo said

    Its jus some people have a more senetive nose than others. Like some people hates he smell of durians and some just love it. Ya, she could have been more careful with her remarks. I guess, what is happening is there is no big news so this litle news becomes the news everyone talks about. But hink of it differently. Before the internet media came out, uncles and aunties gossip about lien he wan bao news. Nobody takes gossip to heart. Cheer up everyone. Just gossip lah.

    • JOSH said

      The number of people who were wounded by her words are numerous!

      You can heal a wound by a sword, but not by your tongue!

  32. Singaporean said

    Everyone smells – if you go around the different races – all smell – from the Malays, Chinese and Indians. All are nauseating but we should not go around saying they smell as that is insensitive. Try smelling some of the food of the Malay, Chinese and Indian – can vomit. If you have a view that offends others, keep it to yourself. Do not post it or talk about it.

    We need to maintain racial and religious harmony in this country. As for Charmaine – she needs counselling. If she is not happy about the multiracial diversity of Singapore – she can go back to China where they all smell the same to her – like the stinky PRC FT in SIngapore.

    • friedmarsbar said

      You wana leave in Singapore, then learn about multi racial! if not….go to China, all chinese, she will be more happy, dont need to even speak in english 😀

  33. Ryan said

    I know this girl back in her secondary school and she has always been discriminating towards other races. It is weird because our school did enforce the importance of social responsibility and all that. In the end, it goes to show she did not learn what the school taught and she end up like this.

  34. WX said

    Dude, I have my both hands down to your comment. You are utterly crude, but your words of wisdom makes it ethically correct! You are so morally upright that it brings shame to us chinese, I’ve never seen a man as righteous as you. Thumbs up for you!

    You must be a very educated person with plenty of intellectual capabilities. To think that you’ll be wasting time on such comments is really a pity. But your comments are revered and to be taken seriously with consideration that it will benefit our entire society!

    You have gained my utmost respect. I will, remember you wise words a create an ideology for everyone living in Singapore. Who knows, you might be the next PM Lee and lead our country into the future. I believe you are a great man. Thank you for your wonderful and constructive comments. I hope you have a good day ahead of you sir. Good night.

  35. friedmarsbar said

    At the end of the day you guys should appreciate enough that those banglas doing a good job by standing our building here!
    Every morning before work, i hear the briefing at the construction site, listening to all the banglas and china people doing some cheer for the start of the work and this is what they get. haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. i think they should just not do a good job and let the building that we standing on fall.. HAHHAAHAHAHA ohmyyyy.. LOL
    Cmon people, indian chinese malay, we are one man….. lets just smile to each other even though ur nose cannot tahan. 😀

  36. hendeeze said

    I think you all stink, I will not use your nationality or color of your skin to exclude you.

  37. ICEBLAST said

    Im indian..BUT to other indians stop HIGHLIGHTING that the chinese wipe their asses.. when indians shit outside you have to wipe too? i am not supporting any particular race here or mine for that matter..racism is everywhere and everybody would start to emit some smell eventually. SO stop complaining.. Since indians seem to be the target here then start shaving armpits and using colonge. Be the change u want and make the difference.. its that simple. At the end of the day if someone were to judge you based on your ethnic background then that’s their loss.Being indian does not limit you only if you keep convincing yourselves as such.Its the same thing being handicapped or blind would ONLY limit you if you convince yourself that it would!! Indian Chinese or Malay all would die some day and what matters is what you achieve during your being here!!!!

    • yellow pig said

      U sound more like a China man with dozens of toilet paper stack in ur kitchen .
      I came across a Chinese bed time story .

      “Mummy and daddy go to ntuc buy toilet paper and luncheon meat, since can’t find dog meat in ntuc , papa end up buying dog food instead for his breakfast.
      Morning papa wakes up never bathe never brush teeth but start to pungsai .
      After pungsai he tore the toilet paper and extra newspaper to wipe his yellow ass , not realising that shit was spread all over his ass along with the dried shit hanging on there for past 57 years , she woke up and dresses up . Papa and mama was major contributor to hand food and mouth disease .

  38. Peter said

    Obviously a good heart does not come with a good face.

  39. TapOut said

    Unfortunately,what she said was the “hard truth”. Note that other foreigners residing in SG don’t have this smell. I suggest Indians head to their beloved Musfafa to get a bottle of Chanel No.7,whilst the special offer last.

  40. Steve Lee said

    She was being racist and insulting!!! No one in Singapore deserves to be abused on the basis of their race and there is no reason whatsoever that can excuse such bad behaviour. She shames herself and her parents who failed to teach her right from wrong. Indians, Malays, Chinese, Eurasians and many others co existed with other with respect and frienship for many years. We all grew up with Indian neighbours and visited their homes when we were children and vice versa and most Singaporeans continue to have good friends of Indian origin. We should all feel outrage at any disrespect directed at our Singaporean Indian brothers and sisters.

    • JOSH said

      So How do I identify if a man is singapore Indian or Indian Indian ??

    • yellow pig said

      How can I differntiate a sporean Chinese and a China man ?
      All Chinese with yellow skinned , flat nose , small eyed so how to differentiate?

      Hardly any good looking ones as the so call miss China was crowned ms world when it tool place in China . How can i differentiate a pig from a.swine ,aren’t they the same ?

  41. JOSH said

    I am serously thinking stop my monthly donation to Singaporean cancer society

    • JOSH said

      Why to waste my money and be a victim
      Of such racial discrimination??

    • AR ABU BAKAR said

      So, you are threatening to stop contributing??????????????. Who cares about you, stop it if you want. You are not the only contributor here. You are really another typical Indian who likes to boast and brag.

      • roti bakar no kaya no butter said

        Puii.. on ur roti bakar face , u shall keep ur $2 and boast for next 2 decade

  42. yellow chou doufu said

    Chinese well known for eating pig and dog . How on earth will.a.pig eater or dog eater smell ? Horrible right ?
    China man or any Chinese known well.for the practice of not takin shower often ,nose of time not brush teeth . I have experience the bad odured China man with thier saliva sprayed smelly body and mouth and loud noise in train . Hand foot mouth disease no doubt a Chinese disease , it tale an obvious spot in train ,when deadly Chinese saliva is.sprayed . I cM vomit thinking abt it

  43. yellow pig said

    She is just letting the hidden secrets out . Do u know how mad a Chinese will be when he or she is called a pig or yellow skinned. It is like end of world .
    This sharmaine ah moi , face look like rotten tougay but name is sharmaine . No balance.
    Anyway it is common for yellow swines to have white name hoping to cover their yellow cheexx .
    Nah beh u Chinese eating the most smelliest food in the planet never washing ur anus for ages talking about smell Puii…
    Chao Doufu
    Chao cheena, make.sure u stop stealing the stray dogs to serve ur stomache ,Chinese pariah dog eaters .
    LOL the difference between a bucket of shitx and Chinese is the bucket , do u Chinese know what it means or is ur brain as flat as ur nose

  44. Sweetz said

    I am a 2nd generation singaporean indian. As a singaporean I am proud to be born in this country and happy with our racial unity and culture. Thing are going haywire nowadays. It is upsetting. In my life time I have smelt stinking chinese malay and indians all local. When foreigners came in smells got worse and singapore has gotten alot dirtier. You shd nt specifically say this race stink. Everyone will stink. Poor hygiene and bad food intake. This is a small matter. This matter causes our unity as singaporeans to loosen. Foreigners just respect them for who they are. I do hope we can have some personal hygiene outreach programme to educate everyone.

    • HFMD said

      Maybe to introduce ass washing after shittin to the yellow donkxxxx as a health education to avoid hfmd .

  45. JSR said

    Stink stories of other races are found in all communities. So, don’t throw stones from a glass house.

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