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Your View: PAP increasing its percentage of votes in Hougang by 3 percent

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he is ‘encouraged’ by the result of the Hougang by-election which sees its share of votes ‘increased’ by 3 percent compared to last year.

Some netizens beg to differ:

Raymond Ang:

The 2% increase is not definitive because around 1500 eligible voters in Hougang did not vote. The number of votes cast at this By Election vis-a-vis last year’s General Election. To be objective, this 2% don’t mean a thing. The overall support for WP has not eroded the slightest. Hougang has reaffirmed once again that for “Change” to come about, we need to change the present composition of MPs in Parliament. Currently we have too few opposing voices to deter PAP’s punitive policies from affecting us. Just think about it. PAP has not delivered anything except to take away from us, such as jobs, hard earned money through indirect taxes, entries to local Uni, etc. The very most they’ve ever given us are “cheap handouts” near Election year. We are after all a rich “First World Nation” with ability to lend to the World Bank. Our destiny lies in the way we cast our vote each we’re given the opportunity. To vote is not just our rights as citizen but a responsibly to effect positive change for our lives here in Singapore.

Judy Tan:

It’s not surprising that there is a slight drop in the winning votes considering all that had happened in Hougang that brought about the by-election. What is surprising is that Mr Choo did not win by a greater margin despite having a distinct advantage over Mr Png, having worked the grounds longer than Mr Png and having all the heavy weights of the PAP campaigning for him.

Fong Chin Teck:

An increase of 145 votes is good. But an increase of 145 DESPITE YSL and TCH attempts at mudslinging is considered bad. Even though YSL damaged the party and even though PAP tried hard at character assassination DC only won an additional 145 votes. Hopefully the PM has well paid, good advisers and analysts to highlight to him how bad that really is …

Ng Chee Sian:

There are 294 rejected votes. If out of 294 Rejected ones. How many actually voted for WP? Under what circumstances, were they rejected? Maybe there was no improvement, but just some elderly draw out of square.

* The above comments were first posted on Facebook.



14 Responses to “Your View: PAP increasing its percentage of votes in Hougang by 3 percent”

  1. P Koh said

    Loyalty of voters is a commodity that money and words find great difficulty to overcome. The road to loyalty spans more than 20 years and until and unless this emotional loyalty can be dislodged, the HG residents will continue to render their support for their leaders who have shown much resilience and resolute in facing the might of the ruling party in Parliament.

  2. LKY said

    145 is a vote swing – is this not making a mountain out of a mole hill? But when they cannot solve national problems, they make a molehill out of a mountain. That’s why they are top brains. My toes are laughing. Thanks for the joke.

  3. WP said

    ha ha ha……dit tou zor dou yew cha fan cha sa…….diu……

  4. DIY said

    Hougang voters supported only their ‘Dear Leader’. This is called LTK factor and nothing else. Once he is not around a statue will be installed at this SMC.

    • Rustle said

      Ahahaha. Well said.
      When he kicks the bucket, what then?

      • DIY said

        WP manifesto mentioned Hougang is a beacon of democracy. LTK didn’t know that in USA ‘democracy is elected by the people and replaced by the people’. For LTK position; elected by the GRC and will be replaced by the GRC. Then he is downgraded to (- – – D) rating. Finally a statue as a last bastion.

    • Daft and the dafter said

      60.1% voters supported only their “Great Leader” in GE2011? Staying in glass house still throwing out stones?

      • DIY said

        ‘Great Leader’ set very high standards. I quote “Great leaders bear greater responsibility”. Our local ‘Dear Leader’ started blaming the mainstream media, bias reporting, sabotaging and internal squabble. The GRC was won because he said LKY challenged WP to contest. Where are the standards when Yaw AWOL?

  5. Jack said

    PAP got all the analyst to paralisis, their campaign.

  6. The Truth said

    A party on the decline and a PM in denial.

    “Encouraged” by a mere 145 extra votes when they should have won at least 42 to 48 p/c of the total votes, according to his own party estimates before the result was announced ??

    Looks more to me like a drowning man grasping at straws.

  7. Rustle said

    Three percentage point is not bad. Just think. Three percentage point for every year. Four years later, 12 percentage point! Yay!

    • Try harder next time said

      Just like 60.1% and 81 seats in GE2011, not bad results, good job.
      3% or 145 votes, encouraging results, great job.

  8. in the know said

    The 1500 WP supporters didn’t come to vote because they are disappointed with WP. There are many talks on the ground about the disappointment.

    If these 1500 are so disppointed by 2016 and they turn to PAP, imagine.. Choo will be 43% versus Png of 57%. Choo is backin Hougang by May 28, not 2016. With Choo’s sincerity and indomitable spirit to serve right at the ground level where it really counts, then it’s only a matter of time that he proves himself with his sheer hard work.

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