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Zaobao’s Chief Editor lashed out at Low Thia Kiang for his ‘baseless’ attacks on the media

Posted by temasektimes on May 28, 2012

The Chief Editor of Lianhe Zaobao Wu Xindi (吴新迪) has lashed out at WP Chief Low Thia Kiang for his harsh criticisms on the Singapore media.

In a press conference called after the result of the Hougang by-election was announced, Mr Low attacked the media for being used as a ‘tool’ to smear the Workers Party:

“It saddens me to see mainstream media used as a tool. Independent media is a cornerstone of 1st world Parliament… I don’t understand why people are harping on WP “problems, malfunctions”. All calculated to discredit WP.”

He also criticized a particular paper without mentioning names for publishing the news without verifying the identity of ‘Secret Squirrel.’

Lianhe Zaobao was the first SPH paper to expose a WP CEC meeting minutes leaked by a WP CEC member using the moniker of ‘Secret Squirrel’ which documented clearly that WP MP-elect for Hougang Png Eng Huat was in the ballot for the NCMP position contrary to his assertion that he was not interested in it.

In a lengthy editorial published in Lianhe Zaobao today, Mr Wu said that being a RESPECTED media professional, he needs to point out seriously that they do not accept Mr Low’s baseless accusation.


Mr Wu explained that after receiving the anonymous tip-off, Zaobao’s reporters tried ways and means to contact WP leaders to verify the story, but nobody has replied by press time after which it went ahead to publish the article as based on ‘experience’, they are pretty sure the CEC minutes were not forged.


The attacks on Png Eng Huat’s integrity appear to have little impact as he romped home with an impressive victory by garnering 62.09% of the votes.


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55 Responses to “Zaobao’s Chief Editor lashed out at Low Thia Kiang for his ‘baseless’ attacks on the media”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    We need a new Government formed by Opposition Parties and then repealed the Newspapers and Printing Acts…and break the monopoly of SPH….then only can there be real news reporting…meanwhile they will have the dubious ranking of 134th position .

    • Zam said

      Well said.

    • Singaporean said

      P*P controlled all the media source and thus media only report those that PAP like to hear…

      Wu Xindi (吴新迪)?? Read from the name can tell is another FT again…sigh…cant govt take care of his own breed 1st??

  2. LkySi said

    Reporters without Borders – Singapore media far below war torn Sudan in terms of freedom of the press. No institution or any government organ, for that matter in Singapore is free and or independent. All are compliant and spineless.

    • atuk said

      You see across the causeway , you see here in Sgpore = same .
      The political culture are the same , they graduated from the same MASTER , the british empire.
      Now the people are changing but , our political people aren’t changing…!!!

  3. alex said

    Are u sure u are calling WP leaders not calling PAP DPM Teo ??? And u went ahead to publish it base on ‘experience’ assuming the thing is right. What if u are wrong and u get sued ??? Sure u will twist and turn and says sorry just like all the pappies. Mr Wu your explanation is outdated just like the pappies.


      134th ranking in press freedom you calledvyourself have 尊严? You are just shitting!

  4. speechless said

    if this is PAP, i see if Zao bao DARE TO PRINT OR NOT!

  5. pay said

    My ang moh friend whos a reporter/editor in the states told me reading local news is like reading christian newsletter in the states…. One way traffic.

  6. denzuko1 said

    Respected professional? Don’t make me laugh. It is a known fact in Singapore that SPH is a stooge of PAP. Imagine that SPH received unverifiable data and decide to publish anyway, how much can we say about the credibility of this paper?

    Just imagine, if one day they received the same from a mole in PAP, will they do the same? Only know how to TCSS.

  7. JeoJeo said

    sg journalists…?? made me yawn. I hardly read SG news, they are mostly twisted. I can’t believe the CNA presenter asked Dr. Kxx (the shallow political analyst), “… is the margin of 2%+ improvement “SIGNIFICANT” for the paps?”.
    t’was the conversation in the live telecast on CNA last Saturday evening…

  8. Jef said

    it’s the truth fact as stated in “Wikipedia” — The Straits Times has sometimes been criticized as being the mouthpiece of the ruling party, the People’s Action Party and lacks the freedom to criticize the government.

  9. Jef said

    in singapore , dont read the news from newspaper , no radio news too , TV news as well , cos media are being controlled . “brainwash” tools of PAP.

  10. Sage said

    All chief editors of MSM have a direct line to PMO. They will vet and approve all articles before print and release news according to PM’s office instructions. They don’t use emails, just some phone calls or over lunch or during some grassroots activities or events.


      Very correct. So that no evidence can be foubd on all these guilt. That we already known long long time ago.

  11. Dirty Politics said

    Mr Wu would you dare to publish a letter leaked by someone in PAP if the facts are not verified??? Why are so confident that the leaked contents of the letter is water proof tht you dare to publish it without clearing with WP? Where is your professionalism n ethics?? I believe SPH has a set of ethics for their staff to follow.

  12. joker said

    mai pian siao la – move on…

  13. Rustle said

    Now, the minutes were genuine, weren’t they?
    The moral of the story is: Always respond when reporters try to get in touch with you.

  14. Kaki Bukit said

    The truth is that the CEC minutes is real, as admitted by LTK himself. This was leaked from a WP insider from inside the very party itself. It is also clear that Png lied to make himself sound very principled. This is for his political benefit. LTK should try to keep his own party in order first, instead of trying to silence someone who reported the real facts by attacking the person. A better course of action for LTK politically would be to deny the minutes outright. In that way, he will have the upper hand to kick the reporters butts. Why is LTK so naive? In any case, Png has already lied so why not go all the way?

    By the way, Wikipedia is not truth.

    • Haha said

      Hard truth is the only truth?
      Whatever it is, the truth is be it hard or soft or whether you like it or not, Png is the elected MP for HG SMC and the best is DC only won “significantly” by 145 votes.

    • PAPASHLS said

      What kind of GEC Minute you want? I can type it out for you…anyway it is not officialy signed!

    • Compatriot said

      Why all the hoo ha about this NCMP It is nothing but as a toothless pariah dog sitting in parliament warming the seat and wagging its tail with no honour or principle and with no voting rights.

      The PAP created it as a punching bag for their unworthy elected parliamentarians who are elected to be the honour bound representatives and do their job

      To those NCMP’s if you may,I hope you will stand and contest as an Independent candidate or otherwise in either GE or BE,win or loose then I will gladly salute you

  15. pussywagon said

    the fella must go phuck himself, got balls dont cover future WP erections la, see who the fuk buys ur junk ?! then how u get advertising dollars? they are parasites on ad dollars

  16. Hairy said

    Come on la Lao Wu, pple only buy ur papers to wipe dog shit and see 4D or Toto results..u think ur tabloids and semi nude front headlines are so interesting to attract Lao tiko-s?! For all we know, ure one lao tiko urself..


      Boycott 联合早报, their readership has been decreasing. One day will die. Good luck to them. 134Th raanking in press freedom.

  17. KC said

    Sue LTK if you dare. You will immediately lose 40% business!

    • Rustle said

      Maybe LTK should sue the newspaper to prove his point?

      • Compatriot said

        WP ought to have a National Campaign for Membership Recriuitment Drive,Membership has its privileges for shopping,dinning,travels,sights seeing social and community works ( just to name a few)

        Merchants are ever willing to participate with open arms

        Party Membership can also contribute to the cause when its constitution is being challenge

    • ANGRY Bird said

      that’s a good one!

  18. adrian said

    I’d like to point out that 尊严 is translated has “having dignity” not “respected”. I think the Temasek Times being a form of media should respect this, in the spirit that you will always strive to get things right where possible – and when you don’t, it’s not because you’re serving some other hidden agenda. True?

  19. Ben said


  20. Jason siaw said

    It has been a long long time I do not buy news paper in Singapore. Waste of time and money reading it. Get news from Internet will definitely broaden one’s view. Sad to say getting news and relies on it in Singapore paper nowadays will make one’s “a frog in the well”. Or put it bluntly, a “gundo”.

  21. Save Singapore said

    Singapore mainstream media (All language streams) is unprofessional and very biased in the way they report on the opposition. When reporting on the PAP it is always glorifying them but when it comes to the opposition – anything to discredit them. This is the way the Singapore media has been operating. They should stick to movie and actresses. Leave politics out in their reporting as they are not fit to cover it.

    We need a paper like the Singapore Herald – that was willing to make a stand against issues that affects the nation. PAP cosed it down as they saw it as a threat to their absolute power.



  23. alf said

    Our mainstream media is a partisan player in local politics, every elections prove this time and again. Never mind the fact of being owned by govt and the practice of taking instructions from govt about what to write on a day to day basis even outside of election time

  24. numico said

    I wish to ask this Mr Wu what if this piece of information is related to PAP, will they do the same way, go ahead to publish out? what respected media? when desmond choo invites Subhas Anandan to offer free legal aid to Hougang residents, your Lianhe Wanbao put a “big” picture of Subhas, this show how bias to WP!

  25. Kelvin said

    Lianhe Zaobao can lash out whatever they want. But Workers’ Party (Png Eng Huat) won Hougang. Period.

  26. I Hate MSM said


  27. Henry said

    Why is WU so touchy? Must be something beneath the carpet or a skeleton in the closets…

  28. XYZ said

    Seriously, putting aside this leaking of minutes case, other articles reported on the election and by elections are mostly biased also. So what kind of integrity you are talking about? E.g. why didn’t you all publish the photos of the rallies by PAP and state how many people were there? Why always use close-up photos? Isn’t it very newsy to state the pathetic turnout? And what about those residents booing at the DC for going around and thanking the residents? Not newsy enough?

  29. ANGRY Bird said

    LTK’s harsh criticisms is not baseless, its the facts. However you “Wu”, your excuses are baseless!

  30. Mei said

    Our local newspapers are one the worst, and they do not come close to international standards

  31. Mr Wu, as a journalist you should know better to check and double check your sources. You have committed a very grave journalistic transgression. But then alas, the Chinese press don’t share the same journalistic principles as the English press. As a former journalist, I used to hear horror stories about Chinese-language journalists. Apparently, they dance to a different tune. According to some clients, the English press is hard to impress. Whereas, according to the same sources, the Chinese journalists would often hint hot and heavy for personal benefits. Personally, I have seen and heard one such incident with my own eyes and ears. And it is a journalist from the very same paper that Mr Wu heads. Perhaps Mr Wu is right that the Chinese press is not the tool of the ruling govt.

    From my experience, the Taiwanese media is the same. When you arrange for an interview, they won’t even bother to do any interviewing but insisted that we go for a drink and demanded for French red wine and even cigarettes. Their approach is they want the subject to feel relaxed. Drinks turned into dinner and then into a karaoke session. Still no interview. The next day the journalist called to say he is on the way to the airport and to fax over background materials and profile of the subject to him. What the f@#$? My job was on the line here.

    On another occasion, I was invited to Germany for a story with other journalists from other countries. The China journalists gave the host and organisers a very bad impression. I never heard the end of it from the German host and PR agency. Air tickets and room and board were all sponsored. However, the minute the China press touched down they disappeared and never to be found until the last day of the expo. I found out from one of them that they all took the train to other European cities for a shopping spree. One of them said to me,”why work so hard? This is a rare chance to come to Europe, just do what you want to do. Besides you can ask them to fax over the information.” Where is the integrity and professionalism?

  32. ricardo said

    Perhaps Zaobaou & ST will remind us of their coverage of our Lord LKY’s comments on venomous religions. This was another leak; this time from the US State Dept.

  33. The ABC of news said

    Poeple! Just terminate your newspaper subscription with SPH! Who needs them? We got too much from the internet, phone apps, etc. Let SPH sink to the red! See if they dare to big mouth and act like a monopoly.

  34. another said

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    with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks
    for sharing.

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