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Zhang Ziyi denies having sex with Bo Xilai and threatens to sue Hong Kong and Taiwan media

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

Renowned Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has refuted rumors that she had sex with Bo Xilai for more than ten times and threatened to sue the Hong Kong and Taiwan media for the claims.

The original report came from U.S-based citizen journalism website ‘Boxun’ which said that Xu Ming, president of the conglomerate Dalian Shide in China’s northeast who has been detained due to his close ties with Bo Xilai, confessed that in 2007 he gave Zhang six million yuan (US$945,000) for having sex with him.

Zhang, who is currently filming in Guangzhou posted on her Weibo yesterday morning denying the allegations:

“Coworkers deride the fabrication (Boxun’s report) and ask ‘what is the big deal’? … It is not necessary to fabricate, just imagine anything. Frankly speaking, it is mental masturbation,” Zhang posted.

In a later post in the evening, Zhang appeared to take on a tougher stance against Apple Daily and said she felt “chilled to the bone and deep sorrow” over the “slander and smears” it had published.

“We will demand justice in law. We will dig you out from your dark corner and follow up the inquiries,” she added.

Once a high-flying politician tipped for higher positions in the Chinese Central government, former Chongqing mayor Bo Xilai’s sudden fall from grace is nothing but spectacular.

Bo has not been officially charged yet for any offences and his current whereabouts is unknown as the media continues to leak and expose sordid tales of his numerous sexual exploits.


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7 Responses to “Zhang Ziyi denies having sex with Bo Xilai and threatens to sue Hong Kong and Taiwan media”

  1. hOt said

    There is a Chinese saying which translate like – no wind how to have waves ????? What is there to cry abt ? If she did, just admit it and move on with life. It’s just like shit… the more u stir it… The smellier it gets…

  2. papsmear said

    Of course deny lah! Where got pros said ya ya I got sex with this guy and that guy?

  3. Uncle Mama.. said

    China slut……international disgrace

  4. P Koh said

    MYOB. This is the life of a fellow living being and what she does is no concern of others as long as she has not and did not cause any harm or damage to another human being. Morality is viewed differently from one person to another and sending malicious articles calculated to hurt another is worst than immorality. Live and let live. Opposite of Live is Evil.

  5. Ken Lee said

    so did you? for a night US$945,000? good earning!

  6. China... again said

    She is feisty, I’ll give you that. Maybe someone should give her $2million to confess and spare us the drama.

  7. Ramius said

    the old saying goes let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone (So much for whats in our closets) I guess it is not untill we can hear what cannot be seen, and see what cannot be heard will we learn the error of our ways…….

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