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Singaporeans urged to express their love for Singapore during National Day celebrations

Posted by temasektimes on May 31, 2012

Singaporeans, old and new citizens are urged to express their ‘love’ for Singapore during this year’s National Day celebrations through road shows, exhibitions and photo competitions.

The country celebrates its 47 year of independence on 9 August.

Singaporeans can take part in activities such as the “LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice” virtual choir project, the LovingSG trails and the “Building A LovingSG” charity initiative.

The project, “LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice” enables Singaporeans to produce a video of themselves singing the national anthem ‘Majulah Singapura’ and upload it on the official NDP website.



28 Responses to “Singaporeans urged to express their love for Singapore during National Day celebrations”

  1. WR said

    If Singaporeans love Singapore so much, is there any urging needed?
    Or just find part time actors?

  2. WP Loves Singapore said

    I’ll express my love for WP on National Day. WP loves Singapore and Singaporeans. To me, and WP celebration is a celebration for Singapore & Singaporeans. Any WP celebrations planned for National day ? Please let Singaporeans know and we will be there to celebrate with you.

    • Rustle said

      Please ask the WP to deignate a day called WP Day so that you can express your love for it with oblation.
      National Day is a day of celebration for Singapore and true blue Singaporeans should express their love for Singapore and not any political party.

  3. jaded said

    express my love, my ass! CPF minimum sum is going to increase again. hope the daft 8000 in hougang who voted for the pappies are happy now!

  4. denzuko1 said

    Love for the country is definitely “yes!” but it does not translate to support for PAP. My family and I can celebrate National Day but definitely not with the PAP.

    • Mel said

      I love Singapore. My parents, grand parents and great grand parents were born here. I served my national service and completed my reservist cycle all for the love and loyalty to Singapore.

      To celebrate with PAP this National Day? NOPE..

  5. yayaya said

    i joined the NDP parade 9yrs ago with constant drilling and practices, all the sweat and tears, tanned to the max. however, thinking back i am glad i did it, with pride and honor, proud to be a singaporean. now? i would not even consider going to distribute goodie bag for ICT. what pride are u talking about? locals are barely the majority at the parade (tv camera will focus on joyous locals and kids). i no longer knew the singapore i served during NS day, NDP days. at least i am glad i don’t need to serve fulltime now.

    how are we going to explain to young adults who are in NS now that when u ord, at best u can get a university place, graduate and sorry, nothing special about u so chances are u cannot get a job, despite the papers telling u how high your faculty starting pay is or how high demand u are in. u wasted 2 yrs but ya, too bad, don’t think so highly of yourself or feel important just because u got pink IC or wear green for 2yrs. time to come down from your own ivory tower and face the reality, age is not a mitigating factor. the earlier u come down the better

  6. Ray said

    You got to love your country. Just probably not the people who are governing it.

    • Anthony Tang said

      YES if my country is all true Blue sons of the soil, but why should we toll for years and years and let the Chinaman come and enjoy the harvest.
      Stupid garment never own up to their mistakes, and the people have to suffer for it.

  7. sun jia ru said

    So much public sentiments of frustration, anger, hatred and resentment in the air. It’s a wonder if the real meaning and expression of “loving Singapore” does reflect the true feelings of the majority of Singaporeans? A well crafted attempt in the works to impress our neighbors, perhaps? 😛

  8. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Pls ask the PRC to form the marching contingent . Let the NS man relax !

  9. Daft Peasants said

    Mmm……. maybe can tell the PRs and New Citizens to participate

  10. x12831 said

    This must be a bad joke.

  11. One Eye Jack said

    Please bring a Hammer with you to the National Day Parade.

    A toy plastic Hammer in blue would be the ideal.

    Show the white scums how many Singaporeans are celebrating National Day this year… the victory of WP over the PAP in Hougang.

    GE 2016 will be the real water shed elections when the other alternative parties will be making an impact in the constituencies / GRCs where they will be competing in.

  12. I dare say that I have too much work to be worried about celebrating National Day. Since 9 Aug is a Thursday, I will be taking off on 10 Aug for a super long weekend in Bintan. Tell me about the parade when I get back.

  13. Law said

    I wun get too surprise if there will be empty seats if using the Old Kallang Stadiium at this stage of our SG.
    Well, hope there wun be empty seats in the Floating Platform otherwise something is wrong somewhere.
    The Army Open house is a good example of Actions through people of Netizens.

  14. Dr XYZ said

    Double Yawn!
    Triple Yawn!

  15. SalesExec said

    70% of free NDP tickets will be given to those not born in Singapore to follow your heartbeat. 30% goes to people who doesn’t voice out.

  16. ATLK said

    My ICT starts 8 Aug…

  17. LkySi said

    All PAP MPs should strip naked and run round the Padang/ F1 Circuit

  18. icefire said

    i love my country but i Hate the ruling party in the government … think they can buy more PHP maids to love them

  19. Som said

    Gotta to be kidding asking me to this this!!!!

  20. just curious said

    Oops… I lost it

  21. Rustle said

    Is it possible to leave politics out when we celebrate National Day? Why politicise everything? Who says WP is Singapore or Singaporeans love WP? Singapore is Singapore! Duh!

  22. Rustle said

    Singaporeans need something to unite them. We don’t need over zealous supporters who try to divide Singaporeans on every occasion.

  23. Rustle said

    I do not agree with all of the PAP policies but I can recognise that they have also done much good for the country. I care for my future in Singapore and I care for the future that my children will inherit in Singapore and that is why I cannot ignore your blind criticisms of the government and your blind loyalty to a party that has yet to prove itself. .

  24. Born, raised and served National Service in an Infantry units in order to make Singapore a peace and safe country. For what? For EXPATS and FOREIGN TRASH to live like Kings and Queens and they called Singapore their HOME and take away our jobs, our land, our homes. Now earning a living as a Taxi Driver coz the Hospitality Industries are swarmed with Pinoys and PRCs, living in a rented house in Johor coz cant afford to pay HDB levy of over 30K in cash for new flat, cant afford to pay 40 to 50K COV for resale flat, unable to get loan from HDB coz unstable income as a Taxi Driver. You tell us your priorities goes to who, we Singaporean are your 2nd class citizens, all you care is your salary and taxes from the EXPATS and FOREIGN TRASH. I much regret for being a Singaporean and National Anthem should change to “MALU LAH CHING CHA PORE”

  25. Foxy said

    Why Singaporeans were urged to express their love for Singapore during National Day celebrations? Singaporean were living under heavy roof made of steel. After by election, CPF minimum sum has increase! Singaporean is living under pressure, where got mood? WORK, EAT, SLEEP.

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