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Traffic Police defends foreign drivers: Only 0.1 per cent of them contributed to traffic accident

Posted by temasektimes on May 31, 2012

Despite calls from the public to impose more stringent criteria on foreigners holding foreign driving lessons before they can drive in Singapore, the Singapore Traffic Police insists that there is no need to review the present system as the ‘majority’ of foreigners are safe drivers.

The Traffic Police reiterated that foreign drivers only need to convert their licences by passing the basic theory test if they stay in Singapore beyond 12 months.

As of end 2011, out of 369 637 foreign drivers with converted licences, “only” 0.1 per cent of them contributed to traffic accidents.

Speaking to queries from the media, Commanding Officer of the Traffic Police Patrolling Unit Choy Chan Hoe said:

“The feedback that we have been getting is that the public will like to Traffic Police to step up enforcement, to be tough on the errant drivers. I must emphasise that Traffic Police has not let up on the enforcement effort, we are still maintaining a very tough stance against irresponsible drivers, especially those who commit serious moving violations, because all these accidents can potential cause fatal injury.”

He added that under an international treaty signed by Singapore, Singaporeans are accorded the same ‘privileges’ in other countries as well – that they need only pass a theory test to convert their Singapore driving licence.



31 Responses to “Traffic Police defends foreign drivers: Only 0.1 per cent of them contributed to traffic accident”

  1. FYI said

    It has nothing to do with Nationality. Drivers within Singapore are generally the WORST of any developed nation’s city I’ve experienced. NO regard for pedestrians. NO regard for other drivers. NO consideration. We all know this is true. It’s a mirror of the society in general. In Singapore, when someone turns on their turn signal to switch lanes (if they actually use their turn signal), the other drivers speed up to ensure the switch doesn’t happen in front of them. K-I-A-S-U. Just sayin’.

    If you insist on comparing, please follow up and post the statistic for the percentage of Singaporean drivers with licenses who have contributed to traffic accidents.

  2. 龙的传人 said

    Only 0.1% !? Wat do you mean only ! Less or more less ?
    ?????????????? ??????????????????

  3. spotlessleopard said

    We like to Traffic Police to confirm that their “statistics” is reflected in regards to “COMMERCIAL VEHICLES” ACCIDENT STATISTIS….for example Foreigners driving Trucks and Buses and Containers….their Accident Rates….dont just steer away from the issue of Foreigners driving Commercial Vechicles involved in Accidents…..for example Bus Driver , Truck Drivers, Container and Trailer Drivers…..

  4. Alex said

    Assuming 0.1% is 360 drivers = 360 accidents. If 1% of these accident involve death = 3 lives lost ONLY. That is what the traffic police trying to say is it?

  5. papsmear said

    If foreigner convert to PR and sporean still consider foreigner meh?

  6. Black said

    Traffic Police Patrolling Unit Choy Chan Hoe is PAP stooge!!

  7. crappy said

    This is totally bullshit! What fuck stupid treaty is that? Don’t they recongised the different standards!? So what if it is 0.1%? The results from the ‘0.1’% are devastating! Loss of life and severe injuries. Stupid govt. Pure idiots.

  8. sun jia ru said

    0.1% only? Yeah right! Do the traffic police ever take into account that percentage wise, certain segments of foreign drivers particularly from that “you know which country I’m referring to” are notoriously known for causing the highest number of fatalities and serious injuries? Their inconsiderate and reckless driving added with the “ignorance” of our Singapore highway code poses an even greater danger to other road users. Be duly warned. The threat of getting mowed down by one of these drivers anytime is very real.

  9. Sad Singaporean said

    Boo! I used to live in Middle East. Singaporeans drivers needs to take their driving lessons. Go for both theory and practical test. Even if you are already driving in Singapore for more than 20 yrs still have to go through the whole thing.

  10. Alvin said

    What rubbish! I don’t need to pass anything to convert my SG licence to UK one. And I even got full bike from just a SG class 2A one. But if go the other way, they will downgrade my UK full bike licence to 2B only.

  11. Sombrero said

    0.1% of that number is about 370 in a year from that category. That is no small number in my opinion.

  12. bb said

    This is nonsense. TP come to Australia and see how they treat PR. They only allowed to drive 3 months using their overseas driving licence and PRs have to obtained WA licence. Only certain countries with high standard of driving are exempted.

    Countries like Malaysia, China and Phillipine are not exempted . Holders of these driving llicence are required to take both practical and theory tests. Whereas SG gov allowed foreign dubious licence to take a theory test. Totally unfair to sg ppl

    Only contribute 0.1% of the accidents -where are the statistics. I believe that almost all the fatal accidents are committed by FT. SMRT bus driver killed pedetrians and motor bike rider having his leg the sever. The TP must have been manned by scholars playing with statistics

  13. bb said

    Additional information for sg ppl to see.

    Extract from WA gov website

    My licence is NOT
    from a Recognised
    • If you do not hold a driver’s licence from a “recognised country”, you will be required to:
    • pass a test on Western Australian road rules, and
    • pass a practical driving test.
    Road Rules Test
    • To prepare for the road rules test, obtain a copy of “Drive Safe”, the road rules handbook.
    The “Drive Safe” handbook is available at Licensing Centres, regional Licensing Agents or
    from the internet at
    • Learn the road rules in the “Drive Safe” handbook, and/or apply through your AMEP Centre
    for entry to one of the “English for Driving” courses, which are usually provided part time
    during term breaks. In this class you will learn the road rules in English, to prepare you to sit
    the road rules theory test to obtain your learner’s Permit or driver’s licence.
    • When you are ready to sit the road rules theory test, an appointment must be made for you to
    sit the test orally at a metropolitan Licensing Centre. You also have the option of attending
    any Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent to undertake the computerised test at your
    convenience. You must make a payment to sit the test.
    • If you have held a permanent visa for 3 months or more, or your overseas driver’s licence
    has expired, you can not drive on your overseas licence. You will be issued with a Learner’s
    Permit and you can only drive with an experienced driver in the car who has held a licence of
    the same class shown on your Learner’s Permit for 4 or more years.
    • You must display “L” plates on you car and you can only drive with an experienced driver in
    preparation for the practical driving test.

  14. Danny said

    WTF…let us know what is the % of fatal accident of our public transport driven by PRC.
    Singaporeans please take note , there are 369,367 foreign drivers with converted license, so you could imagine how many foreigners ate in Singapore. We will be overrun soon.

  15. bobo said

    SERIOUSLY OUR TP RETARDED? 0.1% of 369637 is 369! 369 accidents not enough ah already more than 1/day..!

    I give you statistic confirm more than 0.1% of Singapore’s 5mil think TP is RETARDED!


    WTF you mean citizens lifeare not important? Then we will vote this govt out come this 2016 GE.Only then we can make changes to the policies. We dont want this govt who will never listen to their peope.

  17. singaporeans said

    Question is, that 0.1 per cent of them contributed to how many per cent of the total traffic accidents?

  18. Fed Up Singaporean said

    “369 637 foreign drivers with converted licences.”

    Those are time-bombs waiting to happen.

    A time-bomb is still a bomb.. it will blow up in your face eventually

  19. Jason siaw said

    Can they provide the figures how many are involved in serious and fatal accident by foreigners in terms of percentage? Do not smoke us, ok.

  20. yayaya said

    0.1% means 370 of them. i think 1 is too many already. how can conversion of license be based on a theory test only when the road direction is different, left side drive vs right side drive is worlds apart difference. our limit is usually 70km/h on most road, it is nothing lesser than 120 overseas.

  21. Ben said

    0.1% of 369 637 = 300+ of them. can we know how many traffic accidents occur yearly?
    0.1% but ??% of the total number of traffic accidents?

  22. We should focus on drivers who use their license to earn a living, these are the ppl on the road for long hours, their skills and knowledge of our traffic system affect the safety of road users more. e.g. impose strigent rule for bus, lorry and taxi drivers, both local & foreigners, especially ppl who hv just acquired their local driving license.

  23. Snoopy Says said

    “as of end 2011”
    This report does not include year 2012 number of accident by converted licences !!!

  24. Justify said

    Just 1% is already bad enough to create deadly accident.

  25. icefire said

    i really doubt all the figure produce by government … 0.1% ??? pls show us the figures including those PR n newcitizen …

  26. not let it become bad habit and summon the road users said

    Please reflect the total picture and true picture, and not bit by bit. Out of 0.1%, what is the fatal accident percentage? Example it may be 0.1%, but out of 0.1%, it may be 60% of it lead to injury or hopsitalization. Also, are you putting the same weight for the case? that is, accident count 1 and no matter it is major or minor? Statistic s to tell the full picture and not just half of the picture.

    Singapore is unique country, no other country in the world had such high % of foreigners. Traffic police should look into it seriously and look into it indepth. I hope that our good driving environment will not be “polluted” by foreigners, and I feel that foreigners are doing it may not be intentionally, but due to different culture, and being a so called.

    A good parent will correct his child bad behavior immediately, and not let he form it and then try to change it or punish him. Likewise, A good police should do the same thing and not let road users to form bad habit and then start to issue summon to them.

  27. Road driver said

    The statistics should compare the percentage of citizens with license involved in accidents. That way we’ll know if more locals or foreigners in terms of percentage and numbers wreck havoc on the roads.

  28. DaWolf said

    0.1%? Really? So 99.9% of accidents are caused by Singaporeans? I challenge the Traffic Police to redo their statistics with a breakdown by month on the % of accidents involving fatalities caused by non-naturalized citizens. This means people who are not born in Singapore, i.e. Ah-Tiongs, pinoys, ang-mohs, etc who were given the pink IC. Do another report for serious accidents base on the same criteria. Provide date for the year 2011 and 2012.

    Don’t use the same old trick to trick our people. We ain’t that stupid anymore.

  29. All for Singapore said

    Our gahmen should impose these:
    Singapore companies wanting to employ foreign drivers, should get the foreign driver to go tru all the practical n theory lessons and tests, at 5x the average amount that singaporeans are paying (ex: Singaporean $2000, foreign drivers $10,000). Same should apply to all foreigners even those who r rich and could easily afford any cars.
    Reason as:
    1. This will let companies think twice of employing foreign drivers and employ local Singaporean drivers to curb part of unemployment rates for our local Singaporean drivers.
    2. Once they go tru all prcticals and theory lessons, I hope they will better understand the traffic rules in Singapore.
    3. Driving centers will be able to make more revenues and will then employ more singaporean instructors and testers.

    I thought of this as a win win situation for our land. Instead of just converting their driving license blindly.

  30. Ng Ek Seng said

    lol…0.1%..if that is out of a million accidents .that is still alot…anyway accidents are caused by reckless drivers..when ur a driver ur a need for race nationality or whatever shit..if u know how to drive u can drive..if u cant..then dont…a long time ago i was almost killed in my friends car with him when another indian driver overloaded with passengers in a nissan micra smashed us head on when they were driving on our lane towards us..lucky i recorded the whole accident on my camera..afte the accident the driver came out didnt even bother checking on his passengers and started walking around..he had 4 passengers in his rear…the aunty behind ended up breaking her leg..cause why? seat belt..he didnt even bother braking when he saw our car coming along..and he ended up swerving to where we swerved to…i seriously doubt he was drunk..thank god he is off the road..

  31. Nationalist said

    This is because the rest of them were not caught. Police cant be everywhere.

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