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Relatives of Lexus driver Kelvin Seah scolds media for kicking up a fuss over a ‘trivial accident’

Posted by temasektimes on May 31, 2012

Instead of showing remorse for causing a near fatal accident, the driver of the Lexus Kelvin Seah Koon Yong posted the news of the accident on his Facebook and even ‘liked’ it!

Last Saturday morning, a Lexus beat the red light at a Bugis junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street ramming into the rear of Sonata taxi.

The 30 year old driver Kelvin Seah was charged yesterday for drink-driving and dangerous driving. He was accompanied by his family members who hurled expletives at journalists who tried to interview them.

“Why are you kicking up a big fuss over a trivial accident?” one elderly man reported shouted at them outside the court.

According to court documents, Kelvin Seah came from a rich family and graduated from Curtin University in Australia.

If convicted, he is likely to be jailed and fined.


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50 Responses to “Relatives of Lexus driver Kelvin Seah scolds media for kicking up a fuss over a ‘trivial accident’”

  1. wolfglare said

    should send these guy to jail for at least 1 year to serve as a warning to all who drink and drive…and also ban him from driving for 10 years

  2. He’s clearly unrepentent and if he continues to be unrepentent at trial, well, the joke will be on him.

  3. hOt !!! said

    I assumed that old man is his father… He really have sh***t sh**t shit*t !!! INSIDE his head. That’s not the way to educate his son. How could an old man with so many many many years of life’s experience made such a “irresponsible comment” (on the assumption that it is true bat his comment).

    How could this be a small matter. Moreover if reports that this 30 years old graduated is from Curtin, then I think he should be responsible enough to know better… if you drink DO NOT drive ! All his education must have have turn to sh***t INSIDE his head too.

    I really hope the Authority will NOT spare the rod & spoil the child…

  4. We are just as bad said

    alamak we are as bad as the family from china
    disappointing ….

  5. i5htar said

    “”he is likely to be jailed and fined.”” <<< just jail and fine ONLY??? no few stokes of Changi's canes???

  6. spotlessleopard said

    Leave it to the Court to decide…how trivail it is…

  7. mahbok tan said

    So its a trivial matter. so now this rich families are saying that its OK and small matter….!!!
    You son was drink driving ….!!! Pay fine only lor…….later can employ another foreign driver hor…cause SGporean do not like to work as ahmad !!!!

  8. I hope this Kelvin Shit gets jail for months.

  9. John said

    Another useless shit.

  10. Ron said

    A trivial incident? My foot.

    It is time they introduce the rotan for drink driving that causes serious incidents. Perhaps jail time is insufficient to deter such idiots. I do not want to be the next victim of such idiots. And they cannot afford to take a cab home? Then confiscate the car too.

    Which is more dangerous? Smuggle in cigarettes and you can have your car confiscated. Smash into someone and cause property damage and injuries and the Court will sentence them to a short sentence plus a fine? Time to review the sentencing guidelines.

  11. Its a SERIOUS CRIME. DRINK driving and beating traffic lights at a cross junction. MONEY cannot buy back the pain caused to others. The fright caused to the cabby and his pax (if there was any) cannot be paid with money. SO whoever the driver of the LEXUS was, he should be fined heavily and BANNED from driving for life.

  12. leedavid said

    I personally think the driver should be CHARGE for ATTEMTED MURDER! He knows that he is not to DRIVE OR OPERATE any machine if he take alcoholic drinks, not to says he is a GRADUATE. HIYA, the AMOUNT of MONIES spend to education for this, like they says in Hong Kong ‘读屎片’.n for the ELDER who

  13. leedavid said

    Make comment of such,pls, people, FORGIVE HIM, he knows not what he os doing, or shall i says he HAD NEVER CARE WHAT HE IS DOING BECAUSE HE THINKS HIS MONIES IS EVERYTHING……

  14. yoyo said

    To be honest, it is no big deal what. Drink driving cases are so common just that this one happened at the same spot of the Ferrari driver. SIAN LAH TR, even gutteruncensored can come up with better news than this.

  15. Rafiet said

    Trivial my foot

  16. angry bird said

    please give him the max jail sentence .how i wish god can give him a lightning strike .

  17. sun jia ru said

    Jail and fine only? What’s a hefty fine to him coming from a rich family? Trivial matter, I’m sure. Mandatory caning added in would be a more effective deterrent to other potential drink drivers. Having the cheek to post “liked it” on his Facebook, clearly shows a total lack of remorse and probably enjoying the ‘free publicity’ he’s getting from the media. Perhaps, his family members including his father should also be soundly whipped as well for abusing the journalists outside the court? They seem oblivious and indifferent about the gravity of the offense committed. sigh!

  18. FanaticD said

    Castrate him is the best. let them know. drink and drive = castration. see whether they will do it
    if for a female, then make them pregnant and suffer the labor pains. if killed a person, 1 life for 1 life. simple

  19. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    Wasted sia. He and Ma Chi should have collided with each other.

    • retired undertaker said

      Nice one! MaChi was probably waiting for him but to no avail.
      Matter of time he will bring along his oldman to visit MaChi.

    • very unlikely, cuz both beat red light, we must have one that beat and another to follow the rules to collide, but if you saying the beat red light together and brush each other side… that might be possible

  20. wow. tat is fast… i wonder how long they will take to charge all the other PRCs tat hijack a taxi and killed a cleaner, the sbs bus who kill an aunty and many more… seems like longer….

  21. Harry said

    Our laws with regards to dangerous, drink and reckless driving, in my opinion is just too light. A vehicle has more potential to kill and maim than a gun. As such the responsibility that each driver carries is very heavy. Just as the courts hand down heavy sentences against using a weapon or gun, they should do the same with those that drive negligently.

  22. sinlesschocolate said

    I see that he’s not described as “handsome”
    and “tall”,..and all that other shit… MSM your double standard is so obvious…

  23. We Are Singaporeans said

    Bad upbringing!! Like father like son! No wonder they are so arrogant!!
    Shame on you for being Singaporeans!! Bring us bad name n reputation!!

  24. Jacob said

    Of course he is your precious son. He can do anything he wants… in hell.

  25. Ed is an Ass said

    Sinkie, even if look like Brad Pitt still described as ugly as armpit.

    PRC even if look like Mahbok T., still described as handsome.

    Not only double standard. Absolutely no standard one.

    Fuck them all!

  26. jaded said

    trivial? he could have killed someone!

  27. Jacob said

    I only hate your son, note you. But because you were rude to me, I will spread what you said everywhere. You think you are god?


  28. diversifyx2 said

    Jail and suspend license whole life for this son of motherfxxker

  29. 龙的传人 said

    100 tim, 99 tim let go , 1 tim no go , mean go hell !

  30. Singaporean said

    Got this kind of father so got this kind of son… 子不教,父之过…since he from rich family, our gahmen mostly will give him fine and his license for 1 to 3 years.. Our law is very lenient one, protect the rich one only…

  31. George said

    I bet our courts would just fine him but no jail term at all.

  32. A Singaporean Abroad said

    The trouble with these people with poor upbringing is that they think the weight of their money is good enough to buy their way out of any wrong they committed. These people are just not civilised – Educated in Australia? In my view, Kelvin’s father wasted his money sending his son to Australia because Kelvin is still as immature as a three year old child.

  33. zeke adams said

    My guess is Kelvin Seah has never been held accountable for anything in his life and everything has been given to him. He probably figures his “family’ will be there to bail him out of this mess he’s gotten himself into.

  34. Wicked Brain said

    He should be jailed and fined heavily.
    Drink Driving is not trivial. Look at how his Lexus hit the taxi? Good thing that he missed the driver and passenger seat. Otherwise he will be another Ma Chi.
    He is a disgrace to our country. PUUUIIII!

  35. pngkueh_forever said

    Sad, some rich people think like that. Money can buy anything and can think like shit, talk big and belittle others. Wait till his own son got killed in a similar accident, then it is no more a small matter.

  36. Daft Peasants said

    He should join ma chi… hell…..

  37. Ken Lee said

    Why are you kicking up a big fuss over a trivial accident?
    he die not you die! don’t boater with him , he will die in car accident one of these day! and his family will also say ” small case la!”! got so many sons don’t know which one to give all the money!

  38. Amy said

    He is a disgrace to us Singaporeans.

  39. Angel said

    In Australia “if you drink and drive, you’re a bloody idiot”. He is definitely a bloody idiot. When they knock others, it’s call a trivial matter. When other knock them’ what will they say? A total disgrace.

  40. cht said

    he works for a local seafood supplier company in pasir ris……

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