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NMP Eugene Tan attacks WP for condoning ‘banal’ acts of ‘lawlessness’

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

Singapore Management University Professor in Political Science and Nominated Member of Parliament Eugene Tan has lashed out at the Workers Party for condoning banal acts of ‘lawlessness’ during the election campaign.

In an editorial published on TODAY online analyzing the result of the Hougang by-election, Mr Tan criticized WP leaders for ‘misbehaving’:

“The WP would also have to demonstrate that it does not seek special treatment and condone in what I call banal acts of lawlessness,” he wrote.

However, Mr Tan was only able quote one example:

“For instance, the WP did not end its by-election rallies on time and overran by 10-15 minutes. It would be extremely challenging for the police to intervene to ensure that the rules governing the issue of the rally permits are observed.” 

He also lampooned Mr Low for his harsh criticisms of the mainstream media:

“Further, in launching a stinging attack on the mainstream media for being a “political tool” of the PAP’s election campaign, the WP did not adequately substantiate its case. Not only was this an attempt to capitalise on the by-election victory to make political points, the WP was also effectively asking the media for nothing but favourable coverage of its party and its candidates.”

Mr Tan added that WP should talk its walk and treat Singaporeans like ‘First World’ citizens first:

“Given that Mr Low has urged Singaporeans to develop a “First World Society”, his party must demonstrate that it treats Singaporeans in similar fashion. And voters must demand from the WP the very same standards it requires of the PAP.”

The Workers Party managed to retain its stronghold of Hougang by winning 62.09% of the votes, a marginal decrease of only 145 votes from last year.



51 Responses to “NMP Eugene Tan attacks WP for condoning ‘banal’ acts of ‘lawlessness’”

  1. Balance Scale said

    You have such high education level but stoop so low to such comment. 10-15 minutes later for the rally, what does that cost you???? 1 million bucks!!! WP never walk it’s talk, so you dare to say PAP does??? you dare to open a feedback corner and hear what WE SINGAPOREAN say???? I doubt you ever in this life of yours…

    • Play Play said

      Well said. I agree wholeheartedly and not just me, but many, many others around me too. What WP said about the media is nothing but the truth which everyone knows, and it is not in the least harsh compared to what the Paps has been saying.

  2. TwistWords said

    Stop twisting ur words leh, Eugene Tan is not ‘attacking’ WP at all. And if u read his full article, he also ‘attack’ PAP. Pls lah, just when we thought TT has become more sensible, u guys go back to ur old ways again.

  3. stevenado said

    Look like dis u gin is trying to follow big nose’s footstep.10 to 15 mins,what is the big deal? Even big nose or his boss is not fussing about it.Why u? The newspaper is pro-goverment is no secret.Do not attack the opposition for the sake of attacking.

  4. spotlessleopard said

    I suspect Eugene Tan went to a PAP Kindgarten, …….good for him…He reminds me of the Minister who has a girl sounding name…telling people there will be bloodshed if people are allowed to dance on Bartops…heheheheheh

  5. Henry said

    Aiyo … as a professor and NMP, you are so petty … 10-15 mins overrun also you complain. MRT delay by much much more and many more times … Can you write something several times about MRT delays? Professor of boot-licking.

    • Compatriot said

      (1) Hello there Eugene Tan since you have the gall and the audacity to comment about 10-15 minutes over-runs on WP campaign trail.Its your prerogative

      (2) But then,If you a professor as proclaimed and being truely a gentlemen,millions of Singaporeans will also wanted to hear you of your stature if you also had the gall to comment about SMRT and their repeatingly delayed breakdown which have gravely and grievely deprived millions of MRT commuters from their bread and butter issues

      (3) Which one of these two,is most wanting and discerning the SMRT depraved breakdowns or the WP campaign trail of 10-15 minutes overrans?

      Millions of Singaporeans awaits,and would like to hear you of your “Walk Your Talk” on para (3)

      • Compatriot said

        Millions of Singaporeans stands and awaits,and should like very much also to hear you and your comments of SMRT depraved breakdowns

  6. Emotional said

    HAHAHA, for this country to progress first world parliament, its really the incumbent ruling party and mainstream media that has the clout and influence to contest and engage in a gentlemanly manner.

    To use words like “dishonest”, “flip-flop”, etc, even the most patient soul (Singaporeans generally are not, given the fast pace and stressful lives we lead), would get upset.

    Think of the injustice opposition held wards and parties have suffered, by a one-sided media and govt authority. one can get very angry.

    Let’s take note of what WP said at the rally (they said they would support any policies that benefits singaporeans and not oppose for the sake of opposing) and LTK did say the following morning that he agrees with PM and will work together with the Govt to build better lives for Singaporeans. And lets all move on … i am sure if we spin this more, the ones are are really lawless would prove to be someone else.

  7. Heed said

    So WP supporters behave like a first world citizen? I dun think so.
    If the supporters dun behave like first world citizen, how are we going to build a first world society? Please do something on your supporters, WP .

    • Rustle said

      We’ll have first class chaos in the future if people do not think following rules is important. They say ‘what is 10 or 15 minutes later’? Well, 10 or 15 minutes can mean life and death sometimes.

      • Compatriot said

        The SPF always made their presence felt at every political rallies they fielded extra more of their police people in uniforms and plainclothes thereon afterall its the police department that issued the permit

        T’is led to suggest peaceful and civility is contained,As of life and death you can sure you could die from anything at your own home

        The Good Book says when you projects good,goodness begets you …Amen

  8. I am Singaporean said

    It’s Rubbish Talks….. What we demand from PAP…. Has they done anything about it? Let PAP do their necessary stuffs for the True Blue Singapore Citizens before you SPROUT more nonsenses again……

  9. yayaya said

    the reason why pap end on time at 11pm (unconfirmed, just a guess) is that everyone left already, including the stadium guard who want to off the light.u definitely need to give some leeway, even 7th month getai +- abit, police also understand this. for WP must 11pm off mike and keep speaker meh? eh NMP no need to talk to show his existence

    • Mei said

      They have dead rallies, attended by mostly, the living dead, and those who are laden with personal agenda. The WP rallies have a living spirit, no rain, sun or barricades of any sort would waiver. It is that simple. We do not need people like ET around; much less as an NMP. His kind poison the environment.

  10. teja lim said

    Therefore, SMRT is condoning ‘banal acts of lawlessness’ because late/delayed trains can be challenging for police to intervene in case people riot for misplaced expectations in a first class transportation service?

  11. Rustle said

    You can’t blame WP for not being able to end the rally on time.:)
    They are not in control of a lot of things. Many are trying to run the show from the sidelines as well. Witness for example the spare candidate vs no spare candidate contradiction, and then the helpful CEC member who had to by pass LTK to act on his own ‘in the interest of WP’. 🙂

  12. P Koh said

    Picking holes on small petty things like a 10-15minutes overrun on camgaign time just goes to show the “smallness” of the person. Was there any damage done and did that translated into a glaring advantage.? It is obvious and abundantly clear that the local media is biased on its coverage of events during the by-election rallies and there is no need for LTK to even say it. Singaporeans are not stupid and they can see for themselves and despite these setbacks the opposition has hammered their views quite well and that gave them the honour of retaining the MP seat for Hougang.

  13. Busybody said

    Why only talk abt WP, how abt the other party? Be fair….

  14. jacque lee said

    he is only giving his own narrow view. he has not been been elected by anybody. he is no expert – his view is no better than anybody in the street.

  15. Democracy said

    LTK keep talking Singaporean about democracy, but what is democracy to them? to WP? The educated and intellectual members of WP, what is democracy? WP keep saying that have principal, what what exactly is their principal? Can they clearly stated them?

    If we ask WP and LTK to openly states their principal and their idea of democracy, I can guess the answer is ” We do not answer to hypothetical and ideological questions.” familiar?

    1. Democracy : –
    Does it means freedom of expressions? What in agreeing with your party or not? Does it means that another who speak, including the mass media, against their party is “being a propaganda tool of the government. ” Do the writer has the right to express their opinion (even it is wrong)? If not then is that democracy? So, if the main stream media, write something bad about my party that I do not agree, do i have the right to stop them, and accused them that they are being use as a tool? If I have the mean to use the internet bloggers, facebooks comments etc as a tool to smear those that express their opinion against those who speak against my party, if I do it, is that democracy?

    At this point let share a quote by Voltaire “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. ”

    Sure, democracy may mean different things to different people. Even Karl Marx; who’s Marxism where Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism followed quite closely, once said ” Democracy is the road to socialism.” That’s is what democracy means to Karl Marx. So is members of WP and LTK agree with Karl Marx? That’s the reason why it is important to ask WP : what does democracy mean to WP? What is the principal that they really holds dear to?

    2. WP and LTK ‘s principal of accountability

    We should alos ask the educated and intellect members of WP and LTK, what they mean by accountability? Does accountability means only WP can hold other party to account but not the other way around? If it is not, when during Yaw saga, it is know to the public that when LTK and WP ask to account to the public, the famous reply is ” I am a Member of Parliament, not a private investigator”.

    Doe any self respecting individual (Mr. Pritnam included) and touch their hear and sincerely agreed to that?

    So what is you your are a MP, you are also the SG of a party that supported and claimed Yaw is a good candidate before he is elected? No responsibility and accountability needed?

    The by-election cost all that is involved time, the tax payer money ,and all the all convenient generated is the result of the mistake of WP, no responsibility and accountability needed? Can Any self respecting individual agreed to that?

    If such attitude is allowed and acceptable then, I guess when such soul are in the positions ass below, the answers maybe as as follow:

    a. MRT break down in Dec 2011.
    Transport Minster’s answer based on such attitude will likely be” I am the Transport Minister, not the SMRT’s CEO”

    b. The high cost of housing
    The National Development Minister’s answer based on such attitude will likely be” I am the National Development Minister, not the developer”

    c. The impact on the number on the FW on lowest 20% of the Singaporean low wage earner
    The SME boss’s answer based on such attitude will likely be” I SME boss, not the charity organization” as such the MP should lobby for me, which LTK did.

    I think there is a “Political Bubble” forming in Singapore, but that’s the time I have for today. Stay tune for more……………………


      u r talking rubbish. how good do u know about WP?

      • corruptpapies said

        How bad WP party was , is far better then the Pappies.
        Least they are transparent and upright in what they are doing

    • DIY said

      I can imagine what LTK would say about democracy.

      “So what, this is once in 5-year democracy, okaaay. The people voted me into parliament. They treat me as ‘Dear Leader’ so I treat them as’ Dear People’ of Hougang. No need to screen the potential leader. If any scandal popped up, we argue in parliament to call for another BE. I trust my ‘Dear People’ can support me forever. There can erect a statue in the SMC, I don’t mind. Its the people’s fault not to dump me from Hougang. Thank you. Next question”.

      I beg to differ.

  16. Eugene Tan is nothing short of a stooge of PAP. All his comments so far are very clearly biased except perhaps, to himself. How is asking for FAIR treatment from the media “favourable treatment”? His logic has skewed so far right it’s looking stupid and beggars belief.

  17. fpc said

    which election rally ended late and how he knows. this guy is the mole.

  18. bb said

    Eugene Tan better prepared to join opposition in 2016 at least your talent is not wasted. If Desmond Choo stands for WP he will win the by election.

  19. Rustle said

    That’s first world democray for you. Deal with it. It means not just dealing out the flak but getting some of it also.

  20. Kevin said

    Frankly, Eugene all your year of education is in vain! Please talk from your heart as a Singaporean and not from the $$$ that pappies pays you!

    • Compatriot said

      I am quite sure that this Eugene Tan knows very well that he wont dare to take the risk to score political points as NMP by lashing out his tongue if he is in the era of the French Guillotine that would have his head chopped off from his body

      This Guillotine revolution arised between the aristocrats and the common people who were very poor and very not well-off with their plight and became highly intolerant of the atrocities comitted by the then aristocratic state

  21. risa said

    We understand Eugene, Is the job rite? so we need to be seen taking LTK to task….ok same thing for all MSM staff, why they agree to be dogs on a daily basis.Qn: For How Long?

  22. denzuko1 said

    Seriously, Eugene Tan, you are a NOMINATED MP. Please go through one round of election yourself before commenting on others. Didn’t even get elected and you think you represent the people. An NMP is in fact a stooge by the ruling party to give an illusion of alternate voice. You are in your dream and in fact helps the ruling party in commiting treason towards the country.

  23. Jerry said

    Huh ??!??!! a Prof has to make such statement that the Opposition Party must first treat Singaporean as First World Society before the ruling Gahmen does ?!?!


    Is it matter matter of school kids challenging who is longer ??? you show then I show ??

    This is serious matter from someone in such commanding position and utter is such a manner … a reflection of High handedness ??

    SHUCKS !!!



  25. Sean said

    i’m SURE the PAP commits way worse crimes. yet we’ll never hear of this Eugene Tan fella lambasting PAP the same way. PAP’s pet, i suppose?

  26. Blessing in disguise said

    It is time for all readers here to join WP as member to form a bigger family to prepare for next GE.


  27. Singaporean said

    Eugene Tan – You are only an NMP and not fit to represent the people. If you are serious about politics – take part in the next GE and show that you are for the people. Otherwise just shut up and stay in the closet and give your PAP bosses a BJ.

  28. aiyo said

    I want whole BE thing for the whole singapore leh. Why can’t we do that? Since they can’t deliver, can’t we change them?
    Why can’t it be like contracts? They can’t deliver, contract void!

  29. How old are you, Eugene ? Have you seen rallies in the late 50s and 60s ?

  30. George said

    I totally agree with Kevin’s comments. Eugene tan you are a arse licking clown. Ask questions is it democratically correct to have a election loser to be an adviser to grass roots ? Talk about people’s association which paid by the government from tax payers money to support PAP ? When you can bodly ask these question without fear & favour to get my respect. If you can’t you have showed your stupidly in the Internet

  31. pngkueh_forever said

    Such petty professor and NMP we have. As a NMP he should stay away from commenting on any political party. He should be urging the government of how to rectify the bad bad policies so far introduced by the government.

  32. Mei said

    Oh goodness me, how did this man even get in as a NMP. We definitely have better calibre people. He did not get himself properly educated, in the least.

  33. said

    I hope GOD will see this and strike this eugene tan chao gu niang with deathnote curse.

  34. Compatriot said

    The peoples association is virtually an order taker and a profit taker is undeniably a political propaganda tool of the PAP Its aims and objectives is to propagandalise

    The PAP,a registered political party of the State of Singapore,is on a leasehold for five years to govern Singapore who hires them as its staff and workman should morally pay their wages and not from the state coffers

    The status and wages of this kind of staff and workmen which were paid from the tax payers money is purely against principles of morality which is unacceptable and must be discontinued

    I believe that this matter is of a national issue that need to be addressed
    Perhaps Professor Eugene Tan would say that this is a banal act

  35. P Koh said

    I believe the next best thing to do is for all the Ministers to ‘dig deep down’ into their conscience and honestly search and ask themselves what they have done or contributed meaningfully to the growth of Singapore in the last five years besides taking large chunks of salaries home. The discontentment and frustrations of the populace are not without just causes and some are very real and unless these are seriously looked into and the ‘anger’ plugged, the next GE will have dire consequences as the electorate is going to be a very different ‘loaf of bread’. The younger voters coming on stream do not know what the ruling party had done in the early days nor are they concerned. They are guided by what they are seeing and hearing now and the unhappiness can be seen flowing through the wide internet exchanges. Wake Up call is on for PAP (Pray And Pray).

  36. Tan Yan ren said

    I have been listening to eugene’s opinions on many issues, and unfortunately i think he is not fit to be a lecturer because his opinions sucks…lacking in substance and convictionand always noncommital…so much for NUS lecturers and learned….

  37. Singaporean said

    He must be scholar working in singapore for his whole life, only working in the “BOX” and all the typical “laws by laws” mentality! Not flexible and dare no go a little mile to search for new things as it is “risky” and “beyond the rule”….

    So, how Singapore going to progress if we have all these scholars in the government!!

    But PAP like them very very very much as these scholars dare not fight against them dare not say “NO” and all “YES:” man!!!!

    That is the reason why PAP want scholars and not businessmen in the government so that these scholar will follow the rule of PAP and will listen to them year after year!!!

  38. Squirrel said

    I think we better lighting-strike SPH in the various methods we can so that they do not publish the papers tomorrow and a day after. We got to do it quick and fast that to let the populace know that we are dead serious abt it.

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