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‘Pinoy Cuisine’ owners fined for falsely declaring information to MOM

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

Two owners of a restaurant ‘Pinoy Cuisine’ Singaporean Tan Jackson @ Muhammad Rafiq Tan Abdullah, 44, and permanent resident Canares Lualhati Sikat, 31 specializing in Filipino food have been fined S$5,000 each for declaring false information to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in a work pass application.

They were found guilty of declaring to MOM the monthly basic salary of an employment pass holder as S$2,500 when they are only paying S$1,600.

Both also pleaded guilty to employing a foreigner without a valid work permit.

Between January and April this year, the MOM prosecuted 18 employers for illegal employment or deployment offences. and a total of 14 employers were prosecuted for false declaration offences.


15 Responses to “‘Pinoy Cuisine’ owners fined for falsely declaring information to MOM”

  1. Strict Laws said

    There used to be a caning rule for hiring illegal workers. Petition to have their arses lashed for hiring a worker without permit. The law should also be harsher to include lashing for such false declaration.

  2. ANGRY Bird said

    MOM . . . time to wake up. You won’t be surprised there are many more of such employers out there. Scrap this stupid damn S-Pass, E-Pass scheme. Stop the influx of these foreign trash.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    This is only the tip of the Iceberg……This would not have happened if PAP did not allow this to happen….There are still literally thousands of Employers and tens of thousands of these MARGINALISED FOREIGNERS in singapore…..If the situation to not improve…PAP should be voted out in GE2016.
    The complicity of PAP has hurt many many Singaporeans who lost their jobs to these foreigners…and in turn these foreigners many many of them have litterally be sold down the river by the unscrupulous Employers…..
    The failure of the PAP to stop these practice says alot of the real Intention of the PAP Government.

  4. severe punishment needed for deterrent purpose said

    Severe punishment needed for deterrent purpose

    fine is too light, and will not deter people from committing offence, why not cancel their licence? This case was not new, it have been around in Singapore for some time.

  5. Uphold the Law said

    MOM. Just send some dead woods to walk around the country and you’ll see lots of labour infringements.

    Don’t wait for the public to give you feedbacks. You have to do the work yourself if you are really sincere to weed out all these assholes making a mockery of our labour laws.

  6. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha…….MOM, do you know that they are MANY prc whom are granted PR or study here are holding fake education certificate…….. FAKE!!!!!!

  7. Concerned Singaporean said

    If this article is true, we are seeing errant employers abusing the brilliant system set up by MOM to level the playing field in the employment sector. Such people must be incarcerated to deliver a strong message in deterring potential perpetuation. People should be hired based on merits and not overlooked for a foreigner because it is so much cheaper although the Singaporean is much more capable for the job at a higher price.

    Although I think the punishments should be more severe, I still insist on saying… Good job MOM!


    don’t waste time going after these small frys. there are bigger fish to catch if only some gahman people wants to or not…
    Want to know companies falsely declaring employees wages at 8000/monthly and pay them only $2000-3000 also many many lor……
    Singaporeans will disappear from this island soon and that is a fact!!

  9. SINYoobi said

    MOM, its time to nab those foreign immigrants in Singapore with fake degrees, documents, and etc.

  10. bb said

    Boycott the restaurant

  11. joeaudar said

    check on the big companies and not the companies in people park, geylang and little india area. Go for the biggies like the chain restuarants, supermarket , IT companies and the financial industries and etc etc

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