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VIDEO: Workers Party’s victory parade in Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

Hougang residents poured into the streets and car honked along the road as the Workers Party went on tour in the constituency on Sunday after its candidate Png Eng Huat won the by-election with 62.09% of the votes to retain its stronghold of 21 years.

Watch the video below:


7 Responses to “VIDEO: Workers Party’s victory parade in Hougang”

  1. Anon said

    Haha! Did someone decide to move out of Hougang after WP won? (First 20secs of the video)

  2. where are the traffic police? why are there no crowd control

  3. Overwheming response no doubt it. PAP and The Government will have to respect the wishes of the people and not deprived them of what is neccessary to be done and given alike to PAP Ward. After all, All Singapore Citizens are all paying taxes just the same.

  4. Anthony Tang said

    The garment has never known to be fair to non papayas

  5. Sam Gunner said

    You dont see PAP supporters come out onto the streets like this after they won.

  6. P Koh said

    We have a new breed of citizens who are no longer afraid to show their support for the opposition and they are also very vocal too. Perhaps this is one of the ways to get to be heard. Cohesion and threat of “punishment” are no longer useful and it would
    do well for the ruling party to come down to ground level and open both of their ears to listen more and talk less.

  7. OhohoYeah said

    If only old JBJ lived to see this, he’ll smile all the way! as Kangxi said, 民心不可欺, 也不可弃。nothing can turn this tide any longer…

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