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Tan Jee Say on WP’s Hougang victory: ‘Fire of democracy’ will spread to East Coast, Joo Chiat and beyond

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

Given the convincing manner in which the Workers Party retained its stronghold of Hougang in a by-election held last Saturday, the WP has the ability to increase its current number of seats in Parliament in the next General Election, said former SDP leader and presidential candidate Tan Jee Say.

In a comment posted on his Facebook, Mr Tan congratulated Mr Png Eng Huat and the Workers Party, describing their victory as ‘remarkable.’

Despite the odds stacked against them, the Workers Party candidate Mr Png Eng Huat managed to garner 62.09% of the votes in Hougang, beating PAP’s Desmond Choo who got 37.91%, a marginal increase of only 145 votes from last year.

“The winning margin came as a surprise even to WP. PAP’s big guns over-rated themselves and their smear campaign. Hougang voters shook off the mud slung at Mr Png and WP as they poured out their frustration and unhappiness over national issues which are foremost in their minds, and in so doing reinforced their faith in an alternative voice to speak up for them,” Mr Tan wrote.

He added that WP is now well positioned to take down Joo Chiat, East Coast and other constituencies in the next General Election with this ringing endorsement from Hougang voters:

“With this solid endorsement from Hougang, “the fire of democracy” will surely spread to East Coast, Joo Chiat and beyond as described by Mr Png. There is much for WP and all the other opposition parties to do in the rest of Singapore to keep the Hougang momentum going. The road to GE 2016 has already started.”

The Workers Party won 49.7% and 54.5% of the votes in Joo Chiat SMC and East Coast GRC respectively during the General Election last year which puts it in good stead to capture these two constituencies as their aging PAP MPs and ministers are expected to step down in 2016.



17 Responses to “Tan Jee Say on WP’s Hougang victory: ‘Fire of democracy’ will spread to East Coast, Joo Chiat and beyond”

  1. Uncle Mama.. said

    we am PRO-PAP…i have no better to say…only few words…Hougang voters I salute u

  2. rfdude said

    The Worker’s Party won 54.5% of the votes in East Coast GRC? How come I never see Ms Glenda Han as an MP in Parliament?

  3. Old Singaporean said

    Yes, WP and all other opposition parties should start prepare to find new blood and gather all those with qualification of Minister level and plan to form the next government in 2016.

    If PAP cannot find a solution to remove the pro-foreigner policy, the singaporean will sure remove PAP.

    To change regime for good or for worst, singaporean must teach PAP a lesson as PAP take it for granted that they will rule the singapore forever. So, they will not bother your complaining…..and just continue carry on what they did in the past… get in all scholars to rule the countries without understand the ground feeling and boost GDP at all mean even sacrifice it own singaporean livehood..
    They pay themselve the world highest pay and what is the track record and achievement for the past one since May 2011 they have to deserve additional big bonuses….. …Oh yes…they have the track record that cannot solve the flooding problem, cannot solve the rocket high COE problem, congestion public transport problem and frequent breakdown of MRT, rocket high of public housing and high jobless due to PAP pro-foreigner policies, civil servant sex/corruption scandal. etc, etc….and thus because of all these track record, they deserve the additional bonus??

    New citizen can only happy for 10 -15 years as they will be replaced again by the new batch of foreigners if the PAP still remain the same old tactic of boosting GDP at all mean …….and by using singaporeans as a “money tree” to generate million for them and when our time UP, we will be dumped and replaced by new batches of “money machines”….. Your past contribution will not be useful for deserve free elder and medical care and in fact, no such thing as free medical care….. PAP will rather you die rather than sick….

    We need a government who care and really take action…….If you say “Singaporean come first”, immediately ask MOM to cancel all S-pass and EP and force employers to take in local…. or immdeiately let us know your policy/new employment act/regulation and to show us your sincerity rather than now …….On one end saying ” Singaporean come first” and behind our back PAP flood in all foreigners to take our jobs and SMRT/SBS/NTUC go all ways to china to recruit foreigners…..

    Again, for good or for worst, we must change this government to teach PAP a lesson so that they can really wake up do something really for singaporean and we will compare the difference and make a new fresh singapore in 2021……

  4. lu now said

    Tan Jee Say is just an opportunist. Please stay away and let the opposition do their thing.

    • DIY said

      Yes TJS is an opportunist. Maybe the situation will happen within the next 30 years. Before the erosion to change government takes effect the transition will have to undergo strategic steps. The dormant party will face a coalition government perhaps lasting another 20 years or longer. Witness the political wrangling in parliament around our Asean countries where parties will be vying for heavyweight posts. If any party with strong political will ever survived then the X-factor Party can rule Singapore. Don’t ever bet on WP. They do not produce standards. High standards are necessary otherwise another Yam scandal will surface again. Witnessed the NGO movement Bersih 3.0, the people want the EC to procure a standard electoral rolls for a clean GE. Good Luck SG.

    • Compatriot said

      hey lu now r u now okay or what,i think u now okay,think optimistic and be positive

      The Three (3) Tans can gainfully contribute and provide Singaporeans with the alternative voice and the force to break and kick the PAP out of parliament

      2 of the 3 Tans have already contributed logically with their comments

      • DIY said

        Talking about the (3) Tans, that reminds me about the Chinese classic ‘Romance of the 3 Kingdoms’. We go for opportunist first. When the General of kingdom ‘A’ have ambitions to conquer kingdoms ‘B and C’, it was a big task. The easy way was to instigate kingdoms ‘B and C’ to war and when they were both weakened then conquer all. In a democratic ‘war’ so to speak, opportunist leader speaks louder, using lots of magic words, catchy phrases and promises. Word phrases like ‘fire of democracy’, ‘beacon of democracy’, ‘walk the talk’, ‘old ginger is hotter’,’will work day and night to serve the people’, ‘Huat ho….’ and many other versions sprouted like mushrooms after a heavy rain. A dumb person cannot become a politician that’s for sure, as compared to a half blind leader (Indonesia). When a coalition government takes place, every political parties will present their standards to prove better standards than the proven ones. The worst hit will be the WP. This is where the opportunistic leader room in to conquer. Take for example TJS, he is an opportunist. He contested the GE and then the PE. The concepts of a PE and GE are different. Elected President plays the role of a Motivator for the state. Leaders of the Elected Government plays the role of a Mobilizer and the day-to-day affairs of the state. TJS have not achieved to win a mandate to form a ruling government, then try the Presidency. One of the requirements stated you are eligible if you have ever managed a company worth SG$100m budget. This is good opportunity and try his luck. Good riddance.

  5. alex said

    In 2016 the new sun will rise from the east and cover the west…a new dawn era will begin. How i wish the day will come soon. Lets pray for it.

  6. SINYoobi said

    Joo Chiat will be certainly be captured by WP in 2016. Please work hard to achieve your goal and send more WP MPs to Parliament.

  7. Sifu.. said

    All the other opposition parties ????

    “WP is now well positioned to take down Joo Chiat, East Coast and other constituencies in the next General Election with this ringing endorsement from Hougang voters:

    • fish and fishes said

      Welcome to the world of big fish eat small fish!
      Small fish has to collaborate with big fish in order to cripple shark fish.

  8. Compatriot said

    Its a wise and tactical strategy.The sound of the clarion call with the clamour and clarirty for a change of government has been heard and adherent in the East Coast and Upper East Coast

  9. Exaggerated said

    PAP is doom to fail in years to come. Policies made are cater to their own ruling party benefits and not to take care of the people, which should be the original intent of what a government should be doing.

    Just to list a few,

    CPF, compulsory top up and extension of age withdrawal without being able to withdraw the amount with only measly interest rate paid.

    HDB, a failed government project with illogical explanation of a depreciating life expectancy of the unit with appreciating value. (when the 99 years lifespan expires, should the value of the flat still worth the market rate? when the quality of the HDB is really not up to standard.)

    COE, Road tax and ERP, are the ruling party really trying to control the number of cars on road? Are they telling us that one policy is not good and effective enough that they must have 3 policies to control the number of cars on road? Are they trying to tell us the previous policy makers are not good enough or do not have the foresight to implement a better policy to control the traffic numbers?

    These few examples are clear enough that money has been sucked from the people. Its just a matter of time……do not let them divide and conquer. Unite and bring changes.

  10. 123 Idiot said

    PAP! Damn them dead! Money hungry idiots! COE, COV, ERP, CPF all meant to suck you dry of money! If you are that money minded be prepare to work to your ass dropped! YES! If you dare to take such a high pay you MUST be prepared to be shot from every angle if things are not right! Logical isn’t it?

  11. aminurasyid said

    The PAP members of parliament lease is for another 4 years to be exact. So let us the citizen to prepare to send them OFF . . . . for the next election

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