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Baey Yam Keng: The balance of media coverage is now quite ‘fair’

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

The Singapore media is not only only neutral and independent, it is not controlled by the government either, declared PAP MP for Tampines Baey Yam Keng, who also sits on the Government Parliamentary Committee for Information, Communications and the Arts.

Mr Baey was commenting on the recent blistering exchange between WP Chief Low Thia Kiang and Lianhe Zaobao Chief Editor Goh Sin Teck on the mainstream media’s coverage of the Hougang by-election.

Mr Low had earlier accused of the media of being used as a ‘tool’ to undermine the chances of the Workers Party in the election, a charge which was fiercely denied by Mr Goh.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Baey reiterated that “no one can control the media and any responsible media would want full editorial independence”:

“Sometimes reports may not be what the newsmaker wants it to be, because there may be neutrality by the media, so it’s not always what the newsmaker wants.”

Mr Baey also disagreed with Mr Low’s assertion during Saturday’s press conference that the conduct of the by-election was regressive.

“I don’t think we have gone back 20 years, I think the balance of coverage now is quite fair in that you have more profiling of the Opposition parties than you did before, perhaps even more than what the PAP would like. Readers will have to decide for themselves, and nowadays social media also plays a big role … They can look at what is out there and form their own opinion.”

The Singapore media was recently ranked 150th globally in terms of press freedom by U.S. NGO Freedom House, below the likes of Russia, Romania and Azerbaijan.



27 Responses to “Baey Yam Keng: The balance of media coverage is now quite ‘fair’”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    I would say the current media is less unfair…At least Mr. Baey acknowledges that previously they have been grossly unfair….

    • Compatriot said

      Baey Yum Keng its not easy to upkeep neutrality when you and your cohorts in the the PAP being the ruling government played dirty politics to Singaporeans with bigotry and hypocrisy

      You very well knows without a doubt that the media in Singapore is clearly monopolistic and totally controlled by the PAP government which were designed.for its protection from being defeated and kick out of parliament

      You barked out with an audacious remark that no one can control the media and any responsible media would want full editorial independence,which is totally lamentable

      A responsible media with full editorial independence to whom does ths current media is responsible to? If not only to the PAP.The media needed to be competive and a second media as such,for a second opinion is long overdue for a better and prosperous Singapore

      Currently,there is an impending tsunami bellows amongst the core of Singaporeans

      Why not you and your PAP cohorts,Singapore dare you to terminate the contracts of all the banks local and offshore here in Singapore and let only the DBS Bank and POSB to practise their operations (just like as the only current media to operate in Singapore ) its insane isnt it

      Do your homework man and bark out loud in parliament that there is a need for a second media or more to represent the voice for a second opinion to Singaporeans for an inclusive society

      So to conclude the inclusive society as what the PM your boss and master said he wants to work for an “Inclusive Society”

  2. WR said

    If It is really so independent, i wonder why the rating is so of them must be lying.

  3. Eric said

    What a rubbish!Certain things done sure cover up! If not, where are all these politics? Stop joking.

  4. Jaded said

    “I think the balance of coverage now is quite fair in that you have more profiling of the Opposition parties than you did before”

    of course la, if you do not do so, the extent of the bias would be even more apparent!

  5. Sure Or NOT? said

    Joking Right ?

  6. singaporeans said

    shld be 154th instead of 150th

  7. George said

    Dear Mr. Baey , if the media is fair to the opposition parties of good coverage than how do you explain that my Singapore is ranked 150th globally in terms of press freedom by us. NGO FREEDOM HOUSE. If this is a lie kindly do the needful to rectify the ranking and get it to be rank 1st. Thank you.
    I remember many years ago when opposition party JBJ brought this unfair coverage & reporting in the media. PAP replied that PAP has more candidates than the opposition so more coverage for PAP. I can buy that.
    But in the recent hougang by-election it not a fair coverage neither the actual events which I saw & heard . But like they say politics is such …….

  8. black cat said

    haha, do you realized there’s a thin line difference between ‘quite’ and ‘very’?
    ‘Quite’ meaning above average – e.g. he did quite well for his exam…
    ‘Very’ meaning extremely good – e.g. he did very well for his exam…
    Baey Yam Keng, what are you talking?? ‘quite’ vs. ‘very’
    Shoot oneself in the foot, slap one’s own face; contradiction oneself (拿石头砸自己的脚, 自打嘴巴)!!

  9. fox said

    That statement is expected when comes from someone who agrees that we are dogs.
    Where in the world dogs need freedom of press, right? Dogs don’t even read newspaper! Only fetch newspaper for the owner.

    I’d better listen to the opinions of people who disagree that singaporeans are dogs.

  10. Kans Solo said

    I totally agree with Mr.Baey. Although I agree of censorship in mass media when it comes to the safety of the nation, but should not be used for politics. Possibly a case of “curry favouring ” by the media with the ruling party.

  11. Michael Chus said

    His claims are not substantiated or quantified. Conversely, SPH is ranked 150th in the world. I thought a good politician ought to know how to speak believably and not make a fool of himself.

  12. x12831 said

    Lying with a straight face! Who is he kidding?

  13. CKMPD said

    If the main media is more fair, social media will be less important

  14. Ron said

    In the past, the talking was one side. Now, dozens of voices will speak up via social media. This has made the difference. More and more are reading Temasek Times, and other social medial blogs. So, it is best to be professional. Of course, I do not expect ST and the main media to be highly critical of the government and in fact will moderate its comments so that the rest of the world do not think that Spore is in turmoil.

    At least give more space for dissenting views. Otherwise, it is the PAP will suffer at the polls. It is not longer the same game as before.

  15. J said

    Lol, is Mr Baey joking? Really??!?!?
    Even my cousin that works in SPH knows the truth.
    Men in white are all rotten through the entire core!

  16. Can't blame him said

    When one is in Rome, one talks like a Roman.

  17. Not another brick in the wall said

    To control the people, you must input fear into them and by controlling the media, you suceeded.

  18. ad said

    He’s right that the govt does not control the media … but the employees there know that the way to higher pay, promotions etc etc is to write in favour of certain political group!

  19. 龙的传人 said


  20. Mr. Baey YK, with the internet, the main media has no choice but to open up.

    You are insulting our intelligence by saying that the government is not controlling the media.
    I have no problem with you. So please don’t push me away from you or your party.
    Please don’t say things that are not true. It’s an open secret.
    That is the main reason why I haven’t bought a news paper since the internet.
    You can show us all the proof you want but you can never put smoke to the actual unbiased truth.

    What and whose guide-lines do the “Editors” in the media follow? It is so obvious.
    On paper the media is independent but usually it’s the phone calls from “Big Brother” that makes the difference
    to what comes up thru the media.

    Please Mr. Baey, have the “WILL” to make the change. You got no choice.
    It will come one day. It’s only a matter of “When?”

    It will be better for Singapore. Don’t you think? Unbiased reporting?
    I’m very sure the media also wants it that way too. Let them do their job right.
    I am absolutely sure the media will think of SIngapore’s interest first and not to any political parties.
    Isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be?

    The one and only problem is…”PAP.” You need to change in the way you handle the media. It’s too “Old School”.
    At the end of the day, the people of Singapore (includes it’s citizens, ruling party and all opposition parties) will benefit from this.

  21. Evil PAPPY said

    PRESS FREEDOM RANKING for Singapore are:

    – 150th / 197 countries – ranked by Freedom House;
    – 135th / 179 countries – ranked by Reporters Without Borders.

    When ‘no freedom’ means what? Means under-control.

    Until Sg falls within 20th, SPH and PAP shall just shut the fug up!

  22. Dogmeat said

    Blogs reflect the truth as far as I’m concerned. Newspaper and the journalism crap is for the pappies.

  23. my left n right ball not balanced said

    Can a PAP lapdog like BaeyYK who takes cover in a GRC really know what it means to be balance and fair ?
    Is having the elections dept in the PMO balance and fair ?
    Is gerrymandering at the whim and fancy of the elections dept, balance and fair?
    Is dangling upgrading carrot to entice votes during elections, balance and fair ?
    Is the use of taxpayers money for the upgrading carrot, balance and fair?
    Is the GRC balance and fair whereby 60% votes translates to 81 seats for the PAP?
    How about the way his PAP elders campaigned for Desmond, is it balance and fair?

    How about accountability and transparency for the following, GIC, Temasek, CPF, HDB, actual number of foreigners, racial composition, etc, that are residing and/or working in Singapore, actual number of permanent residents, actual number of singaporeans who are unemployed, accurate job description of each singaporean if they are employed, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Baey is just another bloody PAP stooge who should stick to wanking and blowing.

  24. Leo said

    Mr Baey, I do respect you as I believe you are one of the few ruling party’s MPs who are keen in serving the nation. Thus it would do you good to comment truthfully and without the influence of others. Please keep up the good works you have done to the society,

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