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EXPOSED: SMRT PRC bus driver under investigation for hitting Malay motorcyclist along PIE causing his limb to be severed

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

The SMRT PRC bus captain who knocked into a motorcyclist when swerving right into another lane is currently under police investigation for speeding and not keeping a lookout for oncoming traffic.

The accident happened on Monday evening at around 5.55pm along the Pan Island Expressway towards Tuas before the Jalan Anak Bukit exit.

According to our informant who claimed to be a friend of the motorcyclist, he is currently twenty one years old and is a full-time National Serviceman.

Contrary to the version of events given by SMRT, the bus was speeding at 100 km/hour along the expressway and switched lanes without giving signals causing the motorcyclist to knock into the bus bumper and severing his leg.

He is still in critical condition in the hospital.

The particulars of the bus captain and the motorcyclist were not published in the press as the state media attempts to cover up another accident involving a PRC driver, barely two months after a PRC driver knocked over an elderly woman crossing the road in Sengkang.


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84 Responses to “EXPOSED: SMRT PRC bus driver under investigation for hitting Malay motorcyclist along PIE causing his limb to be severed”

  1. Sickened said

    SMRT and SBS needs to place a moratorium on all PRC drivers until they have proven themselves competent to drive on our roads. LTA has blood their hands.

    • WAKE UP! said


  2. spotlessleopard said

    I am still puzzled HOW ON EARTH DID SO MANY PRC. “DRIVERS” GET QUALFIED TO DRIVE PUBLIC BUSES in Singapore…..PAP must come Clean on this mattter….and the 2 Bus Companies must also explain to the Public How the HELL they “qualify” the PRC Drivers…..

    Is being CHEAP one of the criterion for Qaulifying?

    • mahbok tan said

      Fellow Sgporean….

      This is GLOBALISATION ( GREED ). They cannot outsource so they Import all those cheap labour and their excuse are no SGporean willing to do the JOB????

      In the security sector did you all notice that , most of the certis cisco are malaysian ????. What our security matter were taken care by foreigners…????

      In the manufacturing sector , so many PRC/philipines/Indian , and what are their quality performance…??? ex : 1 japanese company in Yishun will closed down due to Quality issue as all parts/components sent to customer FAIL…!!! They have to pay for compensation amounting to millions of dollars. How can it happened , because 3~5 years ago they start to import all these FT’s in the company and get rid of the old staff……and there they go….OUT due to QUALITY issue…GOD BLESS them…!!!

      Our GOVT , which have been well PAID , are not learning anything YET…???? OKAY fellow SGporeans , how about we outsource all our ministers, senior ministers.PM,DPM and President as well …get from third world country …..and get third world PAY….then i think we the Citizen Of SGpore will have a first wolrd standard of living…?????

      KNNBCCB to those 60.1%. I am ANGRY.

      • anticinabeh said

        You are right!!

        Sooner or later, all the PRCs and Pinoys will take away all our jobs because they are always cheaper than SG. Companies still employ PRCs even though they are unwilling to speak English and do not have the right skillsets.

        Our govt will never listen to SG’s cries. Lets wait for the end of SG to come. It will come soon. Hahaha….

  3. Ace said

    Very common never signal and just turn on the roads. Is this even an offence?

    • don said

      Wait till you get hit.. U tell us whether its an offence or not..

    • kenny said

      even u signal that doesn’t mean u can turn.. if u turn and hit someone, its still an offence…

    • Silverelf said

      Failure to give signal – $70 fine

      And since I’m at it… I thought I’d just look at other stuff. Not saying they are applicable lah.

      Exceeding speed limit of the road up to 20km/h. – 4 demerit points
      Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 30km/h up to 40km/h. – 8 demerit points
      Driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users. – 9 demerit points

  4. Ken Lee said

    o sorry our shit time new shit ,,,,, did not know the accident!!! maybe two three mth later they will report!

  5. Alan Lim said

    How could that be, all SMRT and SBS buses only can speed up to 60KM Max. This had been publish by them officially.

    • WAKE UP! said


  6. WAKE UP! said


    • mahbok tan said

      Their coffin have not been filled with enuf money …. in the meantime we have to tan ku ku …. pray hard that no SGporean being knocked down by our imported workforce/drivers.

      Time is getting nearer and money still not in coffin yet for someone there…..!!!

    • PRC Killer said

      We had several courtesy campaigns in the past, aimed at improving courtesy on our roads. With tons of these mother farker PRC drivers on our roads now, courtesy got thrown into the trash bin. They have turned everything upside down with their boorish behaviour on the road, not giving way, cutting lane, dangerous driving, mowing down people. LTA pls do something quickly !

      • Mel said

        If they keep doing this we’ll be outnumbered in no time 🙂

      • WAKE UP! said


    • dahlia said

      What the hell. So many accident involved by foreign drivers esp PRC. Seem that, the govt do nothing.

  7. Angry Singaporean said

    aiyah he’s MALAY.

    You think PAP would even consider the idea of punishing the PRC to stand up for a MALAY?


    • Winzy said

      Don’t try to stir up racial tension you dumb fuck!

      • mahbok tan said

        So we say ….aiyah its our fellow SGporean mah….make any difference…!!! YOU happy….!!!

        You think our GOVT of the day will take notice….wait and be patient and see for yourself when its your family members are the victim and then come here and complain , grumble !!!!

        Its the GOVT … people !!! wake up !!! its policies….you dumb &^(K !!!

    • DY said

      and the moderators here allowed this comment? good job temasek times. doing well.

    • Neutralism said

      “regardless of race languange or religion..” How many times u say this verse since u r a kid.. U r a nuisance to live in spore too

      • Angry Singaporean said

        WOW so many of you really never use brain before you reply..

        I’m expressing anger for that malay guy BECAUSE THE RACIST PAP WON’T FIGHT FOR HIM SOME MORE IT’S AGAINST A CHINESE PRC!!

    • stevenado said

      Don’t ever use race to criticize others.This got nothing to do with race.You will have to pay a heavy price it. Only racist will call others racist!! Becareful!!!when full of anger,Angry Singaporean!

  8. Anon said

    Who is the 21yr old NSF? The bus driver, the informant or the motorcyclist? Not clear in your article.

  9. alex said

    Why it is not expose in the news or media to let the citizen knows why the SBS let the foreigners to drive in Singapore road. How many more people of Singapore have to die or suffer this way with this trend of exporting the foreigners. Our governments is killing his own people with their bad policies. Peoples please wake up.

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree with you …!!!

      I am one of the angry SGporean towards our GOVT…becoz of their fuckcare attitude towards their own citizen…!!!

      KNNBCCB….to PM , DPMs and LKY…!!! Your policy stinks…!!!

    • dahlia said

      Agree, Govt treat us like a second class citizen.

  10. Invictus said

    Sue SMRT bus company !

  11. Mahbok tan kayu...!!!! said

    So now that the driver have been made known of a PRC driver waht are we going to do…!!! Blame him or follow lor…???
    The victim’s family can sue them if its not his fault or if the driver is speeding and cut into the lane of the motorbike.

    I am not blaming the PRC or FT in all cases that happen here in our SGporeland , but i will blame it on ourselves for getting the man that we trust into the parliament. You what i mean…!!!! So if its your family that were hurt while driving or on the road and it involves the careless FT or PRC then we deserved it….I am not sorry because we are the one to be blame for allowing the GOVT to implement policy that kills our own people…!!!

    Didn’t they know that the third world country procedure of getting a driving licence…!!!Ex: to get driving licence in Malaysia or india…its easy just pay money…all OK.try indonesia …better still just give agent to settle it , all okay the more money gib=ve to agent the faster they get their driving licence.If the GOVT official do know it , why are we pay them in millions…????

    So fellow Sgporeans , we can argue till cow oso cannot sleep , at the end of the day we are just another collateral damage for the GOVT to achieve their KPI or wad da fug they want…!!! Each and everyone of us have a resposibilities to our selve and families….so thats why we vote for the people into the GOVT but what happen now….we are all suffering and blaming each other for our own stupidity…!!! GOD BLESS all and better start thinking…!!!

  12. studentinsg said

    I find it unbelievable that the bus can speed at 100km/h. SMRT and SBS buses have speed limiters on them. Their engine power is cut off whenever the speed exceeds 60km/h.

    • CY said

      Fully agree! Moderators what is your source that the driver is a PRC? Stop stirring up anti-foreigner sentiments! Btw I am a true blue Singaporean who is strongly against unsubstantiated facts.

    • wpsupporter said

      obviously yur not a motorist. i have seen smrt/sbs buses overtaking me when im going at 80-90 km/hr.

      • mel said

        yeah, very true quite often at 80-90km…he’s definitely not a motorist and speed limiters will not cut or turn off engine power only restricting top speed. do your homework first.

  13. tootsie said

    100km /h? for real? -__-

  14. SINYoobi said

    PRC driver again. They are such a pain in the neck causing too much trouble in Singapore – causing injuries and deaths on the road. SBS must be responsible for hiring these untrained and unskilled foreign drivers.

  15. Hang Tuah said


  16. Obvious said

    I have seen SO MANY bus drivers changing lanes without signaling. And even bus drivers who switch two lanes at once! Hard driving and hard striving PRC drivers only. Sbs buses have now become killing machines.

  17. Ron said

    Too many accidents by PRC bus drivers. And more will occur as their driving habits are imported from China where there is little concern about lives and limbs. And going to jail means free lodging and food. They can get another drivers job back in China.

    Not an easy situation to reverse now that there are a few thousand PRC drivers here. SMRT and SBS used to have pretty good records until recently. So, we do know that bus drivers used to be careful. Now a bus ride can resemble a mini-rodeo

    • mahbok tan said

      Dear fellow SGporean , tend to agree with you , 1 dead in SGland can = to 10’000 dead in China. Coz of population and size..
      Hopefully our opposition can get some response from the GOVT on this issue where drivers have been imported from PRC or INDIA or any third world country with out taking into consideration on their driving habit and culture.
      I am very annoyed reading these knd of news …. why does our PM or DPM or LKY himself do not value the life of fellow SGporean…..guess their mindset have been into the GLOBALISATION ( GREED ) economy . To achieve it at any cost so long as it works and the consequences are secondary to them. Its people of SGpore that have to be the soldiers and the collateral damage.
      KNNBCCB …. to PAP / MIW for having such mentality and implementing policies that bring injustice to fellow SGporean. another KNNBCCB … to them hopefully after 2016 you all will learn to repent as by then LKY will not be around….!!!

    • ANGRY Bird said

      If found guilty of negligence, this bastard should be jailed, canned and deported back ASAP and blacklisted

  18. Shuan Goh said

    Baey Yam Keng said media is quite fair and not controlled by government? Why cover up to protect cockcroaches?

  19. Foxy said

    Oh no! Not you again ah tiong.

  20. Swaraj said

    I have seen such type of rash driving now days by bus drivers. I myself drive a Harley and its a heavy bike and stopping such type of bike on the stop is next to impossible. It happens when i was travelling towards little india and i was travelling @ 40kmph and suddenly the bus changed lane without signal, i was lucky that i was not travelling too fast and was able to stop before entering the bus terotary. When i used to attend the driving lessons and at the time of the exam they used to say, you can give your exam in English, Malay, Tamil or Chinese… which is complelety wrong…. as all the signs on roads are in english… then why they have to give exams in other languages… its a point to think…

  21. Aznan said

    Questions is how is the selection and vetting of foreign worker on their driving license and experience .. for us to get a driving license is like striking lottery … the cost and training hours and that test date anxiety .. and next bookin the next testing date … I’m not putting the blame on the foreign worker … but the authority that give them the license to operate public transports is where the authority need to review the work process on assessing the foreigner to drive in Spore road … not just public transport driver but to include those driving either private vehicle or company vehicle.

    • Mel said

      They just need to take the theory test to convert their existing local licence and they’re good to go if im not wrong…

  22. PRC Killer said

    KNN SMRT, you released another PRC killer on the road. How many more Singaporeans do you want them to kill ? And blardy Shit Time trying to cover up by conveniently keeping quiet !

  23. Neutralism said

    Someone is behind ILLUMINATI….. and he dont care wat u say… Hahahaha

  24. Daft Peasants said

    Wah….so many talk talk here….si beh unhappy with gahment……so all you people know what to do in 2016 already???

    • mahbok tan said

      DEFINITELY….if yet they don’t repent…..than we better put ourself inside the coffin and bury together with that phucking oldman legend…!!!!

      Vote for a change….1st world parliamentarian….huat huat ah…!!!

  25. pris said

    the foreign “talent” prc kills our ppl with their flashy ferraris. the foreign “worker” prc kills our ppl with public transport. wtf?

  26. Mei Mei said

    Hi, I read this,
    “The SMRT PRC bus captain who knocked into a motorcyclist when swerving right into another lane is currently under police investigation for speeding and not keeping a lookout for oncoming traffic.”

    May i know where did you get this source of information from? Let’s put MSM aside.. is it from the police, hearsay or written just to cause more chaos?

    • mahbok tan said

      wah lau eh ….from where arh…i think i heard it from your heart mah….!!! Go search high and low la…do not get only from 1 source….read all various sites….!!!

  27. Lucy Tang said

    PRC drivers in Singapore are stirring and creating a lot of unpleasant incidents lately – Reporting bus drivers and drivers recklessly on the road. Rules and regulations should be tighten up before allowing them to be part of our country and polluting the air. Do they also considered as “foreign talents”, living in Singapore and causing hurts and injuries, taking away the life? Or they were recruited cos they are cheap labour ?

  28. J said

    Hi TT, please provide proof for your claims that
    1) The fault solely lies with the bus driver for deplorable driving habits
    2) It was travelling at 100kmh
    3) Driver was a PRC

    At the same vein, who were driving our buses 10 years ago and what was the % of accidents on the road?

    Mod’s reply:

    We can’t reveal the source, but it’s very reliable.

    • ModSucksMyCock said

      Lmao, the reply from Mod’s makes my day, we cannot reveal the source, but it’s very reliable…..

      It says the bus driver is a friend of you, which is A True Singaporean Like Us too, I also cannot reveal the source, but it’s very reliable

    • Lim Peh said

      I took 985 every Saturday while giving tuition, and yes, due to the bus timings provided by SMRT, the bus drivers there are ENCOURAGED to speed so as to make up for lost times in case of traffic jams (in which the PIE is really prone to).

      Before this incident, I thought, well, I don’t complain much because it’s a hell lot of times saved. 985 on the first lane in the expressway, why not?

      But now that this incident had occured, I felt guilty.

  29. Birdie said

    KNN, I have to pass my basic theory and then practical then can go on the road.
    It is also not easy to pass the practical with just one try. Also must take a minimum of 30 farking expensive lessons then can go for the test. After you pass, you have to be under probation period of one year. KNNBCCB…… This PRC just comes in with their PRC license and just need to pass their basic theory and they can start driving on Singapore roads. worst of all not familiar with our roads and unable to read english road signs.

  30. Birdie said

    One dead Singaporean give another opportunity for a FT to replace him.

  31. ModSucksMyCock said

    The report is false, because the mod of temasek reviews deleted few of my comments where from the source of people whom was sitting inside the bus at that day, it’s not the bus driver’s fault. Sometimes, I do believe the temasek reviews lied and twisted too much about news nowadays, remember the case where someone’s grandmother been questioned by police during the hougang re-election period, just because the irresponsible mod or writer of temasek review anyhow writes.

  32. rose said said

    must blame minister of transport for not taking any action with smrt bus since the recent bus accident at sengkang that killed an innocent woman.Nowadays when you board a bus , majority are prc drivers. SO SCARY ALSO TO TAKE BUS.TOT TAKE TAXI SCARY AFTER THE FERRARI CRASH WITH TAXI , NOW BUS ALSO.NEXT IN LINE WILL BE MRT.WHAT THE HELL GOVT IS DOING.

  33. wolfglare said

    another PRC bus driver FT trash causing sufering and dead to us Singaporean…what is the PAP government going to do abt it….these PRC when they drive in China don’t give a dam abt traffic rule what make u think that when they come to Singapore they will follow our traffic rule

  34. zil wolf said

    It’s time to focus on the crime and not the race. Start embracing our differences, enough of the hating. We are all human beings who err regardless of our race.

  35. P Koh said

    I am also one who advocate finding the truth to everything that is being either rumoured or printed by the media. Simple thing to do is to adopt the ‘JAS’ rule. This means do not Judge, Assume or Speculate any situation until and unless you get all the facts right. Then you decide who is right or who is wrong.

  36. Black said

    It is time to realise that our tolerance and graciousness is being reciprocated with being taken advantage of and treated like a fool.

  37. dragon said


  38. Ramesh G said

    I agree. Lets not politicise every incident. This is a crime committed by a reckless driver. It has nothing to do with race or nationality for that matter. I hope future articles can stick to the facts and not mislead the public with mischevious headlines. Singaporeans are far able to distinguish fact from fiction contrary to what the author thinks. It is about time we let go of hate. Hate gets us nowhere.

    • stevenado said

      Well said.We must not politicise every incident or accident.Hope moderater will something about it. Otherwise, people are addding fuel to fire which can spread dangerously.Our criticisms must be logic and realistic.Please do not let your anger control your common senses.

  39. J said

    Dear TT Mod,

    I appreciate you protecting and trusting your source(s). However, I recall an incident not too long ago when all the political blogs locally in an concerted effort “exposed” the identity of a filipino man accused of disturbing the peace with his drum set. Eventually, turned out everyone was completely and utterly wrong about their “sources”. Perhaps you instilled more screening and filters to ensure more credibity and reliability now? Perhaps you did more on-sites visits? Would you care to share about this process?

    May I suggest too that you reveal certain non pertinent facts about your source(s) regarding this story. eg. Was your source a third party observer from another vehicle who happen to be at the accident scene? Was he/she a bus passenger and felt that the driver was utterly out of control tt day? My point is this: At least prove the objectivity of your sources.

    On my second point, do you have any statistics to show that our bus drivers in the past were mainly singaporean, and accident rates on the roads were comparatively a lot lower then it is now?

  40. singaporean said

    i almost met with an accident on wednesday afternoon…n the crash happened rite in frony of me in the 3rd lane along payalebar flyover towards tuas….its really scary driving in singapore..i dun understand y drivers hv no sense of courtesry…dun wana giv way….i had my twin 1 yr old girls in the back wif my nanny..damn….wat a idiotic country to live in….

  41. Not another brick in the wall said

    Eh u all dont anyhow bash foreigner hor. Some sneaky foreign rats has already start taking their revenge liao. Took bus 165 yesterday, a old aunty asked the PRC bus driver whether the bus goes to AMK anot, the driver gave her a stunt look. I told the aunty ” yes this bus goes to AMK, dont bother asking these PRC drivers they can’t tell the difference between yio chu kang and lim chu kang”. then i dropped my coins into the box telling him it’s $1.50, he printed the receipt, i took it and went up (double decker). Halfway thru the trip, i REALISED HE KEYED the minimium bus far which is $1.10. KNNBLCB i cannot imagine if the bus conductor come check, i sure tio 1 lo. CB. SNEAKY RAT

  42. Steve said

    Tonight I did not drive and bring my family to dinner, so we boarded the BUS which the driver is PRC, I was wondering why he is drving fast. Which I have difficult in keeping balance with my baby girl in my arms, lucky I was sitting down. Damn I am out of connect with the bus situation for 1 to 2 years and many changes, I remember, before I have a car, I was travelling by bus to work on bus 963, which there are 2 distinct driver who ferry me to wrok, one is a middle age malay man who drove professionally and steady, did not speed and always reach at schedule of course subject to traffic condition, another Singapore lady who drove a little fast but still steady and polite. And one day I took the bus in Y2011 and hoping to see either the uncle or lady, to my disappointment, i boarded a PRC driver bus. I was wondering maybe they have change them to other services route.

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