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Actress Zhang Ziyi rumored to have paid sex with disgraced politician Bo Xilai more than 10 times

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

International Chinese celebrity Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) was rumored to have been barred from leaving China after investigations revealed that she allegedly had paid sex with former top government official (薄熙来) more than 10 times.

The news was first leaked by U.S. registered Chinese-language website Boxun and reported widely by Hong Kong and Taiwan papers, but not in mainland China.

According to unnamed sources, the pair’s sexual liaisons were arranged by Bo’s associate, the 41-year-old billionaire Xu Ming (徐明), who is founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group.

Xu confessed that he paid Zhang 6 million yuan ($946,000) in 2007, after sleeping with her for the first time before arranging other ‘bedroom deals’ on her behalf with Bo in the same year for 10 million yuan.

Between 2007 and 2011, Bo and actress Zhang had sex at least 10 times – all in Beijing, including at Xu’s guesthouse in the capital’s Xishan.

It is estimated that Zhang has pocketed at least 700 million yuan ($110 million) from sexual transactions over the past 10 years, including 180 million yuan in cash from Xu.

Her vast wealth from prostituting herself was not taxed due to intervention from Xu and other government officials.

Zhang has been absent from the Cannes Film Festival and the Palme d’Or awards this year.

Watch the video in Mandarin below:


24 Responses to “Actress Zhang Ziyi rumored to have paid sex with disgraced politician Bo Xilai more than 10 times”

  1. papsmear said

    She got more than 18 yrs old? How much she charge? Introduce leh.

  2. ---- said

    Who cares.

  3. rubbish said

    a typical ah tiong face…will alway resort to these type of quick cash….shameless..

  4. China... again said

    What really pisses me off is not that she was paid to have sex. I mean it’s her body and she can choose to whatever she wants with it. What I am really angry about is that she knew Bo Xilai is a politician and his money is obviously obtained from corruption. In the end, its is the taxpayers money that she is getting from him and so she is also indirectly harming all her ‘tong bao’.

    And this is the problem with China and PRC these days. They only think about their own interests and rarely consider the consequences of their actions. Their mentality is that if they don’t earn this money, others will and so what they are doing cannot be that bad. And PAP is happily importing these flawed mentality onto our small island.

    • SINYoobi said

      It’s the downright shameless upbringing of these mainland Chinese. You can see them cheating the hard earned money from elderly Singapore men. They will do anything for the sake of MONEY.

    • Ftsux said

      You r so right. These ft bring to our country that selfish mentality. Mrt cut queue, seat snatch like mad literally knocked pass n old man to sit, hawker center throw their thrash anywhere, anyhow urine, phone talk dam loud in train n ya anyhow knock down innocent lives with their Ferrari. The list goes on. Soon sg will become china!

  5. tommy said

    Not surprise at all. In fact her next move is to denial all those events and even shed a few drops of tears. Ai ya..actress can act any thing up. Remember, there was a singer in the group “Twins”, she also act innocent. Well that is show biz. Now we know why some actress always get leading role.

  6. Wolfglare said

    If I were to pay her $50 don’t know if she interested

  7. Sage said

    In the end they can live happily with the money without guilt. Who are we to judge?

  8. Uncle Mama said

    $80 only in Geylang..includ BJ

  9. HKY said

    She was once with the Israeli businessman – I think she is also trading herself in the middle east, Europe and America.

  10. Jackie said

    Zhang Ziyi paid to have sex with Bo Xilai?? Wow!

  11. lee david said

    i knew that the ‘PIECE’ is COSTLY, but never did i expect it to COST in BILLIONS of RMB for ONE NIGHT STAND….. oh father of mine, if u have not leave CHINA my ‘MONIES-LAND’ , i might have MAKE the $$$$$ n get to TRY A PIECE or TWO….hahahaha….NOW TELL ME WHAT’S WRONG WITH ‘MAKE IN CHINA’

  12. alamak said

    Why don’t you go follow up with local actresses instead. There’re even more scandal and involvements, and it’s relevant to Singapore!

  13. tryme said

    Singapore also have ,, GUESS WHO

  14. Realist said

    What’s the big deal ?
    Many actresses prostitute themselves in one way or another, only that it is still kept a secret.
    A young pretty actress will always be lusted by producers, directors, politicians and tycoons.
    And who will not succumb to temptation when the price is right ?

  15. denzuko1 said

    indescent proposal, but I guess she does not mind. I mean just 10 times and she is SGD100Mil rich, how many times do one in Geylang need to go through to get this amount?

  16. Zam said

    This stinky pussy is not worth so much…I guess.

  17. bb said

    Sg gov quickly offer citizenship so that sg will be rich

  18. ZhangYimou gets it FOC said

    she must be the most expensive whore on the planet.
    Zhang Yimou must be laughing at all the silly assholes who paid millions for the actress he personally groomed on the movie set as well as on his bed.

  19. Ftsux said

    All these selfish china ft only think bout themselves. What to do? Population too big need to fight for survival? Then stay in your country and don’t come Singapore. We used to be a gracious society. Now I see ft snatching an mrt seat by flying pass 5 sg humans. So zy can get money fame and whatever Lamborghini sex she wants but she will never be happy or satisfied n when she dies she bring nothing from this earth to the other side.

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