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PHOTO: Bedok resident shocked to see bill of nearly $2,000 for lift upgrading

Posted by temasektimes on May 31, 2012

A resident living in Bedok North was shocked to see a bill of nearly $2,000 inclusive of GST to upgrade the lift in his block.

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]


54 Responses to “PHOTO: Bedok resident shocked to see bill of nearly $2,000 for lift upgrading”

  1. Lim said

    Did you vote for lift upgrading? If yes, then there is nothing more to complain about. This kind of exorbitant profiteering is expected.

  2. Jack said

    I thot this should be already communicated before the work commence?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    Benefits and privileges of being under a PAP MP……unlike Hougang where Lift Upgrading is FREE…but HDB got politicised and STOPPED Workers Party Town council from future upgrading for free……Shame on the PAP…(People Again Pay)….well they get what they deserve….continue to voting PAP in the next GE they will be getting more “privileges”

    • A resident said

      Hougang’s lift upgrading is free? This is news to me.

      – A Hougang resident who paid for lift upgrading -IN- Hougang constituency.

      • A resident said

        Apologies Spotlessleopard, I misread your comment. Was unaware upgrading was free for a time.

  4. LILIAN said


  5. Choon Sing said

    2k is 2 months pay for most Singaporeans. PAP use lift upgrading to get votes and in the end the people have to pay and profit them. Why vote PAP to profit them? Daft…

  6. denzuko1 said

    If the resident do not pay, is HDB going to dismentle the lift?

  7. Joseph chua said

    Bedok is most likely under east coast grc under the pap

  8. Lift to heaven said

    They will tempt you with carrot and the people fall for it. “I give upgrading if you vote for me but you pay for it…..later.” Hey, this is not new. When are the voters waking up. Only your votes can speak and decide for you, why give away your rights so that they can abuse it? Well done HG, hope SG can learn from them. We have been taken for a ride for too long.

  9. Joseph chua said

    Bedok north road is confirm under east coast grc lah. It under pap. It under fengshan district of east coast grc

  10. This is about 5% of the gross cost, which the bulk are subsidised by HDB. However, I was told that if you were to sell your unit after the completion, you will probably ask to pay for the balance of gross cost of upgrading. The reason given is that the future selling price include a value-added price and hence payable in full (S$40,000 est). Happy to know more? Call HDB now….and I am sure you will know who you will vote for in GE2016.

  11. Grammer Nazi said

    some parts of bedok belongs to east coast grc, which is under pap

  12. Bob said


    who let you out of the kitchen? Bedok North road is under Raymond Lim.

  13. Law said

    Take note Bedok is Divided in 2.
    The Actual Bedok(North south east west) is under East Coast GRC
    Bedok Reservor is the one that is under Aljunid GRC taken care by LTK.
    They are Divided by the PIE.

    • kenny said

      who told u this??? bedok nth st 3 which is located opp. bedok reservoir(across PIE) is also under WP ok..

  14. Clown said

    which part of bedok…
    thought bedok north road is under east coast GRC ?

  15. Mdm Tan said

    dont worry, can deduct from your CPF

  16. wolfglare said

    i thought it was the government who should pay for all upgrading for HDB….why should we have to pay…if we were the one who pay for all these upgrading than always come election time these PAP always use upgrading to threaten us voter since we are the one paying for the upgrading

  17. Joe said


  18. alan said

    Then how much you thought of paying? So many complains .Correct also complain wrong also complain.

  19. PAP says pay 2K and your property go up by another 10K. True Story.

  20. divasaurous said

    Errrrr Lilian, Not all BEDOK is under WP leh… my in laws stay in Bedok Nth Road which is under PAP

  21. Jonathan said

    @Lilian. Original writer from Hardwarezone already said he from East Coast GRC. Definitely under PAP.

  22. Xuanze said

    @Lilian: Bedok is under PAP

  23. 99 said

    @Lilian most of bedok north road is actuallyat PAP held east coast GRC.

  24. singaporeans said

    Will he be banned from using the lift if does not pay up?

  25. Mianzz said

    I stayed at the 2nd floor. I totally have no need for a lift.. but do I have a choice? NO!! I still have to pay the 2k for something I don’t use!! HDB upgrading costs should be fully borne by HDB don’t you think?

  26. Ron said

    If you do not pay and pay, then walk and cannot take the lift LOL.

  27. Eugene said

    Bedok vote to Pay And Pay .What to do ?

  28. Seng said

    My HDB block in Tampines East. Lift installed and operational in Sept 2005. My father paid via CPF only $692 instead of today’s $2,000 price.

    • Happygal said

      same same…we live on level 12 so it is a must to have a life at our level hence we paid SG700 for the upgrade..

  29. HK said

    Imagine this, if the block have 16 level and each level have 12-14 units, they will get abt $400K – $450K!

  30. jaded said

    knn we have to pay for a building defect caused by HDB? if they were smart enough to include lifts on every floor when they were building it they would not have to do this today.

  31. bobo said

    The china lift installed in my house always spoils -.-“

  32. Sandy said

    Bedok North St 3 those BLK 5++ is under Ajunied GRC which is under WP

  33. Eight Yew said

    This is the price to pay for selfish Singaporeans. You vote them because of upgrading. Don’t complain because you endorsed them to do so. Good Luck!!!

  34. tyu said

    Why did PAP tricked people into paying when it is absolutely free-of -charge in Hougang?

  35. Leo said

    Why grumble when you have voted for PAP?

  36. Beenthereseenit said

    My lift upgrading in Née Soon was $6000+ because we were on high floor and only 4 flats on that level! Worse is, we did not even have a chance to vote before 2011 because it was under AMK GRC. Next election when PAP tell you about upgrades, please remember YOU hav to pay for it!

  37. Raymond said

    The area should be under East Coast GRC – > Go check the map

  38. singaporean said

    hmmmm why so surprised? upgrading cost around tat rite?

  39. Steve said

    I was curious, if you refuse to pay will HDB possess your flat?

  40. tj said


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