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Bishan residents submit petition to MOH to protest against building of nursing home in their estate

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

40 Bishan residents have submitted a petition to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to voice their opposition to a plan to build a nursing home in an empty field in Bishan which is currently used as a football field.

MOH plans to build a six to eight storey nursing home on the 0.3ha site, which is located at Bishan Street 13 and is closely flanked by Blocks 175, 181, 186 and 182 on three sides. Currently a fenced up football field, it is situated directly opposite Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary and Secondary Schools.

During a dialogue held at Bishan Community Club on Sunday to discuss the issue, some 20 residents expressed their disagreement with MOH’s plan and wanted the government to scout for other more ‘suitable’ sites.

In an interview with Yahoo News, a 25 year old nurse Hema Sedemparam said:

“I disagree with it [building a nursing home]. It will block the wind to our flats. They [MOH] should build the home somewhere else in Bishan, but not on this plot of land. There are better and bigger fields in this area.”

Another Bishan resident housewife Madam Cheong is discomforted by the close proximity of the nursing home:

“I’m not comfortable with it. I have lived more than 20 years here, and the air is good. But the nursing home is about seven floors high and will block the wind from my apartment.” 



17 Responses to “Bishan residents submit petition to MOH to protest against building of nursing home in their estate”

  1. Heed said

    The execuse given by the residents is so lame….
    Can they find a better execuse??

  2. speechless said

    wat is wrong building the nursing home there? everybody will grow old one day. nice n windy places should not be restricted to only resident there lo.
    dun expect MOH to build the nursing home beside Singapore Casket right?

    come on la. dun be selfish!

  3. ...... said

    careful man. later that someone will bring out his NIMBY speech again saying singaporean very selfish!! So Guys just LL suck thumb, they will continue anyway. Bigger field elsewhere? That one bigger gold mine for condos la. And you think they care about the wind or air you guys mentioning?

  4. Rustle said

    What selfish people, as if a nursing home nearby is going to foul up the air. The names of these people should be noted and put last in queues for medical treatment in hospitals and admission to nursing homes when they grow old. Do they imagine they would always be young and healthy?

  5. Speechless and Dumbfounded said

    Everyone is talking about their “wind”. It’s as if they are entitled to an unblocked, clear view of the vista before them. Someone should remind them that they are staying in “subsidized” government leased premises and not high end condos!

    These selfish and self centred assholes deserve to loose their jobs soon to the hordes of foreign trash that will come.

    Then they can sleep on the road sides.

  6. yayaya said

    they actually say put it elsewhere. go elsewhere then some new petition since it succeed previously, why shouldn’t it now? everyone end up in coffin someday, why be so hard on the others? bishan prices now very good, sell la.

  7. Perplexed said

    I stay in Bishan n I support building a busing home here. But why this site when there are alternative sites? There is a big plot of land along Street 11 beside block 156 and it blocks no one, and just as convenient. The air will also be better for nursing home. The land has been empty for a long time n labelled as “state land”. Grassroots uses the land for National day celebration every year. Instead, the govt decide to build this nursing home smacked in between all the HDB blocks. It will look weird. Why like that??

    There is also ITE moving out… Huge premise. What will they use it for after that?

  8. Perplexed said

    Oh, just to add I do not stay near the intended site so it does not affect me… Go goggle map n u will see why the frustrations of the people staying there.

  9. Ray said

    “But the nursing home is about seven floors high and will block the wind FROM my apartment.”

    Wow, her apartment generates wind!

  10. Steve said

    Please ask MOH to build in Hougang which there is a land vacant when they demolished a old Hawker Center long time ago

  11. Bai Hu said

    Tell these selfish people – Your time will come when u become old, & a nursing home is a place for u to go.

  12. Jack Ng said

    pls build it at Hougang, I am sure the hougang people welcome it
    and also reinstate the wet market too, thanks thanks

  13. bishan group of of 40 you remind me of the Serangoon gardens residents who complained to gahmen from bldg fw hostels. dont be selfish. we will grow old n die eventually. so have a heart

  14. richard wong said

    why nowadays the govt need to seek consultation with the people. ??? Those people who are against it must be they do not have elderly to take care of. dont forget one day you will get old the where to place you !!!!

  15. loo said

    I live in the vicinity and i feel that the nursing home is really a good thing for bishan. I think the complian on the obstruction of wind is really crazy. Whilst the govt took the effort to explian the need and impact to the residents (I received it also) those residents took advantage of the explanation.

  16. Jack said

    pls shift your plan to Hougang, there is a big field infront of Punggol CC that can build the nursing home, it does not block any of the HDB flat.

  17. Ng Bee Ling said

    It’s not weird at all. In Yishun, we have a high rise nursing home building in the progress. Same concept, building right in front of 3-4 HDB blocks. We have plots of unused land nearby too. Don’t ever feel Bishan is the only neighbourhood to have such project and it’s not something bad afterall.
    I’m thinking the residents should be more concern about how NEA would be monitoring the noise level instead of protesting.
    For people who are looking to buy flats and are so concern about the surroundings what may be built, please check master plan at URA site before purchasing.

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