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Lexus driver Kelvin Seah Koon Yong in Bugis accident charged in court for drink-driving and dangerous driving

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

Kelvin Seah Koon Yong, the driver of the Lexus which was involved in a traffic accident with a Sonata taxi at the Bugis junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street has been charged in court for drink-driving and dangerous driving.

The accident occurred last Saturday morning at exactly the same spot where a Ferrari smashed into a Sonata taxi two weeks earlier, killing the Ferrari driver as well as the taxi driver and his passenger.

Seah was reportedly drink-driving and driving dangerously by beating the red light and ramming into a taxi which had the right of way at the junction.

The case attracted much public attention due to its close timing to the Ferrari case.

Seah did not engage a lawyer and will return to court on June 13.


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24 Responses to “Lexus driver Kelvin Seah Koon Yong in Bugis accident charged in court for drink-driving and dangerous driving”

  1. SINYoobi said

    He deserved to be punished severely with a hefty fine and 2-year driving ban. All drivers in Singapore must remember NO to drink-driving.

    • Naz said

      2 years? drink drivers should be ban for life!

    • A resident said

      All drivers in the world, really. I’d be all for it if people take the initiative and off themselves through reckless behaviour such as this, but hurting or killing innocent parties? That’s the lowest of the low.

  2. chong pheng woon said

    ban that menace for life…..definately needed to be put away for a long long time…

  3. Ivan Ong said

    Kelvin Seah has no excuse for his rash driving. He should be banned from driving for life and a six months jail term The lifetime driving ban is to save others from being killed by him.

  4. fish 'n' chips said

    btw is he still allowed to drive during this interim period starting from the day he banged into the cab?

  5. agrowingtree said

    Can he get caning too?

  6. SalesExec said

    Also must blame it on the timing of the traffic lights set by LTA.

  7. LocalAlwaysRight said

    First they thought foreigners drive recklessly, now a local proves them wrong, still some suspected he’s a convert citizen, again proven wrong.

    Now they blame LTA for timing of traffic light. Haha… true blue Singaporean

  8. speechless said

    wan bao newspaper said tat got 1 senior relatives of Kelvin Seah (dun now is it father or grandpa)… scold the media for making a big issues out of this news, this seems to b small matter to him.

    Kelvin Seah himself is a graduated from Curtin Uni.. in fb, he even ‘Liked’ the video of his lexus crashing on the taxi. can’t help but thinking… all these highly educated ppl (not all, but some), where are all their morales? wat had the MOE text book taught them?

    • Ray said

      Curtin Uni is highly educated? It’s one of the lower ranked uni in the region.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      Never believe what’s written on FB profile. Anyone can also say he/she is a HARVARD graduate what! Anyway fake degrees can also be bought at a cheap price.

  9. said

    Yes drink driving should be ban for life and jail for life. knn precious life go and drink,,,

  10. Human said

    Agree with all. Drink driving cannot be tolerated. 2 years driving ban is too light a punishment. It should be life time!

  11. just curious said

    It would be good if they’re put behind bars.

  12. lim said

    so few replies VS Ferrari accident, what’s his nationality?!

    • ModSucksMyCock said

      He is Singaporean, a true blue Singaporean like us, that is why no more bashing and blaming games nowadays, all those people only dare to bully others behind the desk

  13. icefire said

    he will be fine … our government n law protect the rich !!!

  14. iceeeeee said

    This fucking bastard got no brains iszit????
    Already drinking STILL WANT DRIVE/

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