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Tay Ping Hui asks: Shouldn’t 70% of jobs created last year go to Singaporeans instead of foreigners?

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

MediaCorp celebrity and Young PAP member Tay Ping Hui has expressed his surprise at recent statistics published by Bloomberg which revealed that the majority of new jobs created last year were taken up by foreigners:

“Of the 122,600 jobs created in Singapore last year, about 70 percent, or 84,800 positions, went to foreigners.”

The percentage of jobs going to Singapore citizens is likely to be less as the country lumps citizens and PRs under the same category of ‘locals’ in all its statistics.

In his latest tweet, Ping Hui wrote:

“Of 122,600 jobs created in Singapore last year, about 70%, or 84,800 jobs went to foreigners. Shouldn’t it be the other way round instead?”

[Source: #taypinghui]

He also appeared to weigh in on the heated exchange between WP Chief Low Thia Kiang and some PAP leaders in the aftermath of the Hougang by-election:

“Its sad how some dim-witted individuals around us can only resort to personal attacks when their intellectual myopia is exposed. So boring.”

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies, large number of foreigners have flocked to Singapore to find work in the last few years leading to sky-rocketing property prices, stagnant wages and a noticeable decline in the quality of life.



59 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui asks: Shouldn’t 70% of jobs created last year go to Singaporeans instead of foreigners?”

  1. FYI said

    If you want your country to continue to be built up, someone has to do it… Singaporeans either don’t want or don’t need those jobs. Most likely, don’t really want. Read the full report.

    “With slower resident population growth and most economically active residents already employed, local employment grew by 37,900 or 1.9% in 2011, lower than the 56,200 or 2.9% increase in 2010. In response to strong manpower demand, foreign employment increased by 84,800 or 7.6% in 2011, following the gains of 59,700 or 5.7% in 2010. Excluding foreign domestic workers (FDWs), foreign employment rose by 79,800 or 8.8%, after increasing by 54,400 or 6.3% in 2010.”

    • Against all odds said

      You mean to tell me you come from a 3rd world country to help Singapore build our country? You are talking shit here. You tried every means to gate crash in here cause you cant find a decent live back home. And why arent you building up your own 3rd world country?

    • Henry said

      It is a function of what we want as a country. To show GDP growth so that bonuses can be given out at the civil service level, we have to generate jobs. The man-in-the-street has a different KPI – a comfortable life. The ministers have a different KPI – GDP growth … What gets paid gets done.

    • ADisgustedSingaporean said

      Dear FYI, If that’s the case, may I ask why are there currently so many native Singaporeans still without a job especially those classified under the PMET category? Some singaporeans without jobs are as young as 30 years of age with Masters Degree qualifications even apart from the many native ‘PMET’ Singaporeans over the age of 40 still jobless?

      Please check this link:

      The irony of it is that compulsory retirement age had been increased from age 62 to 65 years old by our government recently who had also greatly encouraged everyone to work till age 65 & beyond but unfortunately, native singaporeans are finding it extremely difficult to find decent jobs from age 40 onwards as there are simply too few jobs to cater for everybody!

      While PMET Singaporeans over the age of 40 are still jobless, we understand that this is due to the age discrimination factor
      but those in their twenties, thirties & early thirties jobless, something must be seriously wrong for these people not being able to find jobs as I do believe they don’t refuse jobs or refuse to work as Singapore Citizens are not being paid citizen & unemployment benefits unlike in other countries.

      That brings me to the next question which I would be glad to seek your kind enlightenment & illumination on why Singapore’s Unemployment Rate was declared & reported at a low of only 2% (by KBW) despite the fact that there are so many unemployed singaporeans currently?

    • Ah Tan said

      Singaporeans either don’t want or don’t need those jobs. Most likely, don’t really want??? ARE YOU SURE? So you believe everything said by government without using your brain to think a little more?

      WOW… you meant to say Singaporeans want jobs as cleaners? I seen so many of the elderly working as cleaner earning 800$.

  2. Uncle Mama said

    there are plenty of jobs for our local…sell tissue papers..i am sure no FT in this trade

  3. Jacob said

    Doesn’t matter who he is referring to. He has made so many posts against government policies. They can’t kick him out because it will show they don’t tolerate different opinion or debate in the party.

  4. Salute to Officer Commando Tay Ping Hui

    • correction said

      If can remember correctly, he was an army officer from the intelligence but definitely not a commando.

      • LAX said

        Tay Ping Hui, Officer Commanding (OC) of a brigade reconnaissance company in the 54th Singapore Armoured Brigade.

  5. Honour And Passion

  6. Principia said

    It appears that Tay Ping Hui is being groomed to run in General Elections 2016. I have no problems with that if his views are genuine.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      Even if his views are genuine, I would rather he join WP. When you are with PAP, you have to toe the party line. There is no way Tay PH could get them to change policies.

    • x12831 said

      His beliefs will surely be compromised when he dons the PAP MP cap. For a fistful of dollars.

  7. Just spreading the word to other countries. said

    “84,800 jobs went to foreigners”
    I don’t know why there is so much FT bashing when really, the ones accepting them are the employers itself. Most employers are Singaporeans too or at least the ultimate head of any company is a Singaporean. FTs don’t just “steal” the jobs. Like any other Singaporean, they applied for it, and got granted it.
    All of you against FTs should seriously make some big hoohaa about hating all foreigners so that when it gets noticed worldwide, people around the world would know to avoid Singapore. See, a plan right there.
    On top of that, why not Singaporeans who have gone overseas come back too, since I know there are many of you who go overseas for education/work (just like the FTs in Singapore). Practice what you preach lol.
    Be another North Korea.

    All you guys do are whine whine whine whine whine. I really hope that whatever you wish (stricter rules on FT entry to Singapore — in fact why not totally just close the doors at them, etc etc) would actually happen. Singapore has gotten so ugly, and a closed door policy would definitely keep the animosity within.

    • Against all odds said

      If foreigners are that good, that I have a good question for you. Why isnt your own country filled with “talents” like yourself doing so well? And that you have to ditch your own country to come here for a better life? Answer is, your country is screwed up! Employers dont have a loyality mandate, they have a bottomline mandate. So they will always choose the cheap-shit labor like yourself to increase the profit margin. It is why you were let in being the issue here. The govt has a mandate to create better lives for Singaporeans. And not let all kinds of foreign trash pile up in my country and contribute nothing but unemployment.

    • aiyo said

      Deart foreigner, I won’t even put you as FT. The thing here is the %?! And singaporeans do know its the same around the world but base on our size? The in flow rate is way too high ..物极必反,i hope you know it. If dun understand go google:) and last thing , though I hate to say this, if you are so not happy, you can always go back now. Since its sooner or later.

  8. Tay Ping Hui, since you are so vocal against your masters’ policies, why not join the opposition instead of selling your soul to the devil like the chup-cheng-ah-neh ?

  9. Angel said

    Singaporean are not able to get higher pay because foreigner who are smarter or at the same calibre get lower pay, or business can employ 2 foreigners instead of 1 Singaporean. This foreigners may not earn high income in Singapore but they save enough to buy land and house when they go back. Singaporean?? They have no where to go.

    On the other end, the rich or ultra rich foreigners come to Singapore, successful applied for PR snap up HDB flat at high price. Or they buy condo or landed property driving all property sky high. They can afford it and they have properties in their home country or elsewhere. Singaporean?? They are suffering.

    Singapore Govt label Singaporean lazy. Do they know most of us are suffering!!!

    • ANGRY Bird said

      Correction, the govt knows we are suffering however they simply brush it aside as NOISE! We are just being used as slaves to increase GDP and economic growth.

  10. leo said

    Wow!!! Isnt he a PAP youth? Great to see one with a clear mind.

  11. Ron said

    We have Minister, Sr. Minister of State, Minister of State etc. And we also have the Perm Sec, Parliamentary Sec etc.

    So, there are plenty of top level officials who can analyse the job market and help to ensure that Singaporeans get the major slice of the cake. It is simplistic to say that FTs are needed. Look at the service industry, the store fronts, the hair saloons… and see how many low level FTs are there? I cannot believe that Singaporeans do not want those jobs or cannot be trained. I also do not know how the ratio of FT to locals are achieved. Has the government really checked?

    FTs are here because there is no quota system, there is no comprehensive analysis of the job market, the wages, etc.

    I will contend that the Government has enough top management strenght to analyse and find solutions. Do we need industry analysis to wake us up? Remember that argument of high pay for the Ministers and Civil service. The voters want accountability for performance too.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      the govt and employers are in cahoots, they are the devils. Low pay with poor work conditions and some no benefits at all, which local Singaporean would take such offers? If the govt REALLY takes care of us, Singaporeans won’t be in this sorry state.

    • Obviously…Ron & I can’t agree with you more!

      MOM can easily analyse the ratio of FT to Singaporean in the current job market context if they really want to do so.
      They certainly have much facilities and resources to do so as I’m sure that all these informations are easily available to them at fingertips level.

      But, they are not sincere & willing to do so for the benefit & sake of all Singaporean concerned afterall do you expect people who receive multi-million dollars in salary package to work (that is why singapore productivity rate is low)?

    • Ah Tan said

      Look at NTUC. 50$ for the lowest strata… Look at Government sector? 30$ + 50$ for the 3rd- 4th division… Look at how they rewards scholars?? millions and millions… That’s Singapore way of governing. We seriously need some real changes… not talk only.. no action…

  12. amen! it certainly should be the other way around.

  13. Invictus said

    Do you still want to support a regime that clearly takes no interest in ensuring jobs in Singapore should go to Singaporeans first.

    The PAP argues that without these foreign ‘talents’, Singapore will lose out in the long run. No need to look that far, it is already happening now.

    Continue to live in denial, thinking that only PAP can guarantee Singapore’s future. Just do not wake up one day, when you are older and more expensive, only to lose your job to a cheaper and less talented foreigner. It’s happening to many of our fellow Singaporeans and can you honestly say it will not happen to you !

    • One Eye Jack said

      Totally agree with your comment.

      It’s not as if the Government doesn’t know the labour situation in Singapore b’cos they are the ones that opened the floodgates to let the FTs in.

      Singaporeans who voted for the MIW better wake up before they become a minority in their own country and find that the majority of good jobs go to the PAP’s pet foreigners.

  14. Duncan said

    Yeap. It’s very true.

  15. Sam Gunner said

    This guy only post stuff on twitter and act cool, to increase his fan base.
    Doesnt really do anything to help people or fight for them..
    Wont go against his bosses in the PAP even if he sees them doing something wrong.
    Useless talk and posturing.

  16. A Singaporean said

    What wayang question!

  17. tryme said

    F U are u Singaporean ….

  18. ADisgustedSingaporean said

    Tay Ping Hui to stand for EP come PE 2016!
    I will definitely give you my vote!!!

  19. Singaporean said

    What does this tell you? Take a look at the government bailouts … e.g. QE1, QE2 All the money that were printed, went into the coffers of traders who got richer. QEs did not benefit the American citizens. They should have used the billions to create government projects and jobs. All the jobs that were created locally … did MOM even watch closely what employers did? Is it truly a case of Singaporeans rejecting ALL the jobs that were created? I know of one MAJOR factor. Ageism. Job agency executives are ageist. They turn away the older candidates when they are probably more productive and needy of the jobs. Job attrition rates are so high with young people. You gotta wonder who has the brains, and who don’t. Start with the job search agencies.

  20. Old Singaporean said

    PAP will kill itself if they will not change this pro-foreigner policy!

    Many Singaporean loss their jobs because of PAP pro-foreigner policy causing them to hate foreigners as well as PAP!

    On one end saying “Singaporean come first” but behind us, SMRT/SBS/NTUC, etc, etc etc, go to china to recruit employee and you can also see all builder/main contractors/architects/ consultants, etc, in the construction industry majority are foreigners!

    Why can’t you, the world highest pay cabinet help singaporean or think of innovative/creative solutions to solve this problem such as stop issue S-pass/EP or impose extreme high levy such as S$800 or S$1000 per foreigner per month and this S$1000 per month directly go into singaporean jobless fund or directly go into all middle and low income Singaporean as a commission or tax!!

  21. Devilish Satan said

    The issue can be resolve if govt is focusing on S’porean benefits & privilege instead of generating income for govt via S pass levies & E pass income tax. Govt should take the approach of providing more corporate tax rebate to companies which employees are majority S’porean. It’s a win win situation for both, the govt & companies.

  22. spotlessleopard said

    Shame on our local main sstream media..that Singaporeans need to get such important news from foreign news groups…It just goes to show that local mainstream media are all beholden to the PAP……
    The time has come for all Singaporeans to wake up and vote out the PAP in GE2016…
    There is no need to grow the economy at the expense of Singaporeans….all industries that are not suitable for Singapore should be allowed to move on or close …the unneccessary support the proping up of unsuitable and unsustainable industries by the unbridled import of cheap foreign labour is just wrong…

  23. Elderly Couple said

    Lack of motivation to redesign and improve jobs due to the available cheap imported labour. If the govt is really genuinely interested in keeping jobs for Singaporeans, they should lead by example. Redesign jobs and award tenders to quality work rather than the lowest costs ones which often ended up to be of poor quality and do not last. Award contracts to those who hire Singaporeans. Jobs become meaningful when people are treated with dignity and respect. If the govt talks down to people and everyone has this mentality that cleaners and technicians are not as high class as them, then there is naturally no pride in their jobs. If people do not take pride in such jobs, who will take them up? There are so many human resource experts in Singapore to advise on this. Its not difficult to include perks and motivational factors into jobs to increase their worth. Make every job a dignified and honourable one. No one can deny that everyone needs the services of electricians, mechanics, cleaners, bus drivers, plumbers, handyman, etc etc etc. They are a very important aspect of everyone’s lives. Pay them decently and naturally people will be attracted to these jobs.

  24. ANGRY Bird said

    Damn the MIW and their cronies. Go to TR Emeritus website, there is one article posted with NTUC Fairprice admitting that they went to China 4 times to recruit entry level staff which many Singaporeans can do. Lame reason they gave was difficulty in hiring Singaporeans. Hire Singaporeans first, my foot! Pack of Lies!

    • Dogmeat said

      Pass a law forbidding them to recruit overseas? Protectionism to the extreme? You will be the first one to KPKB when price of bread increases by 5 cents.

  25. LkySi said

    Tay Ping Hui, you are a moron . WP has exposed your depth and scope of your asinine stupidity. Dont take umbrage on the truth. Its time for introspection Ah Hui.

  26. Henry said

    We must be careful throwing the Tsar … in Animal, the pigs became disctintly similar to mr Jones after they follow the old habits. Between Napolean and Snowball … we need to be clear …

  27. So Sad said

    MediaCorp celebrity ???

    Singapore got “celebrity” Meh???

  28. risa said

    Well said Mr Tay, any other self respecting country will create and give more jobs to their own citizens and later to foreign migrants settling in.But in Singapore, the other way around. God help us.

  29. said

    I think if Tay Ping Hui join workers party sure will beat PAP strike down by lightning.

  30. lol said

    I wonder if it’s crossed any of your minds that he’s really talking about the bunch of you that do nothing but whine, only able ‘to resort to personal attacks’ on anyone that threatens you (FT or other) rather than ‘put more into life than you expect 2 make out of it’.

    So, how many of you are willing to step out of your house to snatch the jobs you complain go to foreigners? Last I checked the only way to find a job online is visiting a site like jobsdb, not coming to baseless and biased ‘ news blogs’ like this one to complain about how unfair life is to you.

    Can’t find one? What happened to try harder? Or is that the best the lot of you can do?

    Doesn’t pay well enough? The way you guys whine so desperately about how hard life is, it seems like any pay is better than no pay. 😦

  31. Mel said

    Wag the dog…

  32. bb said

    Tay pl joined the opposition abd help formed the ruling gov.

  33. Ron said

    If this state of affairs continue to the next GE, then it will be terrible for the PAP. You vote for a better future, for promises of First World living standards, for efficient running systems, etc. But if the vote translates into 70% jobs for Foreigners, high costs of property, increasing costs every year, facilities breaking, etc. then what are you voting for?

    • Dogmeat said

      sad state of affairs is your low grade tactics. you do not vote for “first world living standards”, you vote for divisive chicken and dogs to enter politics to create havoc.

  34. Ken Lee said

    next MP of hougang fight!

  35. Ken Lee said

    Ping Hui forget tell you, you join the wrong party!

  36. uhoh said

    Erm….. Maybe looking forward to 2016, when these FTs become PR and then convert Singapore citizens, then they will vote for PAP because PAP helped them out of their slums? So when these FTs overtake Singaporeans in population, then clearly PAP will win the GE 2016, cos of these FTs turned citizens…….Sounds like a good plan for PAP right?

    Jus my 2 cents worth……

  37. tyu said

    Hi Ping Hui,
    The time is ripe. PAP is going down. Join WP and you will be guaranteed a minister’s post comes 2016
    Don’t listen too much from Baey. His spinning skills excel from day one. I have nothing to say if spinning is your cup of tea.

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