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Angry customer stops subscription to SingTel over criss-crossed networks

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

I’m giving up Singtel mobile service. At Woodlands Waterfront Park I sms back needs to pay in Malaysian rate and needs to switch roaming to call back our Singapore yet Starhub can sms and phone back at local Singapore rate. Is Singtel really PUBO??

I think reason Singtel wishes to co-share with Malaysian networks so that Malaysians can use their mobile phones freely at northern parts of Singapore to earn their money, as Singtel may find out huge numbers of Malaysians using mobile phones in northern parts of Singapore so huge potential to make money, outweigh those local Singapore users. But is Singtel correct doing so??

I never see China Shenzhen and Hong Kong can criss-cross each other border to use mobile network though HK belongs to China.



9 Responses to “Angry customer stops subscription to SingTel over criss-crossed networks”

  1. RU YI Gee said

    I’m giving up Singtel mobile service too…you want to know the reason.Check your bill carefully..they really PUBO as what you say.

  2. Ray said

    Set your phone not to auto search for network lah. Manually fix it to Singtel.
    That’s what you need to do if you frequent the borders of Singapore.
    Regardless which telco you subscribe to, if you go near enough to JB, your phone may auto search for a strong signal which may be a JB telco.
    To beat that, set it to manual search only.

    Like that also can make the news in Temasek Times.

    • SingaPOORean said

      ya lo, I get this problem too with m1 in punggol…set it to manual search solve the problem. Edward Tan please learn to use your phone.

  3. James said

    Disable your phone to not automatically select other networks. Set your manual network to Singtel and it won’t jump around the other networks.

  4. Money Max said

    Last time when I eas at Punggol, my SingTel line was also roamed to Malasian line and they charged me roaming rate too when it was not my fault. How can they charge us roaming rate when you are physically in Singapore? How can the Malaysia mobile signal stronger than Singapore mobile signal in every northern part of Singapore? I still can remember last time SingTel subsvribers complained about their lines were roaamed to Malaysian lines even at Neo Tiew Road where it was quite a distance from Malaysian border. WTF!

  5. Pin Lim said

    StarHub faced the same problem at certain area

  6. Jacob said

    Used to happen to me all the time.

  7. zinology said

    I work at Kranji, sometimes my phone losses connection with Singtel and switch to auto roam to connect to a Malaysian network. Frustrating sometimes.

  8. Sean said

    making a mountain out of a molehill. you’ll have this problem anywhere, where you’re very close to another country with its own mobile network infrastructure. your phone is probably set to AUTO, so if your home network’s signal (SingTel, in this case) is weak, it will hop onto the foreign network which may be offering a stronger network at that point in time. just switch to manual so that you get to control which network you’re on.

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